The Week Before

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Chapter 4

“So it was you that killed her! Why did you do it, she did nothing to you.” Said Rory. Before I could react there was another voice.

“I did because I had to get her out of the so I could have a chance to win the competition.” Said a voice that could only be Henry’s voice.

I pointed my phone that we where using to record us in case we missed any detail while looking for evidence to the living room without Henry Knowing and started recording them instead and what happened next left me astonished and scared. I started looking for a way out from her bedroom while sending the video to Amber and telling her to call the police. When I finished the text I turned around only to see Henry running towards me with the same knife he used to kill Rory. The last thing I heard was sirens and guns being shot before everything going black.

Amber’s POV

After calling the police and ambulance Krys and I ran to the car racing to Amy’s apartment before anything else could happen. When we got there the police where entering the house and then we heard gunshots, we ran to the door but the police hold us back. After the paramedics where called inside, they came out with Jackson some minutes later so we just follow them to the hospital. After they took Jackson to an emergency operation the doctor came out.

“Doc is Jackson okay?” Krystal asked standing up.

“Jackson is just fine, you can go see him now.” Said the doctor leaving.

“Hey buddy, how are you?” I said entering the room where Jackson was.

“I’m fine I just can’t believe Henry would to something like that.” Jackson said siting up. “If the police didn’t come when they arrive he would have killed me and then go and kill both of you just because he thought he couldn’t win the competition with us there.”

“Yea well that’s what happens if you let jealousy blind you from your own talent.” I said siting down on the sofa in the room.

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