The Blood Wolf

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|Bracelet Part 1|

It doesn’t hurt to feel sad from time to time.

-Willie Nelson-

As I walked away from the scene, much was on my mind. When I had been released from my thoughts I saw Stephan watching me as I retreated from the two who were... Well you know. He was wearing a sad smile and in exchange, I slapped on a very large one.

“Hey, Stephanie!” I teased him at the girlish name that Declan had given him.

He frowned. It was odd to see the cocky and cheerful Stephanie so gloomy. I hoped he never saw that I was watching Kyle and Cassie. It would mean that he knew.

Stephan offered his hand and I stared at it for a while. I looked back at the shoreline and our eyes connected. There was an expression of dread written all over his features but it quickly morphed into a happy smile. He knew I saw him. Kyle started waving as he ran toward me.

I grabbed ahold of Stephan’s hand and he pulled me up from the rocks where I was standing. We walked swiftly away and I was glad Stephan said nothing. We dashed around corners of the little stalls and shacks.

We slowed down to a walking pace. The scent of the open sea wrapped itself around me. It was comforting. The faint chatter of the tourist nearby placed me in a trance. Then there was warmth. There was a silence between Stephan and I. I was glad he never asked, he just walked with me.

We passed an old lady. She had a streak of grey in her dull black hair. The flesh on her body seemed to hang from her bones. She wore a floral dress that looked nice with her pale white complexion. She was sweating profusely as if she had run a marathon. She walked so slow, one would have thought that the flesh hanging from her slim bones, was slowing her down.

“You two make a wonderful couple.” We turned to see the lady smiling at us.

“Why’d you say that?” I asked curiously and a bit took aback by her sudden revelation.

She pointed to somewhere. It wasn’t very clear as to where. Her bony finger seemed to arch over awkwardly. “They fit perfectly together.” She smiled warmly and kept walking.

Stephan looked about to find what she was talking about. “Fit perfectly together?” He muttered under his breath. As if we were electrocuted we looked at our hands. They were intertwined. We looked at each other before pulling them apart.

As soon as we did, the warmth that enveloped my palm was gone. My palm felt cold against the cool winds. It was strange. How did we not realize we were holding hands this entire time?

At the thought of that my cheeks heated and even though I was dark, somehow a faint blush sprayed onto my cheeks. I tried to use my messy hair to hide this but was soon caught in the act when Stephan started laughing.

“I’ve never seen you blush before.” He said between laughs, “You’re such a cute tomato.”

I frowned, “It’s not funny, Stephanie.” That shut him up fast. I was glad for that. He looked around wearily probably hoping no one heard me.

“Like seriously?” He muttered, “The Stephanie trick?”

I giggled playfully. “I’ll stop as long as you stop calling me a tomato.” I looked at him with a devious smirk. I wanted to make a deal.

He looked at me for a while assessing the situation. “Not a chance.” He replied boldly after he pinched my cheeks. “Come let’s go.”

“Go where?”

“We’re going to have fun,” was the only thing he said before he dragged me into a shack.

I squealed as he did and stood rigid in vexation at the door. I was never stepping a foot inside. All I wanted to do was go back to the villa. To the right, there were several surfboards. Some smaller than others. In front of me, a couple of steps away was the cashier, and then to left was the one guy that I wanted to shoot because he was embarrassing me.

“Stop being so stubborn and come try on these sunglasses with me.” Stephan was posing in the mirror with some pink heart-shaped sunglasses with two lips at the top corners. He was making kissy faces with the glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, looking over the lenses instead of through them.

“Hey Sam, how do I look?”

I was trying my utmost best to ignore him. But it was becoming unbearably hard. He put down those and put on another. It was a gold color with two round frames and lenses. On the corner of either side were the words ‘BOOBS’. The lenses were almost transparent so I could see his eyes. He then made the ‘V’ sign with his fingers and stuck his tongue through the loop.

That was so not right. Gross.

This was torture and I began to laugh. “You’re disgusting you know that?” I asked with a smile instead of the serious facade I was supposed to have.

“Yeah, but you love me.” He said, as matter-of-fact.

“Keep dreaming dude. Whatever floats your boat.” I said and scoffed. “Hey, where’d you get those?” I pointed to his weird glasses.

He took them off and gestured to them, “This old thang?” He swirled it around his finger.

I nodded, “Yes those that you are currently playing with.” I said slowly like I was talking to a toddler so he could understand.

“The adults’ section.”

I went to the adults’ section and looked around. I saw matching ‘BOOBS’ glasses but I ignored it and went for black and gold shades that said ‘BOSS’. Then I went to show Stephan my choice. “What do you think?

“Nah. You could have done better. Like me.” He twirled in his glasses and I smiled.

“It fits your personality.”

“Awww, thanks to tomato. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” Here he goes with pinching my cheeks again. I slapped his hands away but unfortunately was too late. If I smiled it hurt so I refrained from it. I looked at Stephan without emotion.

Before I could say anything else, he took my hand and pulled me to the cashier. It was a tall and handsome guy with a tan. He had a crooked smile and very white teeth. He looked like the typical surfer with short-cropped blonde hair.

