The Blood Wolf

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Meeting The Family

For me, it’s important that as you’re introducing yourself, you show different dimensions.



Eureka told me that you love chicken in all forms.” I smiled and dug in. I was so hungry that I didn’t mind that there was so much chicken. If I didn’t know any better, one would have thought he was trying to fatten me up, for the sole purpose of eating me.

But he’d never do that? Right? At least I hoped not. “I must say sorry for Scott’s behavior and thank you for shouting some sense into him.”

“You’re not mad?” I asked as I took a sip of the milk. It was vanilla. I mentally smiled at the thought of Stephan getting upset because I drank all his milk.

“Is Stephan going to be mad I drank his milk?” I asked worriedly.

Devon shook his head and I physically relaxed.

“I’m not. What Scott did was uncalled for and wrong. You said true things and I value the way you stood up for yourself not only as a man but as a father.” He reasoned as he avoided eye contact. Maybe he was unsure of what to say.

The door opened and the guys who were at dinner entered my room. Everyone was there, everyone except Eureka. Meanwhile, they entered I was busy stuffing my face.

They must think I’m a pig.

They all began to slow clap and soon it advanced into a round of applause. Soon I was sporting a wide grin. Then Scott stepped from behind everyone.

I swallowed the food in my mouth. It slowly went down. Everything that I ate wanted to resurface. I swallowed it back down.

“I’m sorry that I made you feel uncomfortable around your new family. I was jealous of what I had lost for seventeen years. You had a mother. I didn’t realize that you had lost something too. I’m sorry Chyenne.”

I felt each one word. His voice laced with heavy emotion. I could tell he didn’t like apologizing but when he did it took a toll on him.

“It’s okay Scott. We all get crazy sometimes. “His face instantly lit up and I faced the crowd of dudes in my room.

“Thanks for the applause but what was it for?” I asked a little discombobulated with their actions.

“No one has ever really stood up to Scott like that. It was awesome.” They chuckled at the tall lean one’s reply.

“Oh really?” I asked slyly while raising my brows for effect. “I guess I’ll be doing that more often then.” They all giggled at my sly remark, even Devon did and half of the time he was very stern looking.

“Boys introduce yourselves,” ordered Devon.

The tall lean one stepped forward, “I’m Jay; I’m the oldest. Welcome to the family Chyenne.” He smiled at me. I noticed his eyes were dark brown.

Two others stepped forward. They looked the same. One was wearing a beanie the other was not. I chuckled a bit; he was in his beanie stage. They were of lighter complexion, almost tanned.

The only things that were different were their eyes and their auras. The one wearing the beanie had brownish green eyes and the other who was sporting a black suit but wore no tie and no jacket had green eyes. He had his sleeves rolled up.

“I’m Aiden” green eyes told me. “And I’m Adrien.” The one wearing the beanie continued.

They both smiled, and in the chorus said, “We’re your twin brothers.”

My blood ran cold. I shivered. How did they do that? They said the exact thing at the same time. I’m so glad Scott and I don’t do that. Damn, it was freakishly weird. The two grinned at my uncomfortable state. I already felt close to them even if I just met them.

“Umm. Aiden, Adrien doesn’t say stuff in sync. It’s creepy.”

They smirked and shared a look. It was one of those, you-better-get-used-to-it looks, and they did it again.

“Sorry, sis.” I shivered.

They didn’t look one bit sorry. Instead, they looked happy and amused.

It was Stephan’s turn and I rolled my eyes.

“I already know you are Steph.”

There was a moment of tranquility before everyone laughed a hearty laugh. Aiden was leaning against the wall crying and laughing. Even Stephan was laughing.

“Did you say Steph?” he asked laughing a little harder.

“Yes, short for Stephan,” my face remained rigid as I tried to understand the joke.

“I’m sorry but you’ve got it wrong.” He sobered up enough to explain.

“Stephanie is over there.” He points to the opposite side of the room. I looked to where he pointed and he was right.

Stephan was standing over there. I could see him blushing because the tips of his ear were pink.

Oh, I see.

“Hello, Chyenne. I’m Declan, Stephanie’s twin brother.”

“So you’re the one I bumped into earlier?” I asked. Declan nodded confirming my suspicion. I knew he sounded funny.

“I’m sorry I was mean to you, I thought you were him. And by the way thanks.” I apologized and thanked him then faced a self-conscious Stephanie.

Hehe. Stephanie! That’s rich.

I mentally wiped a tear from laughing so much.

“Anytime,” Declan replied smirking. He looked satisfied that he managed to embarrass his brother.

The others were very silent except for those who introduced themselves already. There were three of them.

“These are my adopted brothers,” said Stephan.

“Hey, I’m Christian.” he waved shyly.

“I’m Bryan. Pleased to meet you,” he offered his hand and I shook it.

I simply nodded to show that I was being attentive.

