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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Life was just plain complicated. I was looking over the information for Rose. I had to make a list of all of our problems and see if we could get rid of some. It did not look good.

1. There was a murderer going around, he may know who Rose really is and he may also be stealing from Mr Weinstein. To top it off he may have also stolen a car and killed the owner. He may also be after Rose since she has escaped. That and he takes out his anger badly. At least Rose uses a punching bag.

2. Rose has a stalker. Her picture was in a bin and she feels like she is being watched. This could be the murderer but no way could he be doing so much. He would die of exhaustion. Or murder if Rose gets her hands on him.

3. Mr Weinstein called us about a stolen dagger that has now stabbed Rose and is off for tests. The results will be handed in tomorrow. This we no longer have to worry about. Yes!

4. We have a dead woman, a man in hospital and half a body. We have no idea where the other half is. Rose was almost the fourth person. In a way she was.

5. Anymore blood and I was going to scream. If I faint again then Rose will kick me off the case.

The list was unbelievable. If Rose had anymore worries then she would go grey. I had an idea but it did not work. I asked Zoe if she knew any other detectives that could come in and help. Ones that Rose likes and won't kill me for.

Zoe just shook her head and said no. Rose would try to kill me anyway and I was not sleeping at her place.

Today I wanted a relaxing day but Rose insisted on working so we made a compromise. We would review Mr Weinstein's employees. Rose thinks that the murderer could not have stolen the dagger on his own, that he must have had some inside help.

I wrote the list. It looked like something from a really bad comedy:

1. Hanna Harper. A large woman with a large voice. She was around 50 and kept glaring at me. What I did I have no idea. She was the housekeeper.

"Who's first?" Rose asked. We sat at a desk with some files on the workers. Nothing too personal, just the basics and anything important.

"Ms Hanna Harper. Age 51. She is the housekeeper." I read through the brief notes. She seemed fine just... vicious.

A woman walked in. She looked like a governess for an all-girls private school. She was fat. I know I should be nice but I could swear that her tights were about to burst. Fat women should not be allowed to wear skirts.

"Ms Harper, could you please tell us about last week. Particularly, anything unusual?" Rose asked the questions and I wrote notes. That is how it always worked. Rose sounded so polite that I almost thought that the murderer done more to her than we saw. Then again, Rose spoke to me the exact same way when we first met.

"Nothing." The answer was loud and snarky. She then glared at me. What did I do?

2. Robert Abbott. Looked similar to Frankenstein's Monster. He was a butler. The term 'the butler did it' came to mind. I could swear that he had more stiches than skin. He should not count as one man.

"Mr Robert Abbott. No age. He is the butler. Hey Rose, we just found our man, it's always the butler!" I nudged her. Rose giggled. Then he walked in.

Or marched in. He was tall, slim, pale and covered in stiches. We have found the fat lady who better not sing and Frankenstein's monster. If Frankenstein's monster had been on a diet. Maybe more than one since there was more than one man. Who's next? The gardener who has been digging up Dracula.

3. Jason Horn. A man around my age and really needed to be told to shut up. He was the gardener. I hated him.

I had spoken too soon. He was hyper and could not take his eyes off Rose. I knew she was pretty but come on! When we met I thought that she was in her twenties and a polite, fragile little thing!

4. William Bell. He was the engineer and I really did not like him. He kept flirting with Rose and would not answer a single question. He was so a suspect.

"Have you seen anything unusual lately?" Rose asked.

"Why yes I have." He replied silkily.

"That is...?"

"You. I have never seen a woman so beautiful in all my life." He was a pig. I ,myself, had said that line a lot of time. Usually in pubs with cute girls.

5. Maria Vetch. A cute blonde. She was the maid. Did I mention that she was cute? She was shy and we often had to ask her to repeat herself as she spoke so quietly.

Wonder if she would like to date a detective? Or the sidekick of a detective.

6. Gary Murray. The chef. He was a grumpy old man. Enough said.

Now we had the Fat Lady, the gardener who has dug up Frankenstein, the flirting pig, the grumpy old man and the cute blonde who really needed to be introduced to me. Like I said. It was like a bad comedy.

"Matt you suck at making notes. I mean a 'cute blonde'!" Rose laughed. So I could not take notes but I tried. At least she laughed.

"'Grumpy old man. Enough said'!" She laughed even harder.

"Now can we just watch a film?" I asked. Rose nodded.

"How about 'Frankenstein's Monster'?" She was still reading my notes.

"How about 'how to kill your best friend'?" I said.

"I bet the butler did it!" She laughed. Why did I save her again?

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