The Blood Wolf

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|The Getaway|

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

-Abraham Lincoln-


I didn’t want to, but my stubborn eyes flickered down to his lips. They looked very kissable and I started to panic. The way his lips were a soft pink and folded in with curves mesmerized me. Not to mention how his lips parted, giving way to the entrance of his lips.

Was I considering this?

He seemed so serious; he kept getting closer and closer. If he breathed too hard our lips would touch and what would become of us? Would it be like a sudden surge of electricity? Would my lips numb to the swollen rhythm at which our lips moved? Or was he teasing and toying with my emotions? At such proximity, all that needed to happen was one wrong move and our fate would be decided.

I had a headache coming on from all this thinking. I felt as if I didn’t act on impulse and let what is to come to happen then it would only get worse. I cleared my mind to get some relief.

“Where are you?” It was through the mind link. Jacob didn’t stop; they must’ve not contacted him yet. Our lips were centimeters away. I squeezed my eyes shut; I didn’t know what to do.

I was there for a while and nothing happened. When I opened my eyes he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He left me up here. On my way down from the cliff I saw that he was also making his way down too. He was laughing so hard I thought he would slip and fall. If that happened I wouldn’t mind at all.

What a bastard?!

When we were on the flat he teased, “Still don’t think I’m handsome?”

Jacob was smirking victoriously for he had won. He knew that he was handsome and my reaction to him earlier didn’t remedy the situation. We walked in silence. He had his earphones and iPhone in his pocket. That’s when it hit me. I left my stuff up there. Just as I was about to turn back I saw him dangling my headphones and phone from his hand.

“Forgot something?” He asked tauntingly. His voice was almost a whisper like a spider crawling up my back in stealth.

“Hey, give it back!” I grabbed after it and he jogged it away. It brushed against the tips of my finger as he did.

“But you took mine first.” He whined playfully.

“I’m not in the mood,” I said as I stood still, hands on my hips. There was a pause between us and he stopped in his tracks. Then out of nowhere he lowly asked.

“Is it because you thought I was going to kiss you?”

I wished someone would just dig me a hole.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes.” I held head my low in embarrassment. He sighed, “Okay, I’ll tell you what. If you can beat me to the house-no wait. That’s a little too hard. Uhhh, catch up with me then we can share the spot.”

Catch up? What does he take me for?

He didn’t even wait for a reply before he ran off wildly in the forest. Ugh! Cheater!

I ran after him, but I couldn’t catch up. I was just not fast enough. I worked out with Adrien sometimes and it helped but it wasn’t enough. Jacob was much faster than I was. He turned onto another path and ran deeper into the forest.

He wasn’t on his way to the mansion. He was taking a detour to make it harder for me to win. My beast was itching to let loose and do what she was capable of but I had never shifted.

I couldn’t shift unless it was a full moon. If only my beast was not suppressed for so long I could shift without consequence. It would have to wait. If I did shift, however, it would instantly kill me. I had to be trained so I could survive.

I tried to keep her under control but she wanted to run in her true form. I would never allow that. I wanted to stay alive. She wanted to win and show that male that she was superior in every way. I snarled at her, she was hurting me. She knew she had to wait. It was the only way she could get what she wanted.

We worked together to try and fulfill my beast’s heart’s content. I dodged trees as we weaved through the forest. I was still hot on his trail. I allowed my beast to come forward just a little more. I got faster; I wanted to win so badly that I had to find something to help.

I thought of how if I lost then I wouldn’t be one of them; I’d be human. I’d be like him. I’d be like Richard. I focused on how much I loathed him. She hated him too, I could feel it. I only thought about that and my body felt as if it got lighter. It felt good and I realized this emotion was hate. So I used it.

I was angry my mom died. I was angry that I didn’t get to grow up with my real family. I was angry that for all these years I was stuck with Richard. The man I called dad. I was angry that who I was, was kept from me. But even though I was so angry that I couldn’t think straight, I was afraid, afraid that I might not survive, afraid that I was not cut out for the supernatural. My beast whimpered. She felt how insecure I was.

As I ran my heart out, the more I felt the zing in my veins. The hate I fed the hunger with, the more I felt like I was on cloud nine. Everything flashed passed in a haze. I didn’t need to think about where I was headed. It was like an instinct. When I got out of my head and into the real world I looked about but there was no sign of Jacob yet, I sensed him.

“Sam get back to the house right now!” Jay ordered.

“I’m on my way.” Just as I confirmed it; I was there in a second. I stood there regaining my balance. The zing faded out and with it was the anger. But the fear dawned on my soul.

Soon Jacob appeared from the surrounding forest into the clearing. When he approached me, his face was etched with dark icy blue eyes and his contour, stone hard. From the corners of his eyes, I could see he glared at me.

“Hey slowpoke,” I teased. He ignored me and brushed against my shoulder roughly as he passed.

Ugh!! Back to square one? Crap!

I heaved a sigh and walked in after him. Everyone was in the living room, even Prescott and Eureka. They were noisily discussing some stuff.

“What’s so urgent?” I poked Scott in the side as I sat beside him.

“Shhh.” He shushed me.

Did Scott just shush me? He’s dead.

“I have some important announcements to make.”

“That’s why you ordered us out of our comfy beds? Couldn’t it wait until I was awake?” muttered a sleepy Bryan who was pouting and yawning uncontrollably. Chris nodded agreeing with Bry.

Devon growled. It was short but deep and authoritative. Bryan whimpered like a scared little pup and in turn Jay, the twins and I snickered. Scott was biting his bottom lip to keep his lips from curling up into a smile.