Christian was very tall. He was maybe as tall as Jay, he had chestnut brown hair. He had a very boyish smile and I could already tell he liked to make jokes. His smile was contiguous. Bryan was shorter than Chris. His hair was golden brown.

I can bet he dyed it. No one’s hair is that golden. He had a strong build and a flimsy smile.

“And this is Jacob.” Bryan chimed, smiling at me and motioning to the person he was talking about.

Jacob was like a Greek god in my eyes. He was very handsome. His blue eyes were so unique. They looked icy cold. His eyes resembled ocean blue currents. He was a little taller than Aiden, maybe taller.

He too had his sleeves rolled up and he wasn’t wearing a jacket either. The first two buttons of his shirt were left open. His hair was dark brown and he was dark-skinned, not like the rest of his brothers who had a peach complexion.

His face was emotionless. He was very muscular and his muscles rippled through his shirt, his hands in his pockets. He didn’t smile like the others and he uttered nothing. And just like that. I knew he was the mysterious one.

“Nice to meet you.” I offered my hand for a handshake. Instead, he stepped up close, eyed me suspiciously. His face was mere inches away from mine. My breath hitched, it was stuck inside my throat. I felt a lump rise in the back of my throat. My eyes grew wide and my heart did cartwheels in my chest. Then he walked away leaving us in stillness. No one said anything, no one made a move.

I regained composure and the air filled my lungs once again. The bile in my throat vanished and heart regulated to its steady rhythm.

“What’s his problem?” I asked feeling very rejected as I stared at the door he just closed. That is when I realized no one was answering. I looked around and saw everyone was in a state of pause. Most were looking at each other; others were looking at the closed door. Almost as if they were in deep focus.

“Hello. Guys!” That was enough to snap them out of it. Then they started to talk again.

“Umm. Declan? What is your last name?”

“It’s O’Brien. Why?”

“I just realized none of you guys resembled each other except you and Steph of course.” That was partially the reason, but I wanted to make sure we weren’t related.

Hehe. Don’t judge...

“Our adopted dad died. Devon took us in.”

“Jacob is the oldest though” joined in Bryan. “Dad is his biological father.”

I bobbed my head understanding the situation. “He must have been a great guy.”

“He was...” said Chris. His voice was lower and less cheery than before. “After that day, Jake hardly interacted with us. He’s still not the same.”

“Sorry,” I responded feeling guilty at the sadness I caused.

“It’s okay that you are curious.” Devon encouraged, making me feel slightly better.

“We better go,” suggested Stephan. He was quiet all this time.

My brothers gave me a group hug and we giggled. Jay ruffled my hair; the twins kissed my cheeks at the same time. Scott’s fist thumped me and I smiled. They left and I bided them goodbye.


“Chyenne, you need to know some important things about yourself.” Devon started. I nodded.

He took from behind him a document. “It’s your birth certificate. Look at it.” He told me.

“Your rightful name is Samantha Alexandrite McKenzie. You were born on the twenty-fifth of January and not on the seventeen of June.

I gasped at the sudden realization. That’s why Ma always refused to call me Chyenne, even though my name was Chyenne. Only rarely did she call me that. She knew all this time. I had looked at it before but everything was blocked out except for my father’s and mother’s information.

All I managed to ask was, “Why did mom leave and change my name, well practically everything about me?” I probed.

He sighed. “There are some things you aren’t ready to learn yet, only when the time is right. I will tell you everything I promised.” I nodded, giving up on asking any more questions. I was tired.

“Did everyone already know my real name all this time?”

“Yes,” he responded. Shall we continue to call you Chyenne?”

I thought about it for a second and shook my head. “Chyenne isn’t my real name so why use it? From now on I will be known as Sam!” I shouted with confidence as I stood up on my bed.

Devon chuckled at my great deal of enthusiasm. “Why Sam though?” he asked. “Why not Samantha?”

“Samantha is okay. Those are my initials and it’s the beginning of my first name dummy. When people hear my name they’ll think I’m a boy and when they see me. They’ll be like oh.” I quickly replied without thinking. I covered my mouth.

I just called an adult, who so happens to be my dad, a dummy.

I expected to hear him reprimand me but he didn’t. He burst out into a fit of laughter. His green eyes sparkled.

“Okay, Sam it is.”

I yawned disgracefully and he only smiled at me.

“Time for bed Sammy girl.” He said jokingly. He hugged me and said something I wasn’t expecting. “I’m glad that you are finally home.”

I smiled. I finally had my real dad to take care of me. I had a family again.

“Me too dad.” He pulled away to look at my face, maybe it was because I called him dad. His eyes sparkled again and we smiled at each other. There was a crinkle at the corners of his eyes.

“Go get some sleep.” He said as he gave one last hug and left. I was finally home and it felt right. I fiddled with my necklace again and changed into something comfier before I brushed my teeth.

When I laid my head to rest, all I could think about was how soft this bed felt and soon I fell into a peaceful slumber, one without nightmares.

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