He cashed our stuff while I just stared at him a little before I restrained myself and looked away. He was good looking.

He’d be perfect for Mel, I thought. I was about to say something to him when stupid Stephan practically pushed me out the door and pulled me along to the beach. Then we reached a steady pace where there was I silence.

I stood and watched while a man sold souvenirs. A girl with a freckled face and almond eyes was smiling sweetly at the guy with chestnut brown locks. He bought something. It was a necklace and clipped it around her neck. She smiled, he cupped her face and they kissed.

“You coming or not?” Stephan stood patiently waiting for some ways apart from where I was.

I nodded and ran to catch up. Then he was silent and so was I. Stephan had an eerie look on his face. Was Stephan in thought?


I was an onlooker as the drowning incident occurred. I asked the girls where Sam had gone. The girls were drinking milkshakes and gossiping. They pointed me in her direction and I followed their instructions.

I saw her standing there, at the corner of a souvenir shack, down where it was a bit rocky. She was motionless; I approached her to see what she was so intrigued by, but I stopped in my tracks when I saw Cassie and Kyle. Cassie had locked lips with Kyle who looked as if he was enjoying it. I didn’t know that those two were love bugs.

When she turned around her head was held low and she looked defeated. That beautiful smile was buried underneath hurt. When she realized I was there, I smiled at her and she returned it. It wasn’t her radiant and fun-loving smile. It was one filled with hurt but she smiled anyway.

“Hey Stephanie!” she greeted. I honestly don’t know why Declan chose to do that. He had all of sixteen years and six months to make up nicknames. But no he had to call me that when Sam was present. I frowned at the thought of him doing so to impress her.

I nervously held out my hand for her to take. She hesitated but then grabbed my hand. I pulled her up from the rocks and she dashed away. I realized Kyle was coming our way and she was running. She was running from him.

We ran hand in hand. We stopped running and she relaxed. We walked about. She was silent and my mind had strayed to when I first met her. She was authoritative and didn’t stand for things she didn’t like.

I went to the kitchen to get my favorite snack, vanilla milk, and Oreos. They tasted great together and after beating Scott’s high score and being named the victor, it would make winning so much better. I strolled into the kitchen only to see a girl chugging down a white liquid.

Yes, I noticed that sounded weird but keep your smut of a mind outta this.

It must’ve been one of Jacob’s slackers. My brother was a player and it was well known. But I thought he was more into blonds. She’s not Jacob’s type. I wonder what got him swinging this direction. Her back was turned to me, so I doubt she knew I was here.

I was going to ignore her and proceed in the hunt of my vanilla milk and delicious Oreos when I spotted the half-empty bottle of milk on the island. I was furious, my name was even marked on it but no she had to drink my precious milk. I take it back she’s just like Jacob’s conquests. They deserve each other.

I sighed, “Enjoying my milk?” I asked.

She tilted the glass; she was examining how much of the glorious liquid was left before she drank that too. “Seems that way” was her reply as if she had not a care in the world.

I rolled my eyes and answered her, “Next time be more thoughtful.”

She huffed at my response and her voice rose a little higher as she spun around to face me. “What’s it to you anyway?” She questioned.

I was about to tell her that raiding someone’s fridge, taking and consuming the contents of it, even though there was a name on it, is highly rude and unacceptable but I settled with, “Someone’s feisty.” I chuckled as I did. Her exterior toughened as I laughed.

She was short. Her hair was jet black and she put her hair into a messy bun

Her long eyelashes complimented her dark chocolate skin. Her left eye had a black beauty spot perched on the base. They were a dark brown. She slightly raised her brow; she looked uninterested. She was in a green floral dress with green sneakers.

So she was one of those girls. Wearing what was best for the occasion but still kept on something that made them comfortable. She was uncomfortable in her dress though. She tugged at it as she spoke.

“You know if you were a normal human being the first thing that you would’ve probably asked was, ‘You had a tough day?’ but no you’re more concerned about your stupid milk.”

“If I was normal,” I remarked slyly. I was using my charm but she looked oblivious to this.

“I’m Stephan by the way.” I walked up to her and extended a hand. She hesitated but shook it, “I’m Chyenne,” she told me. She didn’t look like a Chyenne at all.

“Pleasure to meet you,” I said smirking for I felt she was warming up to me already. Her serious and upset face turned into a devious smile.

“I wish I could say the same but quite frankly, I’m not pleased to meet you.”

She pulled her away and folded her arms. “If anything this was a waste of time.”

She scowled and before I could reply she spoke again, “Now if you don’t have anything else to say, I’ll be taking my leave.”

She took an uncaring deep breath and exhaled noisily and just like that she walked away. She looked at me once more with a hard and cold stare. She exited the kitchen with a mighty smile playing on her lips.

If my friends were here they would’ve said something along the lines of, ‘dude you’ve been burned!’ They would have laughed and teased me, never allowing me to live it down.

Exclusively, Declan but thank God that wasn’t the case. I sighed as I cleaned up the mess she had left and went to play video games in the game room. Not so happy anymore, I didn’t get to enjoy the only reason I came this far down to the kitchen. Vanilla milk and Oreos...

