The Week Before

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Chapter 2

Three weeks later

Jackson, Henry, Krystal and I where waiting for Amy to arrive with Rory. One week ago Amy called in sick and we haven’t heard from her since then, so today Rory went to her apartment to see if she was ok.

Rory’s POV

I went to Amy’s apartment to see if she was ok. When I arrived at her apartment I knocked on her door but she did not respond. I kept calling but she never answer, not even her phone. I knew where she kept a spare key so took it and opened the door. I had a bad feeling since I got here, that’s why I did not open her door before. When I entered her apartment I almost fell back in shock to what I found.

Narrator’s POV

As Rory opened the door he stumbled back in shock as he saw Amy, or what was left of her in her apartment living room.

“Oh my gosh, Amy!” Exclaimed Rory. “What happened in here?”

I grabbed my phone and dialed 911 immediately.

“Hello, 199 I just found my friend dead at her apartment.”

Amber’s POV

I had a strange feeling since this morning but I did not know what it was. After we waited for like an hour for Rory and Amy. Rory arrived looking as white as an albino tiger.

“Rory what happened, are you ok?” I said while helping him sit down on a chair.

“Rory where is Amy is she alright?” asked Jackson.

“Guys… Amy is… dead.” Rory said while looking at the floor.

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