The Blood Wolf

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|Beautiful Stranger|

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.

-William Butler Yeats-


We picked up Cassie and Melissa. We put their stuff in the back and we got in. We weren’t expecting so many people so we traveled in two separate vehicles. Devon took his car and Prescott was driving the minivan. Jay was in the shotgun. Aiden and his girlfriend, Jenny, were sitting upfront. Cassie and Melissa sat behind them and then there was Bryan and Jacob’s friend.

Jenny was pretty; she had long strawberry blonde hair. She didn’t speak much though. Her bangs covered her eyes. She looked really shy too. Since she sat down the only words she said were to Aiden in the form of whispers. They occasionally laughed. They were taking snaps too and I must admit I was jealous of what the two shared.

Cassandra had changed. She had her hair cut short. It was shorter than shoulder length. She dyed her dark brown hair with a bit of blonde. The girl who didn’t like makeup was wearing it now. She wore mascara, face powder, lipstick the whole shebang. It suited her though. She was a little shorter than I was but if I gave her two months, she’d outgrow me. She and Melissa were watching funny videos.

Melissa was taller than both of us. Her hair was shoulder length to be exact. Back then, her hair was curly like mine but she must have gotten tired of it. From what I saw in the picture Cassie sent, her hair was straight, it was so straight it could cut me but it was curled now. Her hair was a light brown with a single purple streak to the front of her hair. She was very pretty and she was slim. Her porcelain, slightly tanned skin shone in brilliance. She looked like a model. She wore little make-up. She was quiet and only spoke when spoken to.

Jacob’s friend was about the same height as Jacob himself. He had tousled black hair. His eyes were beautiful. They were of a violet hue. I’ve never seen anyone with eyes like those. He was really cute but because of eyes, I kept staring at him by looking into the rearview mirror. He was wearing plain blue jeans and a purple jersey top. He was napping and beside him was Bryan who was playing games on his laptop.

Unfortunately, I got the best seat ever. The seat beside Captain Cold. Jacob was looking out the window as we drove by and we were back to the ignoring thing. I was very bored, to be honest, so I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.

When I woke up, the minivan was at a stop. We boarded Devon’s private jet and we were lifted into the air. I hated heights but at least I had all these people to distract me. Right? When everyone was together, we introduced who we invited. The twins went first.

“Dad this is Jennifer Davidson,” said Aiden smiling.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jennifer.” Devon shook her hand. “I never thought he’d settle down.” Devon nudged her gently and smiled, “Good job roping him in.”

“Likewise” She sweetly replied. “Besides, I do try my best.”

“Oceania, this is my dad, Devon.” Devon gave her a sugary smile and shook her hand too. “Dad this is Oceania Walters, my girlfriend.” Adrien was smiling from ear to ear.

He was more of the funny silent type and it seemed he and Oceania had some chemistry. Oceania had long straight hair. Her eyes were green and she was pale.

She spoke first, “Thanks for allowing your son to invite me.”

“You are welcome. Besides, he would be no fun if he’s sulking because you didn’t get to come.”

Oceania snickered, covering her mouth to smother a huge burst of laughter. My brother’s ears slightly turned red.

Adrien seemed pleased that his father liked his girlfriend and they walked off to go mingle.

“Ummm... Devon these are my friends Cassandra Williams and Melissa Alvarez.”

“It’s nice to finally meet some of Samantha’s friends. Please enjoy yourselves.”

“Thanks for the invite.” Cassie thanked Devon.

“Yeah, we appreciate it,” Melissa said.

Devon nodded and was called away by Stephan and Declan.

Melissa looked confused but soon shook it off. She knew me as Chyenne. Oh, what fun it’ll be to explain it.

They were having a mini-party. People were drinking champagne and music was playing too. Instead of mingling like everyone else, I sat and watched the festivities. Cassie talked to Bryan and Stephan. Declan and Chris were already here waiting for us when we arrived. Devon sent for them a little earlier since they were at a friend’s house closer to the jet’s location.

I thought about all I had discovered. Richard was a jerk, I was adopted and my mom made the brave decision of changing my identity. I had four amazing brothers. I had Devon. Oh, and I wasn’t human. There were so many things going on. So much that I couldn’t pinpoint how I truly felt.

Yes. I was going to Hawaii. It was a place of sunshine and great beaches. But somehow I felt out of place. The air conditioning from the jet cooled my heated skin. I found that my body temperature was much higher than a mundane, the humans that are.

