White Foxes (The Royal Arcanum #2)

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When Cathy Charlotte moves to New York City, the popular royals in town deliberately involve her with the mysterious Invisible Project. Cathy Charlotte moves with her mom to New York City. She continues her college life, until the unexpected event forces to involve her with the undergoing of Invisible Project. All the media and public demand to know the project’s hidden secret that reopened the case of the missing castle in Austria, accidentally reveals after the death of a female reporter is involved with the phenomenal royal family. The murder news propagates around the city, leaving those royals to be the highest suspect—White Foxes, whose existence frightens everyone.

Mystery / Fantasy
Keefe R.D
Age Rating:


The news had propagated around New York like no other oddity ever posted. The murder case wasn’t the only number rank in the providence company. They never played an easy game, but a dangerous one. People clamored out their name, not their tantrum.

The rumor was between the truth and lie that no one could deny their power, since the ordinary exception could be touched by anyone for the momentary phenomenon, and the extraordinary perspective was going to become one of their contemporaneity guilty.

The acknowledgment had everything dealt with the winner. People always thought about it as the higher stratum, infinity, and coldness.

On the other side, the reporters wouldn’t want to catch that, they rather gained a real tantrum and an episode of dying, because they were all believed in the oddity.

Grievously, the kindness didn’t come from the frightening assemblage of White Foxes.

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