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A story of confident yet naïve Muslim girl, Liyah Javed and loving yet cold army officer, Arad Kawar. The story revolves around Liyah, her two male best friends, Arad and his family. This is not your Liyah and Arad are poles apart regarding culture, priorities, family, language and everything. Liyah lives in Malmo, Sweden with her legal guardian, Nishaat Yaqub and other best friend, Hamdan Shakeel since she was born. They are very possessive of her and she blindly trusts them for everything. Their characters are itself a mystery as they are not actually what Liyah thinks of them to be. she is very innocent, naive but confident Muslim girl though she is not ideal Muslimah as she was brought up in foreign culture where there are hardly any Muslims. Nishaat and Hamdan never let her to overindulge in anyone be it a girl or boy. this led her to never have any friends except her two childhood best friends. they were living their normal life until she befriended a girl from Pakistan. Mystery starts to unfold after that. On the other hand, Arad is a ruthless, cold and heartless army general who is extremely cunning with extraordinary brains and physical power. He is hiding many secrets from everyone including his own family. To his family, he is most caring, loving and sweet guy but in army, he is the most cruel and heartless creature whom everyone fears of.

Mystery / Romance
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A story of confident yet naïve Muslim girl, Liyah Javed and loving yet cold army officer, Arad Kawar. The story revolves around Liyah, her two male best friends, Arad and his family. This is not your typical love story but a lot more than that.

Liyah has lived all her life till now in Sweden and is just like any other western girl except that her wardrobe lacks short dresses. She wears all sort of clothes which cover her body properly. She is not your typical good Muslimah because her environment was completely different and she grew up in that sort of environment. But still she is very good at heart and blindly trusts her two best friends: Nishaat (her legal guardian) and Hamdan. They have practically reared her up and they both are among the richest bachelors of their country still they have their own secrets which can create havoc in both Liyah’s and Arad’s life. To Liyah, they are the most loving and caring persons but in reality, they are not what she thinks. They both are overly possessive for her. Trio have lost their parents in their childhood days but still how they met and how Nishaat was her guardian is a secret nobody knows.

On the other hand, Arad is complete opposite of Liyah. He is at high rank in army a very young age of 24 years due to his extra ordinary intelligence. He has a very big and loving family. To his family, he is the most caring, soft and loving person who would do everything to make them happy but what they don’t know is what he does when away from them and in army unit. For Arad, nothing happens in his life arbitrarily but everything is planned out right from the start. When away from his family, he is the epitome of ruthlessness, coldness and heartlessness. He speaks very less yet he has that dangerous and intimidating aura which can scare anybody to the point of losing sanity. Everybody is afraid of him as they know he won’t even blink while killing them if anything went wrong. He wants everything perfect. At the same time, he takes care of his sub-ordinates but nobody is friendly with him because his talks keep going above their heads. Whenever he speaks, he spills code words (philosophical sentences) which do not relate to each other. Nobody could even guess what is going on in his mind. Due to his extra ordinary brains, he could figure out everything in fraction of seconds and this is why not even his enemies dare to mess with him. And those who dared became his target easily. Ever since he joined army, he just had one friend (Husham) during his training and then they parted their ways as Husham was posted in north Waziristan.

But as they say love makes you forget everything happening around, same would happen with him. An extremely intelligent army officer would be unable to figure everything out about a simple girl and this would lead him to confusing situations which will ultimately result in his downfall. Join the journey of Liyah and Arad to see that whatever we do, is planned by Almighty Allah and even the most intelligent brains would not be able to save themselves.
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