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By K_Denney All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

I was on the rooftop. Waiting.

Then I saw his car.

I leapt.

I fell into a tree and grabbed a branch. It was solid and fully capable of supporting my weight. I let it go and landed on my feet on the grass.

I moved quietly over to my motercycle and climbed abourd. With my helmet he would not be able to see me. Especially since my lights would be off.

The phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"It's Charles. We have some leads, can Rose come down?" Why now?

"Sorry. Rose is actually out to get the murderer but I can come." I said. Actually, I was forbbiden but Ali was asleep and Rose would be out all night.

"Sure." Charles told me where and I was off whilst I 'accidently' locked Ali in her room.

I followed Danny to an old broken down shack. In the middle of nowhere. I killed the engine and went around the back to find an open window.

I climbed in without making a noise. I heard footsteps. I hid in the closet. I crouched down and looked out of a tiny crack. The light turned on. I wished it hadn't. I struggled to keep my food down.

People... no corpses were hanging upside down from the ceiling. They were all red with blood but none had their throats cut. The wounds were from their stomachs and arms. Some had multiply wounds the size of papercuts everywhere.

Some had been tied to a wheel and there bones were flat and crooked - broken with a mallet - others were lying on tables with no organs aome with limbs missing. All had wide eyes and open mouths. They had all seen a lot of pain. God!

Danny walked up a tiny staircase and out of sight. I sneaked out of the closet and kept close to the wall and behind tables all the while I kept my eyes on the staircase. Danny never came back down.

I stepped lightly up the stairs. I entered a light room with - thankfully no bodies - plenty of lights and candles. The lights were off yet the candles were lit. There was almost a romantic feel to it yet Danny came alone and there were no cars outside. Who were the candles for?

"Ciao mia bellezza." Danny said in Italian from behind me. 'Hello my beauty'! How dare he! He use to greet me like that all the time until Rose died.

"Ciao il mio pregare." I replied. 'Hello my pray'. It was approprate.

"Don't be like that, Vivian. I did not mean to kill Rose."

"So you meant to kill me?"

"No. I meant to burn you, not kill you. I mean, if you had stayed in bed like I had told you then you would not have fallen down those stairs. We would be married with a child now if you had listened."

"I am ashamed."

"There is no need to feel guilty. I forgive you."

"You missunderstand. I am ashamed that I nearly allowed your spawn to walk the earth." I growled as I lunged at him, dagger in hand.

I leapt out of the way and we both stood and circled each other.

"Mia bellezza, stop this silly tantrum. Come and feed me with your love." He smiled kindly.

I smiled back and - putting my dagger down - walked over to him and into his waiting arms.

"I will feed you. I shall feed you your teeth." I punched him in the face and backed away. He spat out some blood. Maybe a tooth.

We entered the building to find... nothing.

"Hi!" A familure chirpy voice said before we were shot at. Charles pushed me out of the way and under a table. Maria was shooting at us. We had been fooled! Danny was not here which meant two things;

One: Rose has killed him.

Two: He and Rose were fighting.

Crawling around I made it behind Maria. I snuck up until I was right behind her. She was giggling as she shot at the police, then she looked down.

Where she saw two shadows. I waved. She gasped. I grabbed her and made her release the gun. Charles stood up and I dived out of the way. He shot Maria.

"I know that Rose is fighting our murderer tonight. Here." Charles passed me his key.

To his motercycle.

Oh yeah!

We punched, kicked, clawed and bit at each other. I kicked him in the stomach full force and he fell onto his back. Straddeling him I punched his face a good ten times before he threw me off. Blood covered his face. My nuckles were scratched. Either I packed a mean punch or he had a really hard face.

He lunged at me several times but I kept dogding his attacks. I started to get tired. Old age. Great.

I entered the building to a horrific sight but I had no time to dwell. There were noises coiming from above.

I ran up the stairs - two at a time - to find a man with a bleeding face - possibly Danny - and a vicious women who was scaring me. Where is Rose? Wait... God, if you are real, Please tell me that Rose crashed somewhere and this is someone else. Please say that I do not live with this woman!

A man tackled Danny to the ground. Between us we beat him to a pulp. Then I saw him.

"Matt!" I gasped.

Her eyes were wide with shock. I laughed nervously.

"Hehe... hey Rose." I waved.

"Impossible. You are not Matt." She said. What?! I am too Matt!

"Now wait a minute Rose..." She cut me off.

"Matt is just a boy whereas you are a man. Matt is just my friend whereas you are il mio fratellino." She smiled. What.


"My little brother." She said before hugging me. She also kissed my cheek. Aw shucks! I knew that I had just turned bright red.

"Come on." She said as she took my hand.

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