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Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I had just collapsed onto the sofa from my jog when my phone rang. I hated jogging but I had to stay fit and had the feeling that Al would not forgive me for another few days.

"Hola." I answered. No one is home, is what I wanted to say.

"Viv? It's Ali." A female voice said. My sister! How I missed her.

"Hey! It's good to hear from you!" I spoke in Italian. We always did. It was natural for us. We were raised speaking Italian and we will continue to speak Italian.

"You too! Anyway I need to tell you something." Her voice was serious. I missed the sound of her voice, I had not heard it in such a long time. We have only been e-mailing for the past year.

"What have you done?" I leaned forward in my chair. Ali was always doing something and always got into trouble. She was attracted to trouble like I am attracted to mysteries. Mainly rotten cheating spouses cases but still.

I did not care. Us Moon women were vicious. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. The Moon men just tended to try and not get in our way. They were smart that way.

"I bought a plane ticket to Spain!" She sounded scared before she squealed.

"You what?!" I squealed too. My sister was coming over!

"Why?" I asked.

"As if you don't know." She teased.

"Fine. I do know but do not tell Matt."


"He does not know." I explained. I had never told him and had no intention.

We talked for an hour or so before I hung up. She would be staying with us for a week. I clicked onto my e-mails.

Missing watch, cheating spouses, where is a teenager going, missing car.

I replied to them all.

1. Your watch is with the police.

2. Your wife is currently in Paris with her lover.

3. You teenager is with a drug crowd.

4. In your garage.

I knew them all since I checked beforehand. How someone put their car in their garage and then goes on to believe that they have lost it I will never understand. The man did this at least once a month. Naturally I worded them much more nicely.

Five down, thirteen to go. No, wait, fifteen to go. I done some phoning around. I had the contacts.

1. Cheating wife. = She was actually trying to keep a secret job. = £50.

2. Missing box of heirlooms. = Check next doors hooligans bedroom. = £400.

3. Missing six year old boy. = He was with his best friend. = £120.

4. Teenager may be using drugs. = He is doing jobs around the neighbourhood to save some money. = £60.

5. Missing husband. = He drove his car off a bridge. = £200.

6. Wrongly accused of murder. = He was poisoned the night before. The poison only took affect the day after. = £300.

7. Being stalked by stranger. = The police have warned him and a bodyguard will be issued. = £40.

8. Husband trying to kill wife. = The police have arrested him and a bodyguard will be issued. = £500.

9. Boy stealing money off his grandfather. = The police have arrested him. = £50.

10. Teenage girl ran off with teenage boy. = They are of age and the police have made sure that they are okay. = £70.

11. Husband acting weird. = He is trying to fix a problem he made through gambling. = £80.

12. Sister missing. = She has ran away to England. = £50.

13. Mother missing. = She is with a lover. = £80.

14. Girl being assaulted by father. = The father has been arrested. = £40.

I sounded like a rat. Always telling on people but it helped put bread on the table. It also meant that I could take a few weeks off. If I could catch the murderer. I mean £1920 in 6 hours is worth it. Include the first four cases and I had £2470. £I235 when I split with Matt. I was nothing if not a woman of my word. I said that he would get half of all my wages and he would.

If I told the truth.

15. I am watching you. = Freak out time. = £2470/£1235 to spend on plane tickets and a new identity.

"Matt!" I screeched dropping my phone. It battered on the floor but I did not care. I was about to faint. Or vomit.

"What?!" He ran down the stairs. I could not speak. He came and looked at my computer screen.

He swore nonstop for a full five minutes. He then picked up my phone off the floor and dialled.

"Zoe? It's Matt. Get down here, Rose is in complete shock! Yes Vivian is in shock... just get down here!" He hung up and dialled another number.

"Charles? It's Matt. Someone is stalking Rose. I think it was our murderer... The one that stabbed her... Yes... Goodbye." Matt put the phone down. He was bright red with anger. No wonder I was in shock!

He looked at me for a moment before coming over and hugging me. Zoe arrived five minutes later. How she made a twenty minute trip in five I will never know.

"Viv!" She came and hugged me so that I was squished between her and Matt.

"Right! I can't do this. Get off me!" I complained, standing up. I picked up the phone.

"Ali? It's Vivian. Cancel your plane tickets, I am coming to you." I said.

"Yes and the police and us can get this on our own." Zoe said. Then my mind caught up to me.

"Wait. Ali, I am not coming to you but I think you should stay there for now." I said.

"No. I am coming. I am your big sister and you need me. If some guy think he can mess with a Moon woman then he has another thing coming!" She hung up before I could argue. I also knew that I could never have asked for a better sister. Or better friends.

"Sorry guys. I think..." I trailed off. I could not think. I circled the room at least five times. Zoe and Matt swapped ideas.

Then they both suddenly looked at me. Both were very pale.

"Rose?" Matt started but paused.

"Viv, I think the murderer and the man who stabbed you and the man who is apparently watching you may be the same man." Now I fainted.

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