The Blood Wolf

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Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.

-Indira Gandhi-


My beast felt it too. She knew how hurt I was. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Just as I got into the bathroom and bolted the door, there was banging on it.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen. It was just an accident.”

“It’s okay Scott. I know.” I muttered and as soon as I forgave him, he tried to mind link me which I was determined to ignore.

“It’s Jay. Sam,

please open the door.” He begged. He banged on the door for a while until he gave up. After a while, I had no more tears to cry.

“They’ve stopped laughing. You can come out now.” Aiden said.

“We’ve also dealt with Jacob too.” added Adrien.

“I’ll just stay in here for a little while longer. I’ll be out shortly.” I told them. Aiden heaved a sigh but they left me alone.

Then there was a knock. The person didn’t announced themselves like the others. But this person had a scent. It was familiar.

“Ummm... Sam are you okay?” That voice. I knew who it was. I scoffed inwardly. My beast began to get riled up. It was her. It was Cassie. My blood boiled and my beast wanted out.

She wanted to be able to rip her head off. At the moment I would’ve let her but not yet. I now knew that she wasn’t a good friend. It was a good thing I kept my abilities hidden from her. My beast didn’t want me to tell her, and as much as I was in control most of the times. I had to respect her wishes too.

“Go away!” I yelled, “Leave me alone!”

“What did I do?” she asked innocently. I couldn’t see her face but I imagined her fake concern.

“You are an awful human being. That should answer your question you little imp!”

I heard her gasp, sob and then she left. Wow. That evil little b*tch could act. That was enough to calm my restless beast who so badly wanted to beat Cassie into a long lasting coma, called death.

A link was coming forward and I let it. It felt safe. “Sam, it’s Devon. You can come out when you’re ready. Okay sweetie?” I smiled knowing that Devon wasn’t demanding anything. He was just there for me.

“Thanks De- thanks dad.” I severed the link.

Not long after, another brave soul came. “I brought a change of clothes for you.” It was Melissa. Her voice was serious. I opened the door and she gave me my clothes. She looked at me and frowned. My eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. I got cleaned up and mumbled a ‘thanks’.

“Anytime,” she said. “I’ll be here for you as long as you need me.” That was it. I just wanted someone to understand. I opened the door and engulfed her into a bone crushing hug. Just like Devon she was here for me.

She didn’t ask how I was doing. She didn’t apologize. She didn’t demand I open the door. She was thoughtful enough to bring me clothes. Most importantly she didn’t sound pitiful. She took this serious. She was calm about it too.

I cracked a smile. “Took you long enough slow poke.”

She laughed looking at me, “You think it was easy convincing the twins and Scott to let me pass? They were guarding the door like you were the crown jewels.” I snorted and smiled.

“Thank you Meli”

“What are friends for Sam?”

When I woke up, it was morning. I was in a large unfamiliar room all by myself. I got up and pulled the curtains and was almost blinded by the radiant sunshine. I was in Hawaii at last.

It was time to let loose and have fun. That is exactly what I planned on doing and I wasn’t gonna let anyone dampen my mood, especially Jacob. I brushed my teeth, showered and went to find the one place I loved more than a beach. Yes, the kitchen.

“Good morning!” They yelled from around the table.

“Morning...” I murmured as I appeared from around the corner. I took a seat between Meli and Prescott. The room was bustling with energy. Everyone was talking and laughing. The topic of discussion was Prescott’s horrible dancing from yesterday.

My brain was like, ‘Could someone please wipe my memory? That was by far, the worse thing I’ve seen all Summer.’

Chills ran up my spine at the remembrance of Prescott epically failing at dab.

Devon kissed my forehead as he passed me, “Did you sleep well?” he asked.

I nodded, “Did you?”

“Of course, I am in Hawaii with my family!” He blurted excitedly. I laughed at his excitement. He served me some bacon and eggs with some orange juice. I dug in and after I was done, I realized Melissa was staring.

“You were really hungry,” grinned Melissa. I nodded timidly.

“Yeah and she eats like a pig,” scorned Jacob. I didn’t even realize he was here.

I tried my best to ignore him. My beast was on edge after what happened and right now all she wanted was to be set free so she could rip him into tiny little shreds. But I wouldn’t allow it. We knew what would be at risk. Forcing me to shift would both kill us.

Melissa glared at him, as was everyone around the table doing the same. After all, his smart mouth made that nasty comment which started the period rumors.

