The Blood Wolf

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|Just Order Pizza|

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.

-Bernard Meltzer-


When your mother left she must have gotten the necklace custom made with a vile of wolf’s bane.” Devon was explaining everything to me. After I freaked out, we just sat and talked about it. I was still shaken up but I was handling it.

“What exactly is Wolf’s bane?”

Devon answered my question, clearly happy that he could tell me about all this stuff.

“Wolf’s bane is a purple flower. In small amounts, it’s almost harmless. Large amounts can kill. The crystal was made from the wolf’s bane. Once you wore it you were not able to shift on your sixteenth birthday.” He explained while rubbing his neck.

“What about mom? You told me Ma is descended from witches. Does that mean mom was one too.”

He nodded. “So that’s how she got the house cleaned up fast after she got angry and kicked a hole in Aunt Chloe’s wall,” I said in realization. That had me thinking. Did she use a wand?

Devon chuckled. “Your mom was a powerful witch.”


“Yeah, she was a witch with immense magic. That’s how I kind of met her.” Devon was sporting a full-on grin. I could tell he was trapped in a daydream and I let him stay like that for a while.

“So what kind of tribrid am I?

“Your mom was a witch. I’m a hybrid. Part werewolf and part bloodsucker. You are a half-witch and half hybrid.” He clasped his hands.

I had a headache. I still couldn’t believe half of what he was telling me. It was too much to take in at once.

“Are you okay?” he seemed to sense my discomfort. I nodded; it was just a little headache. Devon closed his eyes and I felt my head throb even more. The pain was so much that I let it hurt. My thoughts that were jumbled and blurry became clear. The headache had ceased. It was like it had never existed.

I rubbed my temples. “Is the headache gone?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes.” I simply answered. “How did you know I had a headache?”

“I sensed it.”

Yeah right. Devon was a total nut job.

“I’ve proven to you the supernatural yet you think I’m mad.”

I shockingly looked up at Devon. How did he know what I was thinking?

“It’s just the mind link. It’s nothing to be afraid of.” My eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

“How do I do the mind linking thing?” I asked aloud.

“Think about it, it’s as simple as that.”

“Like this?” I asked through the link.

“Yes, but why do you look like that?” He asked through the mind link. He was smiling and looking at me weirdly.

“Your eyebrows are knitted and your nostrils are flaring.”

“I’m trying to concentrate,” I told him aloud.

He laughed loudly and finally his lips were moving again which meant he stopped using the link for a while.

“Just relax. To close the link, clear your mind of all your thoughts. To activate it, put all your jumbled thoughts into a sequence.”

“Can I only talk to you on the link?”

He shook his head. “After putting your thoughts into order, think of who you want to add. But be careful, not everyone will accept the connection.”

I quickly severed the link. Then out of nowhere, my stomach decides to give me away. I was hungry and I was slightly embarrassed by it.


I nodded and he guided me out of his office and into the kitchen.

He went behind the counter and made me something. It turns out he’s the worst cook ever.

He started normally. Putting a frying pan onto the stove and pouring a bit of oil in. Then he got a bowl and poured some water into it. He put salt and he cut some thyme and onions too before dropping them in. He went to the fridge and took out something. I don’t know what it was but it smelt raw. He washed it and washed and washed it, carefully picking some stuff off, and throwing it away.

If he was washing that thing so much it probably isn’t clean at all. But I was still hungry so who was I to complain? When he came back to the bowl, he minced up small pieces of whatever he was washing and put it into the bowl.

“Sam. Could you be a dear and help me out?”

I nodded. “What do you need?”

“There is flour in the pantry. I forgot about it.”

I went to the pantry and got the flour. I left it on the counter and went back to my post, watching Devon make a mess of the kitchen.

“What’s going on here?”

“Devon’s making me something to eat,” I said simply. I was too lazy and hungry to look to see who it was.

“What?! Get out of the kitchen now!”

“Jacob, come on. I’m not that horrible.” Devon pouted.

“Yes, you are. Do you want to give her a stomach ache because you can’t cook.”

“Of course, I can cook.” Devon confidently replied.

“Stop lying to yourself Devon.” quarreled Jacob.

Devon pulled the flour and it burst open. It got everywhere. It was like snow in summer.

“That was just an accident,” Devon said dusting off himself. He proceeded to put some flour into the bowl. He did a few quick mixes. I lost my appetite. Devon couldn’t cook at all.

He poured the mixture into the frying pan and it flamed over with furious flames. Hot oil splashed about the kitchen and Devon ran away from the stove; slipping and sliding onto some oil that must’ve dripped on the floor from earlier. I used my hands to cover my face so that the oil wouldn’t burn me there and I ducked beside the island for cover.

The alarm went off in the kitchen. Soon enough a gust of cold foam touched my skin and the goosebumps rattled under my flesh, fighting to get to the surface.

Jacob had put out the fire with the extinguisher in his hands that he gripped firmly for dear life. My hair was all white and sticky and Devon looked no better. The flour still clung to him. Jacob turned off the stove and turned to face Devon.

“You were saying?” he asked irritated.

“Good job,” I muttered to Jacob. I had a few splashes of oil on my arms and they burned but the cold foam on my skin soothed it.

“I had practice,” he said looking at Devon with a smirk.

The guys walked in from the dining room and saw the predicament we were in. Stephan had a basketball in his arms. So that’s where they were.

Scott asked already knowing the answer, “Dad tried to cook something again, didn’t he?” He didn’t look a bit phased that the kitchen looked like we set toddlers loose in the house.

Devon shrugged innocently. “Anyone want to order pizza?” And just like that, I had an appetite again.

We all started to laugh, and that was the first time, I saw Jacob crack a real smile. It was genuine.

Declan, Aiden, and Adrien went to grab the mops and the broom. Chris and Bryan did the washing. Jacob and I put the ingredients where they belonged and Stephan, Devon, and Scott wiped down the kitchen. They were trying to get rid of the foam from everywhere in the kitchen.

Everyone was finished except Jacob and I. We still had to dry the dishes and put them into the cupboard. Chris and Bryan got lazy and left the plates on the sink after they rinsed them. We couldn’t blame them for not wanting to help anymore. They didn’t make a mess of the kitchen. Devon did. The others went to take showers. They were sweaty and smelly from playing basketball and cleaning up.

I handed Jacob the plates one by one. Devon took them out for no reason and they got dirty so this was extra work. He dried them and placed them onto the counter.

After he dried them all, I placed a stool near the cupboard. It was already opened. I climbed up on the stool to put the plates away but when I did, I lost my balance, slipped on the stool, and fell. I squeezed my eyes shut, ready for impact but there was none.

He caught me and as always he had a cocky smirk playing on his lips. “Falling for me already?” He taunted.

“Be careful,” I warned.

“Be careful of what?” He questioned.

“The bigger your ego, the bigger your head gets. It might explode.” I said with a big fake smile.

“Uhmm guys? Pizza is here.” Declan informed us. He was awkwardly standing at the door looking at Jacob and I. Jacob put me down hurriedly and this time, I almost did fall.

“I’m going to get cleaned up. Save me four slices.” I told Declan.

“Three,” he bargained.

“Deal,” I smiled at Declan, glared at Jacob, and then left. After my shower, I ate some pizza and watched a movie with the family.

The next time I get hungry; remind me to just order pizza. For if I’ve learned anything important today, was that Devon was an awful cook.

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