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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

I was scared.

I had only just come out of the hospital when I was wisked away. I hav no idea what is scarier. Being shot at by a drunk or Rose driving when she is angry. Speed limits to Rose are a challage to keep when she is in a good mood. Now the police can't stop us because they can't see us!

"We're here." Ali announced from the front seat. Zoe and I were in the back.

No one spoke as we entered a graveyard. This was not just any graveyard. This was the forbbiden graveyard. Nobody came here because it was haunted.

This used to be where assassins would meet. Not just any assassins but the best of the best from all over the world. Some people swear that they were still here. Waiting.

There was something different about these assassins. They were women. All women. Even from hundreds of years ago they were women. Yet they could take a man twice their size down.

We walked into the shadows. Ali and Rose seemed to know where we were going. Until we stopped.

"Do you guys know the story of the female assassins?" Ali asked. Rose was yet to speak yet her silence and peircing eyes said more than words. We nodded.

"Good." Ali said. I did not like this. Ali was the cheerful one. Not now. Now I could truly see the simularities between her and Rose.

In front of us was a wall. A crescent - on eighth of a moon - carved into the wall. The sisters showed us their wrists. Both were wearing silver bracletes with a single crescent on each of them. Rose removed hers and place it over the carving in the wall.

The wall moved back to reveil a secret passage way.

"Our ansistors were smart." Rose said as she walked inside. Dear god. Their ansistors were the assassins. They were assassins.

"Our ansistors were not assassins. They were peace keepers. They killed only the bad. Never an innocent." Rose began.

"There were four leaders - Dragon, Spire, River..." Ali trailed off.

"And Moon." Rose finished.

"Danny Spire?" I asked.

"The Spires killed too many innocents and were forced to leave. I did not know until Danny killed my sister." Rose said.

"One daughter from each family has to join. I am eldest so I joined. When Rose died Vivian insisted. She turned out to be better than the rest of us." Ali said.

"So you are killers?" Zoe asked.

"Having the skills and using them are two very different things, Zoe." Rose answered. She turned out a light and I had to grip onto to Zoe to keep from fainting.

The room was covered in weapons. Swords, maces, dagger, axes, you name any old fashioned weapon and it was here.

"I am going to follow my liniage and become a proper assassin tonight." Rose said. I needed a bucket and a new change of underwear!

"You are going to kill Danny." Zoe stated. Rose nodded. Oh thank god!

Rose was wearing a white top and black jeans with boots. She put on a black jacket and filled the pockets with poision darts and daggers. She put a dagger in her boot and then picket up a belt. The belt had two swords and a mace on it. She pulled up the hood of her jacket and just like that she became one with the night.

Danny is screwed.

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