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By K_Denney All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Matt had gone out with one girl and dated a completely different one. Zoe and I were still trying to figure out how. We still had nothing.

My sister was flying in today but she could not get off work so she would arrive tonight. I was glad and terrified at the same time. What if the murderer attacks her? What if she dies? I would never forgive myself.

I was also worried for Matt. Zoe said that he could stay at her place but Matt said no. I was beginning to think that he had no brain. I was concerned for Zoe but I had seen her fight before and she – like me – has a gun.

"Hey." Matt said as he walked in. His hair was a mess. He must have just got up. I was sitting in my kitchen in my nightgown and robe. We were both waiting for coffee and breakfast but mainly coffee.

"Hey." I said softly. It was too early. Ok, it was noon but I had just woken up so it was early to me.

"What are we doing today?" Matt asked as he sat down. I silently held up and envelope.

"That is?" Matt questioned.

"The test results." I replied as I handed it to him. He opened it and pulled out the piece of paper.

"Danny Spire." I froze. That name. That painfully familiar name.

"He has... no had a fiancé called Vivian Mo… oh dear god!" Matt exclaimed as he looked up at me. My fiancé Danny. The one who killed Rose. He was here. He has found me at last. I knew he would. He knew me too well. He use to be my best friend. My confidant.

My other half. The one who would be by my side forever. Then he became my soul mate. I was wrong on both accounts.

"It says here that over the past decade he was tried for murder but there was no proof." Matt said.

"There was proof. A security camera had taped it all but someone had haked into the system and deleted all the files. Weeks worth of footage was gone." He did it. I knew he did.

"It also says that he has had plastic surgery and joined a gym. He moved to spain but nobody has been able to find out where. There are pictures here. One from ten years ago and one from now. He looks completely different."

"Let me see them." I held out a shaking had. Matt carfully gave me the pictures.

I was going to vomit.

Danny had changed from a well groomed, plump man to a tall, dark and handsome athlete. Every girls dream. This girls nightmare. Then it struck me. My handsome friend was Danny! I flirted with the man who forced me from my home! Who killed my twin!

Dear god!

I stood up and walked to the sink where I threw up. Matt came up behind me and held my hair as he patted my back. You know it's true friendship when they hold your hair whilest you vomit. Matt was great that way.

"What. Are you sick?" Matt asked. He was paniked. He had no idea.

"No. Matt, remember that man from the cafe?" I asked as I stopped vomiting.

"Yes. Why?" Matt asked. Then he started to look pale. He shook his head.

"Rose. You have the worst taste in men."

"You're a man."

"I am the one exeption and I have yet to kill. No matter how tempted I get."


"Well, you are annoying sometimes." I chuckled.

We sat down for what seemed like forever as Matt looked over the notes.

"I want you to move in with Zoe." I said.

"No." Matt didn't even look up.


"Because I - somehow - love you." My eyes widened.

"What." I stammered. Matt went bright red as he looked up.

"Not like that. I mean... your like the big sister that I never had and the best friend that I always wanted. I love you but I am not in love with you." He tried to explain. He was embaressed.

"Come here." I challanged. Matt stared at me.

"Okay. I'm trusting you." He said as he slowly stood up. Big mistake.

As soon as he was beside me I stood up and hugged him.

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