The Blood Wolf

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|Till Death Do Us Part|

I don’t think kids have a problem with death. It’s us older ones who are nearer to it, that start being frightened.

-Helena Bonham Carter-


I walked along the beach until I saw them playing in the water. Jacob was chasing Cassie. Stephan, Bryan, Chris, Declan, and Melissa were having a sand war, Adrien and Jenny were having a water war and Oceania was busy burying Aiden in the sand.

“Where’s Devon?” I called above their laughter.

“He went to buy a beach ball!” Aiden laughed.

Oceania smacked his arm, “I told you no talking unless I say so.”

Aiden giggled playfully. “That’s it. I’m burying the other hand.”

The others laughed. “Now you won’t have any hands for scratching purposes.” She evilly cackled as she dunked some more wet sand onto Aiden’s left arm.

“Baby, help me!” Aiden begged Jenny.

“Sorry Aiden, I’ve got my battles to fight,” she said while mischievously laughing. Adrien splashed her with some water and she squealed.

Aiden laughed loudly, “That’s what you get for not helping me.”

The girls looked good. Jenny was wearing a silver ring bikini while Oceania was sporting a one-piece turquoise, lace swimsuit that hung on the shoulders.

Melissa was wearing a loose, colorful dress with her bikini under it. It was a pink hot bikini with matching sandals.

I, on the other hand, was wearing a black ‘tempt me’ bikini. I wore blue ripped denim shorts too. I didn’t like stripping down fully, even if it was at a beach.

Adrien was wearing blue swimming trunks and a gray Nike shirt while Jacob chose to go shirtless, in only black shorts.

The guys wore their swimming trunks. I couldn’t tell if Aiden was wearing anything, due to the coffin of sand he was in.

Wrong choice of words? I’m sorry but at the rate, Oceania was going, I could be right.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep quiet?” Oceania noisily inquired, “Okay, this just means I’ll have to bury your mouth too.” She paused and filled her bucket with more sand as she plopped it onto Aiden’s neck, while he begged her not to.

When will he learn?

Stephan and Declan, who were in a sand war seemed to be out of the sand, and turned on Oceania’s creation; the whole beach available but they saw a good piling of sand and decided to use it.

Not very wise. I think they forgot about the dragon that guarded its treasure. Their deaths will be very entertaining.

They took a big chunk of Aiden’s sand foot. “Like really guys? If you’re gonna use me as scrap metal, why didn’t you take a hand? I’ve got an itch somewhere that needs scratching.” Aiden complained.

Just before they ran off Oceania caught and scolded the two. She ordered them to build it back to perfection. They frowned, looked at each other, and began to put the missing sand into its place. And that’s how Stephan and Declan became the dragon’s servants.

Melissa stopped to laugh at Aiden who was miserably begging his so-called friends to help him escape from the dragon’s clutches. I think we all know he was getting nowhere but he didn’t give up.

The fact that Aiden thought the servants were his friends and were going to help him escape, was the result of sand stuck somewhere in that pea-sized brain of his. Declan and Stephan were enjoying it after some time. If they kept it up they would be promoted to Oceania’s apprentices very soon. Oceania seemed to like it when Aiden suffered. I think he must’ve done something wrong to deserve this.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my brothers but Aiden could be a little dense at times. Chris sailed a handful of wet sand at Meli. It whacked her on the forehead.

“Ouch!” Meli whined. She rubbed her forehead and got moving again, gripping her handful of sand. My beast didn’t like what was happening, even if she knew it was just for fun. It was two boys against a girl. We were gonna help Meli hand their asses to them. I took up Oceania’s bucket and ran toward the warfare with a battle cry.

“Ahhhhh!” I bellowed and threw two handfuls of sand at Chris. One hand gripping the heavy bucket and the other hand firing at will. It hit him on the back and the butt and he spun around, already locked on his new target.


Melissa was getting creamed by Bryan so I ran in to rescue her. I threw some sand at him and he ducked, it missed him by a centimeter.

The boys retreated and ran for a bucket. Meli hugged me, “Thank you. I’m so exhausted, I felt like giving up.”

I grinned, “Fear no more. Sam is here.” I tried imitating a masculine voice and failed. After joking around, I toughened up.

“Now cut the crap and fill that bucket with sand cadet!” I yelled an order and she gave me a determined nod followed by, “Mam yes mam!” The boys were back. I ran behind a lady’s beach umbrella for cover.

