Life's Curves Book 2

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“Damin’s brother is dead" A shapeshifter by the name of Dominic Orlando appears and starts killing his old classmates who were suspects in his girlfriend's murder. A new demon called Davon Cross appears looking for revenge, he has a small companion at his murder scenes with him, who is it?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1:



1 month later…

It was easier to hunt now that I had an insight into the police force. He also helped my profile stay low as the crimes that involved demons increased. Hell was extremely angry after we killed Shiva.

They apparently didn’t share our regard for human life. But, how could they? They were demons.

Raymond started to suspect when a crime was supernatural before I did sometimes. It was nice to have help in my work, someone who didn’t hold a grudge.

That’s what Tommy did now, basically. I mean I couldn’t blame the guy. Since I started hunting Shiva his family had been killed off one by one. Shiva would no longer bother him but who knows what the new demons would do.

I was worried about Raymond’s family as well. His brother Caine had enough trouble as it was. He didn’t need my issues to intrude on his life. I hoped I could handle most of the issues. But there were a lot of demons in Hell and I didn’t know what position Shiva held, I also didn’t know if he was well-liked.

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