The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow (SAMPLE)

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Mystery / Horror
Jeff Walker
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Into The Shadow Of Dark (Sample)

“Thank god.” He muttered silently. “The police have come.”

The doors quickly closed behind the two and the light vanished back into darkness. The man gawked at them with confusion as he soon realized this was not the police; There was only these two – no cluster of law enforcers behind them. It was just a man and a woman; both dressed in dark clothing and ghastly in pale skin tone.

The woman was strikingly beautiful, like a tall slender model, her short jet-black hair came to the neck and pointed out to either side of her lower cheeks; the black lipstick matched the dark, tight fitting dress that seemed to shape all of her curves. The manager would have remain fixed on her if it wasn’t for the man staring him down behind a pair of dark glasses. He sported a thin black top hat, frock coat, suit and shoes, and held a twisted black cane of ominous design and mystery.

The frightened man tried to speak to grab their attention, but before either one could hear him, the man with the black top hat slammed his cane to the ground; the sound was Earth-shattering and reverberated throughout the whole room. The orb-like top of it opened up like an eyelid and revealed a bright red light. It shone into every corner of darkness and undressed the room of its eerie gloom.

The monster shrilled from the very light beaming into its many dark eyes. The people too were just as overwhelmed by the brilliance and shielded themselves from it. The pale woman gazed at the creature hovering high above and stretched out her hand.

“What is it?”

“Interesting.” The gothic man replied while stroking his thinly bearded chin. “A Hydroctinite. ”

“I thought they were a myth.” The woman said in a sarcastic tone.

“Not a myth, my dear.” He quipped. “Just a rare sight for these modern times.”

“You told me you’ve never seen one before.”

“I never implied that -“ He said easing a brow, “Had you been paying attention to my teachings, I simply stated that they are regarded as mythical creatures by those unfamiliar with the species.”

“I see.” She hesitated for a moment and looked back with puzzlement. “By that, I take it, you are in fact referring to me. You talk in riddles, you teach in riddles and you imply in riddles. It’s like one riddle after another – is it a normal teaching trait you’ve adopted or is just something you’ve honed over the years?

Bracing the bridge of his nose slightly with his left hand, a displeased sigh rushed out of him and motioned with the cane clenched in his other hand toward the threat before them.

“Yes, yes.” She equally sighed back, “Focus on the task at hand.”

She stepped out close towards the being and moved her outstretched hand slightly further. The motion forced the creature look upon them both as if she had a lasso around it and forced it to do her will.

“It’s afraid.” She stated continually holding out her hand, “It tries to resist. I think…I think it’s trying to fight me.”

“Use the power within, my dear.” He replied in a commanding tone, “Lure it with the darkness it seeks, just enough and then – grab hold.”

“Yessss –“ She hissed out slowly.

The bank manager observed her eyes as they began to change colour; he was in awe of how deep black they became, as if they slowly were replaced by darkness. The creature above also had become mesmerized by her stare it could see its own reflection in them like a mirror. Her voice, an elegant British tone before – had now faded and deepened into some darker, sinister echoing nightmare as she continued to speak, “It knows who you are – it knows why you’ve come. But it won’t give them up to you without a fight.”

The darkly dressed man stood motionless as the woman turned to face him. The blackness in her eyes could not reflect his image as if he was not even standing there looking back at her. With only a quiet sigh out of his nose, the man merely stepped closer and peered back with his darkly tinted glassed.

“There will be no fight. You do not belong here and you will let these people go.”

“No.” The woman defiantly smirked. The creature had successfully merged its thoughts to the female host, “These ones are mine and I will feast forever. Go and leave me alone, or I will take you and your companion as well.”

The gothic man turned his glance upward to the creature now, never changing his demeanour, tapped the head of the orb of his cane with an index finger as it still sat in his hand.

“If you know who I am, then you should know a threat like that will not curb my resolve. You will return to your dimension willingly or I shall force you there myself – and this is not a threat, but a ultimatum.”



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