It Will Never Be Over Book 4

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He didn’t understand how dangerous Tommy’s and Kate’s houses were. Raymond takes Kate to see Danon and they decide to take her and Danon to a safehouse to make sure they are safe from demons and monsters.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1:




I’d been trying to find Raymond all morning and to no avail, he wasn’t anywhere. He hadn’t been at Dominic Orlando’s eleventh crime scene, which was weird; he was always at his crime scenes no matter what hour it was. I was annoyed more than worried, I had wanted to see the evidence but I couldn’t because Raymond wasn’t there to explain to me what they’d found.

I’d asked one of the CSIs if they knew where he was and apparently, Raymond was out on ‘personal business’. Right, Raymond didn’t attend to ‘personal business’ before crime scenes. It must have been something major if he missed work for it. I had no other way of contacting him so I’d have to wait till he showed up on Uncle Tommy’s doorstep. He always did to check up on Danon and talk to me if I was around, which I usually wasn’t.

Tommy’s house was like any normal late-thirty-year-old man’s house. It was on a nice quiet street with a medium-sized lawn and now the backyard was filled with toys Tommy had gone out and bought Danon. I had to admit I was a little jealous because when I was dropped on Tommy’s doorstep by social services or whoever they were, he didn’t treat me like a kid, it was like this is the real world, this is what’s out there and you need to know what to do. The innocence of a ten-year-old boy wasn’t around for long.

Soon I had shot and killed more monsters then I could count and it was no longer phasing me.

In his eyes, back then I was, I don’t know. I didn’t know what he felt for me, amazed, surprised, maybe even proud?

Right now, he felt responsible, a little hatred, and maybe even happy because I was no longer alone. He felt responsible for what I’d become, what I was like and how I acted. The hatred was there because of the demons, which had killed both his and my family members.

Danon was weary of me. He didn’t pester me like I thought a younger sibling should from the opinions of my classmates back in the day. He sat playing with his toys or watching a kid’s TV program, every once in a while, I’d catch him watching me, with lonely, wondering and distant eyes. Like he wanted to know me and apologize for something but I didn’t know what.

He wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me, five years ago. I didn’t believe the thing, whatever it was back then. Because he hadn’t appeared. It wasn’t a demon or at least I don’t think it was.

There came a sudden knock at the front door.


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