Haunting Howls

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I didn't know who he was . He came into my life like a hurricane and turned everything upside down. He wanted to be the only center of my world. We shifted to a new place, Due to my dads transfer, completely unaware of what kind of town that was . Who resided in it . Lycanthropes. Those who just cared about there mates and no one else . They wanted them alive and with them, keeping them calm and satisfied. The humans in the town knew and never spoke a word against them . They followed every custom and tradition to keep the upper and superior race happy . but who knew that I, a mere human girl would find her mate . The one who could kill her family just to be with her. I was trapped, trapped with a dominant and ruthless mate .

Mystery / Romance
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My dad had his transfer due to which we moved to Miami . A New town meant a new life.

A new school for my 11th grade. Of course I made friends but what I never thought was that I’d fall for someone. He came in the classroom and did what he wanted .

Upsetting my life all the way up to down he walked in all his dark aura of power dominance

We both fell.

His love got more deeper with the feelings of aggression , possessiveness and rape.

And before I knew I was fallen into his dark world so feel that there wasn’t any other way out .

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