Cassie had a new friend. They seemed close, almost like family. I could tell Cassie was hiding something from me but I just shrugged it off. Everyone was busy partying; even Jacob was doing a bit of mingling with Cassie.

They were smiling, talking, and laughing. They were having a heck of a time. At least Jacob was having fun. Then a little question surfaced from the back of my mind. Jacob had just met Cassie and he was nice to her. So what was wrong with me? I looked down at myself trying to find the problem.

What am I doing? There is nothing wrong with me. Jacob’s the problem. He’s just bipolar. Yeah, that’s all. He just has a mental disorder that he’s trying to hide. I tried to comfort myself.

Melissa was introducing herself to Scott and his girlfriend, Alyson. Alyson was a redhead. I grinned inwardly at the thought of my brother has a thing for redheads. She was outspoken and nice. That was what I heard when Cassie came over to gush at the guys I lived with.

I turned my attention away from the couple and giggled at the glorious sight in front of me. Jay was having a hard time trying to show Prescott to do a dance move called the dab. When Prescott tried to follow the instructions Jay gave, he ended up mimicking a chicken begging for water. I don’t know how he got those moves from what Jay told him to do. They were two completely different things.

“Prescott, stop embarrassing me and do as I say. Either you’re playing around or you don’t have any sense of rhythm.” Prescott ignored Jay as he complained. Even though Jay told him not to embarrass him Prescott kept dancing.

“Hey Sam, I’m shredding these rad dance moves,” Prescott shouted loud enough above the music so I could hear. I laughed and nodded encouraging him nonetheless. He did the dab again only this time he looked like he was high on sugar and smelling his armpits.

Jay’s face palmed himself and shook his head at the clueless Prescott. For an old-looking man, it was expected but for a vampire who was very old, he didn’t learn anything over the centuries. A vampire, who can’t dance to save himself; it was hilarious.

Eureka was talking to Declan and Chris in hushed tones. It looked like they did something or said something wrong. They were grinning though even though it looked like they were being reprimanded. I listened in enough and then I giggled. I knew why the two didn’t seem so sorry. So Melissa met the innuendo crew.


Let’s just say these boys take it too far sometimes. They say things that are too rude for their good. Eureka seemed upset at the two. They held their heads down in submission but they were still smiling.

I scanned the interior until I spotted her. Melissa was blushing, a bright red while chugging down some water. The tips of her ears were red and so were her cheeks. What did those two do that poor girl?

“Hello.” I turned to see who it was as I sipped my champagne.

“Hi” I replied unsmilingly and I turned away to watch everyone again. It was him. I didn’t want to seem rude but I felt I had to restrain myself to keep myself from doing something I would regret later.

“How’s the party?”

I sighed, “It’s okay. What do you think?” I asked.

He shyly smiled, “It isn’t my cup of tea.” He said.

“Then what is your cup of tea?” I asked genuinely curious. I still didn’t look at him. Not paying attention to someone was rude but staring was impolite, especially if you got caught. I choose to be rude not because I hated him or anything but because I knew I would stare and come across as creepy.

“Photography, it’s a passion.” He answered as I realized he had a camera around his neck.

“Oh,” I said and went back to sipping my champagne and watching Prescott make a fool of himself. I’m glad they brought him along. Prescott might look old but he was young in other ways. I smiled as he waved at me and I returned the wave.

That’s when I heard a click. My head snapped around involuntarily in anticipation of what I might see. Looking down and smiling at the camera. I glanced at the camera.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” he whispered against my ear, and as I came closer to see the picture. I blushed. It was a picture of me grinning at Prescott.

“I’m Kyle Kent.” I shook his hand.

“Sam.” I smiled as I looked directly into his eyes just for a moment before I looked away. I saw every feature up close. It was mesmerizing. And the only thing that I could say I knew for sure was that he was a beautiful stranger.

“Yes, the new girl that was in our class before you moved away. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh yes. I do.” I vaguely knew who she was speaking of but I wasn’t about to say no.

“So can she come along?” I hesitated, but then answered Cassie telling her a simple yes. After all, Devon did say the more the merrier.

“We are leaving tomorrow at twelve. Get ready by ten.”

“Sure thing.” We continued to talk to each other as I packed. I filled her in on all the events of the shattering truth.

Yeah right, like she’d believe me. She would probably run off in the opposite direction screaming, “Mad person two o’clock! Stranger danger! Stranger danger!”

That is so not fun. Don’t you agree?

We talked until she hung up. She had told me she needed to go shopping. Eww, shopping. Shopping wasn’t fun at all and with Cassie, it was even worse. I shuddered at the thought.

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