The Blood Wolf

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|A Moment|

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

-Cesare Pavese-


It had been a few days since I’ve learned what I was and I’ve been working on it. I was about to leave for my morning run when I forgot my headphones. I ran up to my room, got them, and then headed out.

I put on my headphones and ran to the lake. The early morning air swished passed me. I could run faster than before. I could hear things louder from afar. I could see clearly in the dark. I was told I had super strength and I could heal a lot faster than humans but not as fast as full-blown shifters.

I was new at all of this and soon I was going to ET Cero. The pack to which I belonged. I was at the lake; I climbed the high part of the cliff and laying there under the large elm tree was Jacob.

“Hey,” I said approaching him.

He didn’t reply. He hasn’t spoken to me since the catastrophe in the kitchen last week. It was the second time he ever spoke to me and it looks like it’ll be the last. He was dressed in grey track pants and a muscle shirt. He was wearing a beanie too, and he had his headphones and iPhone in his lap.

The morning was foggy and bleary. I had grown to know my beast. She was the supernatural part of me. I was the calm ocean breeze and she was the stormy wind. She didn’t like being ignored and neither did I. I couldn’t take the silence anymore nor could I handle how callous and cold he was being.

I plopped down beside him, “Why have you been ignoring me. I haven’t done anything wrong.” I complained.

He was silent. Instead of answering, he plugged his earphones in and turned his back to me. My beast took a little more control. I grabbed his earphones and iPhone and put his earbuds in. I skipped the song back to the beginning and listened. He faced me with callous and cold icy blue eyes.

How could one’s eyes be so blue?

Jacob had good taste in music. He was listening to ‘Beautiful Me by Dappy’. I found it strange that he would listen to such music. This song was one of my favorites.

I smiled and as I did, the wind caressed and kissed my flesh. I sighed and looked at Jacob who now had on my headphones listening to my music. Then he turned his back again and went on like I wasn’t there. I cozied up beside him and paid him a compliment.

“I like your taste in music.” He ignored me and I stared intently at him until he answered.

“Your song selections aren’t as awful as I thought they would be,” he replied.

Did he just pay me a compliment? Yeah!

“Wow. Was that a full sentence?” I said flatly but honestly surprised.

He smirked, “It’s a miracle, be thankful.” He spoke again. He didn’t look at me but at least he was talking to me. Right?

“Okay, let’s get this done properly while you’re being so nice.” I held out my hand like last time when I tried to introduce myself.

“I’m Chy-umm, uhh... I’m Samantha McKenzie.” I corrected myself. “Call me Sam.” I was still not accustomed to introducing myself as Samantha.

He hesitated. He glared at my hand and then looked me in the face. I had on a very tight-lipped smile for I hoped that he wouldn’t leave me hanging and embarrass me.

I was about to drop my hand until he took it and firmly shook my hand. Many of my bones jerked in my upper arm but I ignored it even though I had a very strong urge that made me want to wince.

“Jacob O’ Brien. Jake.” I grinned.

After I settled back down, I sought to start a conversation. “So the lake is your spot?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Could you try sharing it with me?” I asked anxiously. I liked this place a whole lot. It was somewhere that I came when I wanted to think through things. It was... Peaceful. I was new here and I didn’t want to overstep or hurt anyone. I felt it was my duty to ask.

He cocked an eyebrow and asked, “Why would I do that?”

“Because I asked nicely?” His smirk grew wider but he didn’t answer my question.

I really wanted to be able to come here often but this place seemed to mean a lot to Jake. I don’t know how I knew but I could sense it. I was determined so I still tried. I jotted out my bottom lip and did the best puppy dog impression I could muster. “Please?”

“Umm. Are you okay?” he asked. He was looking at me like I had sprouted another head. Either it was that or he was concerned.

“Yeah sure,” I quickly replied coming to the conclusion that his expression was one of worry. “Why?” I asked.

“It’s just that you looked so constipated a while ago. If you gotta go, then I suggest you do your business behind the bushes.” He was snickering with a wide smile. It was cute until I recognized he was talking about my puppy dog impression.

I winced and inwardly cursed myself, “Was it really that bad?” I asked feeling a little embarrassed.

“Yes. Yes, it was.” He nodded eagerly. He was obviously hiding a full-blown ruckus of laughter.

I became disappointed. Whatever I did that worked in California did not work here. What a bummer? My cheeks flushed, but my dark skin hid it.

“You’re such a jerk face.” I was a bit upset because he was still snickering.

“Yes.” He agreed. “A jerk with a handsome face.”

The sun had started to rise now and I saw things in the light of dawn. It was breathtaking. No matter how many times I saw it; I would always see it that way. I decided it was my turn to start laughing at him. He looked at me, as I did, not long before, confusion seeping through his pores.

“What’s so funny?”

“Well, you were partially right. You are a jerk but definitely not handsome at all.” Guys like him had big egos and I was punching a hole or two to let out the air that was giving him a big head. I was lying through my teeth, but I had to get back at him.

“You really think I’m not handsome?” His confident smirk faltered but he recovered. It was so fast; it was like it never happened.

“Yes. It’s hilarious how you think you’re all that.” I said as I smiled a big smile filled with amusement and popping with revenge.

“Fine.” Was that it? Did he agree just like that? Woohoo! The victory was mine.

At least it was, for a second. “Then prove it.” He challenged me.

Oh, come on! Couldn’t he just let me win?

“How,” I asked wanting to get this over with. “How would I prove it? I doubt it will change anything though.”

He looked at me seriously. Then he got closer and closer. Our faces were mere inches away. I felt his minty breath tickle my cheek. My breathing was steady. His icy blue eyes looked devilish as they searched mine. Was he looking for the window into my soul? My heart sped up. My palms became sweaty. His locks of hair peeked through from under his jet black beanie. His lips parted.

“Kiss me.”

At that moment my breathing hitched and lodged itself into my throat and my heart immediately stopped.

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