The Week Before

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Chapter 3

“What!” we all exclaimed at the same time.

“ I don’t know, when I went to her apartment she didn’t answer my calls so
I opened the door with the spare key she hides on top of the door frame.
When I entered she was… she was dead.” Rory said almost running out of breath.

“No, you’re lying.” Said Krystal.

“No I’m not. Her parents schedule her funeral for next week before the competition.” said Rory.

One week later

After the judges for the competition heard about Amy’s death they decided to postpone the competition for one week.
We all extended our condolences to Mr. & Mrs. Pond.

We where at the school after having a meeting with the kids parents explaining that we
won’t be open for a while because of the competition and Amy’s death.

“You guys will not believe what I found in Amy’s apartment.” Rory said entering the meeting room we had in the school.

“What where you doing at Amy’s apartment?” asked Krystal looking at Rory with a confused face.

“That’s not important. What it’s important is what I found.” Said Rory glaring at Krystal.

“Rory just show us what you found.” I said getting annoyed.

“Well I went to Amy’s apartment to get something I had left there and right next to my stuff I found this.”
Rory said while showing us photo with what looked like a ukulele on it.
“I think the culprit was not as careful as he should have been.”

“Rory you’re just being paranoid, you just miss her, we all do.” Said Henry
ignoring Rory’s rambling.

“What ever, I’m going back to her apartment to see if I can get more clues and
catch the murderer.” Rory said standing up to leave.

“Wait I’ll go with you, I don’t want you to get in trouble.” Said Jackson following Rory.

“Well I’m leaving too, I’m a bit tired, bye Am, bye Krys.” Henry said leaving.

Jackson’s POV

Rory and I where looking trough Amy’s stuff when there was a sound that came from her living room.
Rory went to the living room to see what it was.

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