Howling Nights

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There she was, away from everyone she knew, walking in the halls of a new school. Junior year, no friends and catching the eye of a lycan male. It called for troubles. Especially with the howls she heard, every night since she came into town.

Mystery / Romance
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"Wait what?" She shrieked. Her own ears bled from it. "What are you taking about?"

"Whatever I am taking about is— forget it! Just leave okay! Before he makes you stay. You don't know them and they plan on using that against you!" She breathed in and out.

Adeline wearily smiled at her. "Are you okay?"

The girl immediately latched onto her, Adeline screamed at the sudden moved. "Please," she gripped her shoulders hard. "You have no idea what they can do! They can manipulate your mind, make you bleed, ma—make it rain! Yes, yes they can do that to!"

"Adeline, are you okay love?" Seeing him come in, she noticed how quiet her friend had gotten. Her eyes held fear and even for someone like Adeline who couldn't read faces, it seemed clear that the fear was directed towards him.

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