The Blood Wolf

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|Bracelet Part 2|

It is with trifles, and when he is off guard, that a man best reveals his character.

-Arthur Schopenhauer-


I looked back and didn’t see Stephan coming. I had lost him and I slowed my pace. I wasn’t running too fast but he was still wasn’t able to catch up. My beast was high on adrenaline. I could tell she liked the chase but she was disappointed it had ended so soon.

“Gotcha!” Stephan professed as he pinned my arms above my head.

I struggled to get free but in this position, I didn’t want to make any rash movements so I settled down. I felt some level of responsibility for what I did. My beast was still in the back of my mind. She had been caught in a playful setting.

What if it had been for real?

Because of her greediness, I had some level of explanation to do.

“I’m sorry I bit your hamburger,” I said laughing at the fact that I’m apologizing for eating someone else’s lunch.

“I didn’t mean to. It’s just my beast who couldn’t resist the smell of meat. I haven’t hunted yet so she got all possessive over your food.” I told him honestly.

“It’s gonna cost you both.” He announced. I saw the mischievous glint in his eyes and I abruptly stopped laughing.

“Cost us what exactly?” I asked.

He paused for a moment and he looked. No, he stared at me for what felt like seconds. His eyes roamed over my features and I inwardly blushed.

Stephan was cute. I’ll give him that. His hair hung dangerously low above his eyes. His faint single dimple showed. His lips pulled into a barely noticeable smirk. His eyes searched mine. They were dark grey at the moment, and they looked like a stormy grey sky. He looked unsafe and risky but I found it intriguing.

I imagined him being embarrassed after staring for so long that I found it funny. I bit my lower lip to keep myself from laughing out at this situation.

“You have two choices.”

“What are they?” I asked. I felt the need to find out what I owed him. I waited in anticipation and thought about how we looked from a stranger’s point of view. I suddenly became nervous at the position we were in.

“Option one, tell me your deepest darkest secret or option two...” he paused and whispered in my ear, his lips grazed my delicate and sensitive ear.

It was a flaw, my ears were highly sensitive. I shivered under his restraints. My beast inside purred, she liked this side of him. I was screaming at her to stop this nonsense but I couldn’t blame her.

“You’ll have to kiss me until I pull away and only if I do.”

The words couldn’t leave my lips to answer him. The way my beast felt towards him didn’t help the situation get any better. I tried to speak but my mouth became dry and my eyes strayed down to his lips as I thought about choosing option two. He smirked as he saw my actions. He was going to kiss me, and the funny thing about it was, I think I wanted him to.

As he got closer, all I could think about was if this was what I wanted but the answer never arrived. The grip that he had on my arms, loosened. I remained immobile, unable to will myself to move. He let down his guard and I remember the events of how Jacob had teased me.

Then prove it.” He challenged me.

“How?” I asked, frustrated that he wouldn’t just let it go.

He looked at me and then got closer and closer. Our faces were mere inches away. I felt his minty breath tickled my cheek. His icy blue eyes looked devilish and they searched mine.

My heart sped up. My palms became sweaty. His locks peeked through from under his beanie. His

lips parted. Then he said two little words I was never expecting.

“Kiss me.”

Just when he was inches away I found the strength to move. I shifted my body weight to left, causing him to fall flat on the sand. Now I was straddling him and I had his arms pinned to the top of his head, just like he did to me not too long ago.

“No, I think you’re mistaken. It seems as if I’ve gotcha instead.” He looked dazed but he smiled anyway and I got up releasing him. I lent him a hand and pulled him up, then I walked off to find the guys and he silently followed.

We hadn’t said anything for a while as we're on our way to the villa. Maybe he was kidding and just joking around. The crew was in front walking and chatting but we were too engrossed in our thoughts to join the discussion.

Then it occurred to me. What if I hadn’t stopped him?

I quickly shook it off, expelling it from my thoughts. As we walked, I trained my eyes on him. He looked as if he was deep in thought just as I was. Then he stopped in his tracks. I realized we were at the door. I stopped there too.

“I am being punished for I have truly sinned.” I opened the door and entered the villa quickly so he had no time to ask questions. I told him my deepest darkest secret. I don’t know what came over me for me to tell him such a thing but I did. It was layered under the thickest blankets of ambiguity. It was for a reason though. I wanted no one to know... To know I killed her.


She was laying on the sofa in the living room. Legs propped up on the sofa cushion. Her dark black hair lay on the cushion in big curls and frizz. Her eyes were closed and her breathing shallow. She was still, but that changed when she shifted. She seemed uncomfortable in her spot.

Why would she sleep on the sofa if her comfy bed was upstairs and waiting, unoccupied and lonely?

She moved again. I stood from the shadows in the kitchen watching her curvy and slightly slim figure move about. She must’ve fallen asleep but I was proven otherwise when her eyes pried open sharply as she shot up from the sofa. She sighed.

It was a motion that I couldn’t quite decipher as to having a nightmare, or if it was one that showed she couldn’t sleep.

“I think your bed would be more comfortable than the sofa?”

She looked about scarily. Eyes scanning the room like ink printing on paper. She relaxed when she saw me and she replied.

“I know but I didn’t want to go up just yet,” she said, pulling at her hair.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked a little concerned as I walked up to her.

“Nothing.” She told me exasperatedly as I sat beside her.

“Maybe that'll help.” I took something from my pockets and showed her the content in my hand.

She looked at me, “A bracelet?”

I nodded, and she asked, “When did you get me this?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “After I got back today, I went out to look for the guy who was selling them. I thought you might like it... ”

To avoid her knowing my true intent, I quickly added, “A souvenir to remember Hawaii by.”

She nodded, “Thank you.”

I took her hand, it was warm and I rested it on my knee. I took my time in clasping it around her hand. I liked the warmth radiating from her hand as it seeped through my jeans. When I was done she looked at it closely. It was a charm bracelet, with a little silver palm tree hanging from it.

“It’s pretty.” She breathed out as she examined it and smiled.

Just like you are.

“I know so don’t go losing it now. ” I said instead.

“I won’t.” She told me.

“Every new place you go to, add a new charm to it. It’ll be a reason to look forward to where you’re going but it’s always there to remind you so you never forget where you’ve been.”

There was silence but then that changed as she spoke low enough so only I could hear.

“Thank you.” She said again and that’s when I snapped out of the daze. All this time while I explained the bracelet I had been staring at it.

“You’re welcome.” I said as I stood up, “Goodnight Sam.”

“Goodnight Stephan.” She said faintly.

I walked off in the direction of my bedroom but I couldn’t help the feeling of happiness that flooded through. It was because even though I had told her what the bracelet was meant for I didn’t tell her why I gave it to her. I did it so that I would be the first memory.

The memory of how she got that bracelet in the first place. The memory would be of me.

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