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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

It felt good to be myself. Weird that Matt was there to witness - and constantly question - me about my hobbies, talents and life but good all the same.

Especially when he found out that I could sing. His face was priceless.

As I done the housework I sang in Italian and even though Matt had no idea about what I was singing he complemented me often. Mainly out off shock.

My thoughts returned to James lying alone in a hospital bed, my picture being in a bin, how I could feel eyes on me whenever I go to a murder case. It was like the murderer wanted to know how we would react to his victims. Maybe it was the murderer who I chased when we found James.

Matt had an exam to study for so he would be at the library for an hour. I only needed an hour.

I dashed into my car and gunned the engine. Five minutes later I was at the police station looking up car records.

6YF 2K3. That was all I needed.

The car in question had been reported missing a month ago. So now we had a murderer and a thief.

The car was a midnight blue mustang that was reported by an old man. The man was found dead in his apartment a week later.

Stabbed to death. Our murderer was a busy man.

Ten minutes later I was at the crime scene where we found James. I retraced my steps to the doorway where Matt and I had watched the car drive off. However, we neglected to walk down the steps and look around. So that is exactly what I did next.

Tire tracks. If you were not looking then you would never have noticed them on the dirt path. The path was used fairly often but this place has been closed and off limits since James. I followed on foot for about ten minutes before they got tangled with other tire tracks. Still I followed. To an abandoned warehouse. My stomach turned. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

I felt in danger yet at the same time I felt like I knew a certain presence almost. It felt weird.

The car was there. It was quite a beauty. I would buy one myself if I could but I preferred a non-conspicuous car. I took out my gun and circled the place before going inside. I kept my breathing slow and even. My footsteps light.

I heard someone walking. Who was here?

I followed and had a sense of Deja-vu. I tried to keep hidden yet I could not see the person. They stopped.

I peeked warily around the corner. A dark haired male was bent over a map. He was in his 40's, had a slight tan and had many cuts and bruises. Especially on his hands and wrists like he tried to harm someone whilst standing back. The person would naturally claw at the hands.

Even a certain young woman who had gone out for the night and was attacked.

I had found our murderer but there were two problems.

1. I could not see his face.

2. I was utterly alone.

I slowly crawled towards the exit. Once outside and out of sight if he should look out the window I called Charles. Though I was probably overreacting. If he looked out the windows he would only see dirt.

"I'll be there in five." Charles said before hanging up after I gave him a brief rein counter.

"Vivian." A man said before my world turned black.

My head hurt. My eyes felt so heavy that I could not open them.

"Rose." I heard someone call my name from afar.

"Rose!" The voice said again but it sounded closer this time.

"Rose! It's Matt. You need to wake up!" Matt? Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes.

Matt was being held back by the police as he struggled to reach me.

"Matt?" I whispered. My throat felt sore.

"Miss Blossom? You need to calm him down so that we can take you to the hospital." Charles told me. Hospital? What was he on about…?

Then it hit me. I was knocked unconscious. By someone who knew my name. My real name.

"No, no. I feel fine." I assured him. Then I stood up.

Only to fall again.

Matt broke from the authorities grasp and caught me. My hand was holding my stomach. I pulled it away to find blood. I was bleeding! Why was I bleeding?!

The wound felt shallow but it stung worse than my head. I seemed to be bleeding a lot. The last time my stomach bled it was when I had my miscarriage.

"I came with the police to find some guy stab you. He only stabbed you once thank god but I thought you were dead. God Rose, don't scare me like that." He hugged me. I pulled in a breath through my teeth.

"Sorry!" Matt winced. He almost let me go but thought better of it. If I hit the floor I would feel much worse than how I hurt now.

"We need her in the ambulance before she bleeds to death!" Charles yelled at him.

Matt winked at me before lifting me into his arms bridal style. He carried me into the ambulance and set me down on the bed. It was padded and uncomfortable. I tried to shift but my wound pulled.

Matt sat down beside me and crossed his arms. He was going nowhere. The nurses seemed to tell because they just closed the doors of the white van and we sped off.

Matt was sweet. He held my hand as I got stiches. Got me a bottle of water so that I could take my first dose of pain medication and drove me home. I was exhausted and leaned against the window. Matt put his arm around me and I fell asleep in the car with my head on his shoulder.

Before the darkness surrounded me Matt spoke.

"You really had me worried there. I thought that I had just lost my best friend and besides, who would be there to help me with the rent."

I really could kill that man.

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