“Sam?” Jenny, Alyson and Oceania were standing. Everyone’s attentions were drawn to these three girls.

Alyson spoke, “We’re really sorry we laughed at you yesterday.”

“It was rude of us and we should’ve never done that.”

As if on cue, Jacob scoffed and rolled his eyes. I wished I could take a shovel and slap him so hard he got dementia. I was really hoping one day when he rolled his eyes, they would actually fall out too.

“Especially because we know how it feels.” Oceania said while fidgeting. It was one her subtle habits. She couldn’t keep steady at times. She always had to be doing something.

“We hurt you after you welcomed us with open arms, and only after meeting us once.” Alyson reminded.

“Please forgive us?” they said together. I had to admit, apologizing in front of everyone took guts. I could choose not to accept it and hold a grudge, that would surely have put a dent in their feelings. I found it odd that their apology looked a little rehearsed but I shook it off. I glanced at Kyle. His face was serious. He obviously didn’t like what happened either.

I wondered why Cassie wasn’t a part of the apology. Of course she still thought I was oblivious to her mean comment. I took the time to examine my brothers. Scott looked distant, Adrien looked pleased but Aiden. Aiden still looked pissed.

I don’t hold grudges and for that I’m thankful. One of the many traits that was passed down from my mom. There was just this one person I couldn’t easily forgive. All Cassandra had to do was own up to her flaws and apologize but she was prideful and a bit dense.

I grinned, “I already forgave you guys.” Their exteriors relaxed, “I’m not that cold and heartless like some people.” I said a-matter-of-fact, while looking at Jacob discreetly. Kyle was smiling at that. He knew I was referring to Jacob.

I got up and spread my arms. “Bring it in!” The girls smiled and joined in on the hug.

Prescott was touched by the apology and spoke as if he was tearing up. Acting all teary-eyed, “A profound apology. Well done.” I looked wearily at Prescott before I rolled my eyes at his childishness. As I sat down, I mind linked Scott.

“You upset?”

“Not anymore, she apologized.” He sipped his tea from across the table.

“Okay good. Talk to you later.” I quickly thought as Melissa asked me something.

“Are you gonna surf with us after breakfast?”

“Wait!” Scott hastily said through the mind link, frightening the poop outta me.

“So are you?” Melissa asked again.

Not paying much attention to Melissa’s question, I nodded.

“What?” I asked Scott as I drank some orange juice.

“So you like that Kyle dude?” I choked on my orange juice and Prescott rubbed my back. I glared at Scott, he was laughing at me loudly too. Jacob rolled his eyes and looked at me in disbelief.

“Slow down.” Prescott teased, with a sly grin. Jay smirked knowingly.

“So that’s a yes?” he asked again, amusement poking through his mental voice.

“Goodbye Scott!” I shouted through the mind link.

“But you didn’t answer my quest-

I severed the link before he could finish. I glared at him for the rest of the time. That was until he got up and left with Alyson.

I helped Jay and Stephen to wash the dishes after breakfast. We were washing the plates peacefully when Cassie entered the kitchen.

“Hey Sam. Bry, Dec and the others are going by the beach. They said they have a surprise for you and that you should get down there as soon as possible.”

I continued to wash the dishes. She stood there, waiting for a reply, but I wasn’t planning on answering her anytime soon. Sure, I forgave her but I wasn’t going to pretend nothing happened either. All she needed to do was admit it and apologize.

Stephan answered for me, “She’ll be there in a minute.” Cassie walked away after nodding. I scoffed. How could she act like she did nothing?

“So I take it, she hasn’t apologized yet?” asked Jay.

“She thinks I don’t know she was laughing and agreed with Jacob like that.”

“Yeah, we heard it too. Kyle and I were standing right in front of her,” clarified Stephan who nodded, agreeing he heard her too.

“I thought she was a good friend, because she was still my best friend even though I moved away a long time ago. I knew she changed but I didn’t know she was fake.” I washed the last plate and rinsed it. Stephan dried it and gave it to Jay to store in the cupboard.

“At least now you know,” my big brother comforted me. I washed and rinsed my hands, “As of today, she’s no longer important to me.” I dried my wet hands and smiled with satisfaction. My beast beamed. She was proud.

“Later guys!” I bellowed, as I went to get changed for the place I’ve been looking forward to all Summer long.

The beach.

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