Unfortunately, I had to be the witness in the event of the middle-aged lady and a very old looking man playing tongue tango... Just gross. It took me all the will power not to puke. Hopefully, what I was about to do would somehow untangle their tongues and cease their contact for another thirty minutes or so.

“I’m sorry. I’ll have to confiscate this.” I grabbed the umbrella and used it to shelter Meli from getting hit, while she filled the bucket.

“Meli, do you remember that civil war drama we did in that group before I moved?” I asked in high hopes she did.

“Yes, why?”

Yes! The heavens were on our side!!!

I jabbed a finger at the boys. She started smiling like a retarded person. It was like when they finally understood what you were saying for the five past hours since you kept asking the same question. Note that I said that they understood what you were saying not that they understood enough to answer the question.

Her face fell as she thought about what I asked. “What about it?”

I sighed, “Let’s do combat move number 6.”

“Oh,” she nodded as I explained. “Okay, I get it.”

We nodded together as we moved out. I ran from behind the umbrella and jumped on Chris’ back. He was a little preoccupied with filling the bucket. He struggled to get me off.

Bryan was distracted by my sudden appearance just long enough so Meli could shower Bryan with sand. I got off Chris’s back and did a cartwheel as he tried to hit me with the sand. After expertly cartwheeling, I grabbed some sand from the bucket and flung it at Chris. The wet sand hit him on the stomach and I was pleased. Melissa ran to me with the umbrella again.

Abruptly, Oceania exclaimed, “Where the hell are my buckets of sand?” Meli and I snickered but then all of a sudden Melissa’s eyes widened. I looked behind me.

“Give me my bucket!” Oceania stood behind me, fuming. I stood up and looked over at the guys and quickly dragged Oceania down with me.

A pile of sand flew over the umbrella. It missed her head but barely. She looked a little frightened.

“You can have your buckets back when we whoop their butts,” Melissa said sternly.

Oceania grinned evilly, “I thought you’d never ask.” Then she began to fling sand at the boys. Meli and I left the protection of the umbrella to throw sand at the boys. I got hit on the thigh, wet sand stung.

Unexpectedly, I was thrown over someone’s shoulder. I was on a jet ski in a jiffy. I held on for dear life. I looked up to see wet and messy black hair.

“Time to get wet,” he said.

“N-no please don’t let-” but before I could finish, I was thrown off. Just before I crashed into the water, I was met with a smirking violet-eyed boy. Then, I sunk.

Quickly, I mind linked Adrien, “Help,” was the only thing my mind could muster. I continued to sink despite my efforts to survive. I kicked and kicked in desperate attempts to help myself. I held my breath as long as I could.

It didn’t work. I remembered how I fell in the lake and it occurred to me. Twice in a week? I must be on a role. The memory of something that happened to me when I was younger resurfaced.

I inwardly scoffed, “If only I didn’t quit.” I was now out of the air, so I closed my eyes and fell into dreadful darkness, as my lungs simmered with a pinch of pain, it stung and then it began to fill to the brim.

Come on Chyenne. Swim for mommy!” She let me go.

“That’s it. You’re doing it, baby girl. Just keep going.”

I kicked my feet and shove through the water. I was swimming, “Mommy, I’m doing it, I’m doing it!” I shouted happily.

It was only for a while, as it occurred to me that I could drown. I paused for a minute and shook it out of mind and then resumed quickly after. My body began to sink.

I felt it and I was startled, ” Mommy I’m sinking! Help me!” I cried.

“You’re fine Chyenne, just keep going.” I didn’t listen. I felt like I was dying. I thrashed against the surface.

I begged, “Mommy help me! I can’t do it. Daddy!” I screamed, hoping someone would help me. I took a deep breath. My mom jumped in but I was already under.

I was pulled to the surface and I felt warm and safe again. I gasped for air that I was deprived of. I rested my head, holding tightly onto his back. I looked up to see who it was who saved my life, “Daddy?” I asked.

“You’ll be alright kiddo. Just rest.”

The man who saved my life was Richard.

I sat up and whipped my head to the side as I choked on the salty water that fell from my mouth. I coughed. My throat was burning. My lungs, even worse.

