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Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I searched the old warehouse top to bottom with Matt and Zoe. Zoe was shocked to find that I had been stabbed. We searched for finger prints or foot prints or something. Anything. It should have been easy with all the dust everywhere yet it was difficult.

My blood was still on the floor. It had dried in and I had to look away. I had no memory of it. Of course not since I had been knocked out. That was what scared me.

"Found something!" Matt yelled. Zoe and I headed back towards him.

"What?" Zoe asked. She was glad that she was doing a proper case. She was one of those detectives that really needs a head start or a big break. Maybe she would get more jobs and less cheating spouses.

"Well I think I found some tire tracks and I followed them for a bit but then they got confusing." He said.

"They head to the supermarket. That is how I got here." I told him.

"I also found a lab of some sort and I don't think the police looked in there." He looked pale almost a pale shade of green.

"Why?" I asked.

"There is a dead body in there." Zoe and I looked at each other and then at Matt. I had told Zoe that Matt had a tiny problem with blood.

"Stay here." Zoe told Matt. He nodded.

"No problem." He said.

We walked into the lab and I felt beyond sick. At first glance I only found blood… and… instruments of sorts. At a further look I saw the body. I walked over - minding my footsteps so that I would not stand in the blood – I put on a plastic glove from my back pocket. I carefully turned the body to see the face. I screamed.

"What!" Matt asked coming in.

"The face… it was burned off." I whispered. There was something else.

"Matt?" I asked, feeling sick.


"Call Charles. Tell him we have half a body here." Matt fainted.

"We need this murderer. Now more than ever." Charles said. He was outside with Zoe and I. Matt was lying in the back of my car. The body was off for tests.

The police were all throwing up. Poor guys. Zoe and I were the only ones who kept our food in our stomachs. Except for Matt but he was one step further. No one else had fainted.

Our search found one thing, Mr Weinstein's dagger. He said that we could keep it for tests but he would like it back soon. It might take a while since it was covered in blood. Whoever we found and possibly mine.

Then it hit me. I should have been that body. Or maybe not. Maybe the murderer was angry that not only did he fail to kill me but he almost got caught in the process. That poor person may have died because of me. Yet again maybe not. Maybe it would have happened anyway.

I should not upset myself. After we catch the murderer then I can upset myself and blame myself for his murder but just now I had a job to do. If I was angry over James I was fizzing now.

Once I had his name I would catch him.

All I needed was a name; a face would help but mainly a name. After that I had plenty of contacts to catch him on my own. I would so catch him no matter what. I had more motive now.

I tried to describe him for Charles but my mind seemed a little fuzzy.

"Rose?" Matt had just regained conciseness. I left Charles and Zoe to go and fill him in. Instead he hugged me.

"Thank god I found you before that happened." He said sincerely. So was I.

"We have to go home soon. I think you should go to bed." I told him. He shook his head.

"I'm fine." He told me.

"Don't lie to me." I gave him a small smile. He still looked green. He can't possibly be fine.

"Come on. I'll drive." I put my arm around his shoulders. I could only do that when I wore heels. Which was almost all the time. I was a small woman.

I was painting my nails a ruby red colour. I was about to put on a second coat when I heard someone throw up. Matt.

I got up and walked up stairs. I knocked on the door. A minute later Matt opened, looking sheepish. I gave him a glass of water.

"Sorry" He said.

"I had my first murder case five years ago. I came across a dead body. There was no blood or anything so I called an ambulance and checked his pulse. When I found out that he was dead I fainted. I was out cold for three hours. Every time we find a body I throw up at night. I was actually sick at the warehouse but no one saw." I told him.

"I don't react well to dead bodies. I grew up across from a graveyard. I was fine until my twin, Rose, died." I explained.

"How did she die?" Matt asked.

"My fiancé was waiting outside my house. We were at the beach. I asked Rose to go to my house to get something for me. He thought that she was me and burned the house down. For the life of me I cannot remember what I asked her to get. I hope it was something important. I still remember her screaming…" I trailed off. I could not say anymore. Anymore and I would start crying.

That was why my mother tries to keep me house bound. Why my father had me leave the house in the dead of night. My mother kicked him out after that. He was allowed back home a month later when she calmed down.

Matt and I stood silent for a long time, both deep in thought.

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