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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

My stomach was killing me. Every time I moved my stiches pulled despite the pain medication. I was beginning to think that pain medication was just tablets. Matt had no idea since I was swearing in Italian.

Yet again Matt was being sweet. He gave me breakfast in bed, made sure that I took my tablets every two hours and even started our case with Mr Weinstein. Though that left me a tiny bit worried.

Unfortunately I just had to get up today and just do it myself. I had scanned over his notes and I got a feeling that something was missing. Matt tended to wright notes and make jokes. The notes were very brief. With me he wrote down everything but he barely wrote a paragraph.

I set my alarm clock for an hour earlier than usual. My eyes did not want to open but eventually they did. I was out of pain tablets so I would just have to deal with it.

After checking that Matt was still asleep I continued to get ready. It was times like these when I wish I was back at home. It would have been good if I could get some help getting ready.

It took me an hour to get ready. The last time it took me that long it was for my cousins wedding. Now that was a truly beautiful occasion.

April looked like she was glowing. As she and her husband left the church, tiny white butterflies were released. Her golden hair looked like a halo.

As well as cake - a white three layered cake with roses made out of icing on it - everyone received a real sapphire blue butterfly in a jar with a ruby rose.

Everyone released theirs the next day whereas myself and a few others kept ours for an extra day so that we could draw them. I still have the drawings. Five black and white drawings and two coloured drawings.

Now April, her husband and her child live an entire country away. I had never met her son. I had to leave before he was born...

"You're up!" A dishevelled looking Matt scolded me. He was wearing the clothes he wore yesterday. He insisted on sleeping in my living room, even though he lived just up the stairs.

"Of course. The thought of you doing a case by yourself is just plain cruel a fate for Mr Weinstein." I laughed but had to stop as my stiches pulled again. This was going to be a long day.

"So I finally get to meet the professional." Mr Weinstein greeted me.

"Yes I am very sorry but I was not quite feeling well but do not worry, I shall live up to my reputation." I smiled politely It was obvious that he could not care less as long as I do my job.

"Rose?" I turned as I heard a female voice.

"Zoe?!" I ran and hugged her. Zoe was an old school friend. We kept in touch over the years but work usually got in the way.

"Come on now Petals, don't tell me that you are the detective for the armoury." She grinned. Zoe had frizzy dark brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. For a little thing she had a lot of fire in her.

"What do you mean 'detective for the armoury'?" I asked.

"The armoury has been robbed, that is your job. Someone had been trashing his cars, that is my job and someone has been hacking into his computer and trying to find his bank details, that is for the both of us if we could manage it." Zoe informed me.

"Poor man." No wonder he could not care less. He had a lot of problems right now.

"So you two know each other?" Matt asked as he wandered up beside me.

"Yes. Matt, this is Zoe. She was my best friend in school. Zoe, this is Matt. He is my best friend, partner and neighbour." I introduced them. They shook hands before we went our separate ways.

"Old friend?"

"Yes, she know who I am. I missed her too much."

"Petals?" Matt tried to keep a straight face.

"Zoe has an odd sense of humour." I laughed. I loved her but 'Petals'? Really?

As far as I could tell, this was a mansion. The armory was huge and covered in weapons. As far as I was aware he had no idea about how to use them. Matt breathed a sigh of relief when he said that. I could hardly tell what was missing apart from one item. The only reason I knew that was because there was an empty stand.

The missing object was a dagger. In fact there were two but only one was missing. I quickly stabbed a piece of paper and took measurements from the cut left behind. 1.2 inches long and 1cm wide. The cut seemed familiar.

Matt was taking notes since it was his job. Often he asked me to slow down or speak up as I tended to mutter. When I describe what I find I often say it to myself.

"Matt, could you measure my stiches?" I asked.

"What?" He stammered. I unbuttoned a few of the bottom buttons of my shirt.

"Measure my stiches." I repeated.

"With what?" He asked.

"With your eyes. Just approximately. Please." I pleaded. He sighed.

"About an inch long and quite thin." He said as he tried not to look at my bare stomach for long. Matt was often shy. It was amazing how he changed when he lost his temper.

"You're blushing and does it look the same as those measurements?" I asked. He checked the notes.

"Yes. Hey! I am not blushing!" He was.

"I think that the robber and the murderer are the same person." I said. I was not positive but it might help to assume.

"Now what?" Matt asked.

"We need Zoe." I smiled. She was going to love this.

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