You hungry?” I asked.

“Yeah starving.” She said smiling.

We went to a beachside place and ordered two shrimp hamburgers, one with extra cheese and another with a slice of bacon, two large fries, and two large sodas. We sat at the window and we dug in. Well, more she dug in. The first bite she took was almost half of the hamburger. I watched she closed her eyes and savored the taste. I laughed and her eyes snapped open.

“What?” she asked even though her mouth was full. I knew because a piece of lettuce was sticking out. I tried my best to look away and not laugh.


She shrugged and took another bite. I began a new conversation.

“Where in California are you from?”

I used my hand to support my head as we talked. She talked but I wasn’t paying much attention. I was too busy observing. She had on ripped denim short over her bikini. From time to time, I looked her over. She had finished her hamburger and was now chewing on her fries.

“So you were adopted?” she prodded.

“Yes. I was adopted at four years old. I was separated from Declan and when I told my new dad about my brother who was at the different orphanage, he adopted him too. Then he adopted two other children, Christian and Bryan. Bryan was the youngest.” She didn’t apologize and I was grateful. Apologizing changed nothing.

“You’re seventeen?” She asked a little puzzled.

“Yup, Bryan and Chris are sixteen and Dec, Jacob and I are the same age. We are a couple of months older than him.” she nodded showing she understood.

“How did you become a wolf?” My wolf rumbled in approval. An alpha female was interested in learning about him. I shushed him. It was nothing to get so hyped up over.

“I was bitten,” I said simply. She raised her brows. I nodded, “I was the only one who was bitten, the others were scratched.”

“How?” She asked.

“We didn’t know if the supernatural world. We were out camping one night. A gang of rogue wolves came onto my dad’s territory.” I remember it like it just happened.

“We started a campfire and Bryan was being himself like always. He was cracking rude jokes and Chris was being the awful role model he was, by encouraging him. Jacob went somewhere with dad that night. Then there were howls in the distance. They got nearer and nearer but we thought nothing of it.”

The waitress came around and I quieted. “Need anything else?”

“No thanks,” I told her with a smile and she left.

“Long story short? They came upon us and I told Declan to run with the others. I threw firewood at them and held them off as long as I could. A rusty grey one bit me and I retreated, clutching my bleeding wrist toward my chest and I ran. They chased after me and caught me. Luckily, I was saved by the trackers who were close by. They took care of them and then attended to my brothers and me.”

She was quiet. It seemed she was still thinking about what I told her.

“What is it?” I asked feeling awkward.

“You haven’t touched your food.” She said pointing to it. I smiled and started eating. Truth be told, I wasn’t hungry at all. I got full just by watching her eat. I took small bites, trying to get it down, and she watched me like a hawk.

Once in a while, she kept eyeing my fries so I pushed it toward her and she spared no time in devouring it. I smiled at her. Soon she was done and she had started tapping the table rhythmically with her nails. She kept looking at me as I ate like she was impatient now.

“Hey, Steph, that girl is checking you out!” She whispers shouted and I looked around to see the girl she was talking about.

A few seconds passed while I was searching, suddenly I felt my hamburger get heavy, then it was light. I looked at it and there was a huge bite in it. I looked up at Sam who was happily chewing on the contents of my lunch. She swallowed and licked her fingers and I frowned.

The huge bite left me confused about how I should go about finishing it. My wolf liked the huge bite whereas I found it rude. She looked cute though. She was smiling like she was proud she had succeeded in tricking me.

“I’m gonna get you!” I finally yelled. She got up and ran for the exit; I ran after her. She went in the direction of the beach. She had a head start and that was an advantage. I weaved through a crowd of people and ran through some shacks. I was taking a little detour called a shortcut. Gladly, I broke nothing too expensive.

“I’ll compensate you later!” I yelled.

I could hear her breathing and her quick heartbeats as I neared her. She was coming right around the corner near the shore. It was my chance to catch her. I bounced up off my feet and grabbed her, pushing her down onto the white sandy beach.

“Gotcha!” I declared as I pinned her arms above her head and straddled her hips between my thighs.

“I’m sorry, I bit your hamburger.” She said laughing loudly. “I didn’t mean to. It’s just that my beast couldn’t resist the smell of bacon. She’s not able to hunt so she got all possessive over your food.”

“It’s gonna cost you both,” I said a mischievous idea forming in the back of my mind.

She stopped laughing and squirming immediately. “Cost us what exactly?” She asked curiously.

My mind went blank seeing her like this. We were up close and personal. Her hair was now loose and it stuck to her cheeks. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, they were filled with amusement. She bit her lower lip. Her hair was still damp and it suited her. From the view I had, her cleavage was slightly showing and I tried my utmost best to keep my obstinate eyes from staring. I made up my mind to say what I was thinking.

“You have two choices.”

“And what are they?”

“Option one. Tell me your deepest darkest secret or ...” I delayed in finishing the sentence. I whispered in her ear, allowing my lips to slightly graze her ear, teasingly. I saw she held her breath and I listened to her heart. I could tell she was nervous by the rapid beating.

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