Declan and Stephanie were grinning while Chris looked like he was about to piss his pants. He was closest to Bryan. Prescott was dozing in and out of his sleep and Eureka looked drowsy. Jacob however, was looking very heartless.

Maybe it was because I beat him. I won after all. He was probably one of those types who hated losing to a girl.

“Scott and Jacob, you are in charge of training Sam.” Scott bumped my shoulder and smiled at me.

“You better be prepared to get your butt kicked. And I’m sure as hell will enjoy it.” Was he showing off already? Typical Scott.

“We’ll see about that little brother.” I retorted.

“Little? We’re the same age!” He expertly complained. I swore if Scott wasn’t good at anything he was great at complaining.

We looked to Devon to resolve the problem, “Who was born first?” we asked in chorus.

Devon looked at us in disbelief. He raised a finger, pointing at Scott. I frowned and Scott got up moving his waistline like he was just as flexible as a rubber band. It was hard to watch. I felt taking my eyeballs out and scraping that image off.

“She came out first,” Devon added and I looked up to see him smugly pointing at me now. I jumped up and did my famous happy dance. I knew it looked awful from their point of view but I was the oldest and that was all that mattered. I made the loser signs with my fingers and mocked him. I squeezed my lips together and then released them. It made a bubble-like sound.

“Sorry to burst your bubble baby bro,” Devon smirked and then told me to sit. I did as he said but I just couldn’t keep still.

“Yo pops, when is this thang gonna go down?” I asked like a gangster with my arms folded.

“The next three weeks. I sensed you tonight. You need to let loose and have fun. Aiden, you know how you’ve been bugging me to take some time off work?”

“You’re kidding...” Aiden already knew what Devon was talking about whereas, I was lost. He tried to play it cool but Aiden did a terrible job at that. He was still in a sleepy haze but when he heard Devon bring that up, he woke up. He lit up like a kid getting ice cream for breakfast or a family over decorating their Christmas tree with too many lights. It was probably the latter.

“I’m not kidding and I’ve decided before I rip you from civilization, we are all going on a trip.”

“Did someone say trip?” Adrien loudly asked as he shot up from napping on the living room sofa. He wiped the drool from his mouth and Aiden looked down at his brother. His face twisted with disgust. Adrien had drooled all over his shirt.

How come he didn’t feel it? Was Adrien’s saliva that warm? Hehe!

I thought Adrien was awake this whole time but he had been napping during the conversation.

“ADRI YOU DROOLED ON ME AGAIN! CAN’T YOU CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU SLEEP? THIS IS JUST GROSS!” Aiden yelled and quarreled with his brother at the top of his lungs. Devon was quite amused. He was trying his best not to laugh. I inwardly laughed my head off.

“Ummm, sorry Aiden.” He scratched the back of his head and he sounded sorry but his face looked nothing like it.

“Just sorry. A sorry won’t fix my shirt.” Aiden said while he was frantically trying to avoid his shirt sticking to him.

“Then I’ll just have to buy you a new shirt.” Adrien smiled at Aiden.

Aiden mumbled, “This was my favorite sleeping shirt.” Adrien turned away from his vexed brother with a smug smile and addressed Devon.

“So when is this excursion?” he intelligently asked like he hadn’t been snoozing all this time.

“It is tomorrow...” He rubbed his neck.

“I can finally get my party on,” said Prescott. I thought he was napping. Does the word trip magically wake everyone up?

The twins groaned and Scott complained, “Dad tomorrow is Alyson’s birthday. I promised we’d celebrate.”

“And Adri and I have a double date,” argued Aiden.

“Remember I told you I was going to hang out with some friends starting tomorrow. You agreed that I would spend a week.” Jacob said flatly like he had no life in him.

“Why don’t you all stop acting like babies and bring ’em all.” Silence filled the room.

“Alright!” the guys cheered in excitement. Of course, they would. A day with family, friends, and girlfriends, who could say no?

This girl.

I was feeling a bit odd; I was going to be around a lot of people I didn’t know.

“Any other issues?” asked Devon?

I raised my hand as if I was in a class, “Yes, there is. Can I invite someone too?” I asked.

“Sure” he replied. I was a bit afraid he was going to say no but that all disappeared when he exclaimed, “The more the merrier!” I grinned with satisfaction.

“Let’s get to it. We’re going to Hawaii!” Everyone cheered at my dad’s comment except Eureka. She still looked drowsy and I bet she didn’t hear a thing this whole time.

I had never been to Hawaii and I certainly could not wait. As soon as Devon left, everyone strolled out of the living room. Some were on their phone and others were heading back to bed. This summer was beginning to sound like a blast.

Me: Hey Cassie. I’m in London. I got back about a week ago. Sorry I didn’t tell you until now. Things have been... Hectic.

I went to take a shower and when I came back, I received a text.

Cassie: You’re forgiven. We can finally visit each other.

Me: Yeah that’s sort of why I texted. I am going to Hawaii tomorrow and I was wondering if you’d like to come.

She stopped texting me and just as I was about to put down my phone, I received a call. I answered without glancing at the caller ID, “Hello?”

“Hawaii?” I heard a squeal and I tugged the phone away from my ear. I laughed at Cassie’s excitement.

“Yes, Hawaii, so what do you say?” I asked hopefully.

She paused, “Of course as long as there will be an adult and my mom can speak with that adult. But here’s the catch, Melissa is spending two weeks over at my house and she can come too as long as you’re okay with it.”

“Melissa?” I asked.

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