Jacob hovered over me. He was the closest. His dark brown hair seemed black from the wetness. Locks of hair sticking to his forehead. His face pelted with droplets of water. A single drop of water fell from his lips, lips slightly apart. He was looking straight at me, beautiful icy blue eyes never once left mine. Those eyes, the way he looked at me, it was too intense, so I looked away.

I heard sighs of relief. Everyone crowded around me. When he saw I was okay, he sat to the side. My brothers pulled me into a hug. They squeezed me with their inhuman strength. If they didn’t ease up soon they would be the cause of my death. All four of them. Wait... Four?

When the heck did Scott and Jay get here?

“Hey, guys.” I managed to say, smiling up at them. My voice was raspy and harsh.

“You almost died and you’re smiling?!” Scott shouted in disbelief.

“Hehe, keyword. Almost.” I said jokingly.

“Shut up you buffoon. It’s good she’s smiling. It means she’s okay.” Jay slapped Scott up the back of his head. Jay hugged me again. Jay and I weren’t that close and I was surprised when he hugged me again. Almost like he didn’t want to let go. But he did when Aiden exclaimed, “Jay, stop it. The way you’re hugging her can kill her.” Then he took over.

The hypocrite.

I hugged him back. “You scared the living sh*t out of me. Never do that again.” You could hear the happiness in his words but there was also a sense of seriousness in his voice.

Adrien remained silent. I hugged him and mind linked him instead. “I’m okay. Look, I’m here.” He hugged me back tightly as he inhaled deeply.

Then I hugged Devon. He looked as if he was sorry. Sorry that he wasn’t here to save me. When I hugged him, he relaxed.

I turned to Jacob for a brief moment.“Thanks, Jake.”

He was surprised that I called him that. I stood up shakily. Melissa wrapped a towel around me and we walked off along the shore. Jen, Nia, and Aly followed. I had decided to give all the girls nicknames.

“Are you okay?” Aly hastily asked, checking me over. Aly must’ve come with Scott.

“I’m great,” I told her, trying to reassure her I was fine.

It was ironic how I loved the beach but couldn’t swim. I almost drowned twice and I still loved the water. Yup, that’s me. Crazy.

I almost forgot, “Where’s Kyle?” I asked them.

“Adrien got angry and they got into a fight after he saved you. Then Devon came and separated the fight. Adrien didn’t want him there. So instead, he went for a walk.” Oceania told me.

I was confused, “Kyle saved me?”

Melissa answered the question. “Yes. Kyle was the one who saved your life. When he saw that you didn’t resurface, he realized you couldn’t swim. He dived in for you and brought you back to shore. While Adrien was causing a scene, Jacob gave you mouth-to-mouth.”

The girls snickered at the last part and my cheeks heated up. I thank God I was dark-skinned or else it would have shown.

“We’ve got to find him. He needs to know it’s not his fault.” I said feeling a bit bad for Kyle.

“Cassandra went after him,” Jenny told me.

“Yeah, he was pretty upset so Cassie went to calm him down,” Oceania confirmed.

“I don’t think he’ll listen to Cassandra; perhaps he’ll listen to me?”

They nodded in agreement. I waved to the girls and ran off in search of Kyle. I know he must be upset with himself as of now. He didn’t know I couldn’t swim. It was an honest mistake to assume, and I forgave him. What’s a little adventure without danger?

Soon enough I came to see Kyle and Cassie on the shoreline by the beach. Kyle had his hands on his head and Cassie had her hands being flung all over the place to make a point. The conversation looked heated and I didn’t want to pry so I just watched.

Kyle removed his hands from his head and placed them on his hips. He raked his hand through his hair and wiped his hand down his face angrily. He was shirtless and his hair was wet and sticking to his face.

His countenance was one of frustration. I smiled not because I think he deserved to be like that but because I thought it was cute and I could see he cared.

As I got closer to the two, I saw Cassie hold onto his arm. She got closer, looked up at him under her long lashes, and placed a finger on his lips. My heart stopped when she pushed her body up with the ball of her feet, bringing her lips up to his. I wanted to look away but my body wouldn’t let me. Their lips fused, and Kyle relaxed.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and he pulled her closer to his body. I forced myself to turn around and walk away. My head hurt, so did my heart. It clenched and plummeted into my stomach. The question crashed into my mind like waves on the rocks at sea.

What was this feeling?

Was I...

Is this... jealousy?

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