The Blood Wolf

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|A Muffin's Journey|

Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountains.

-William Shakespeare-

I have been sleeping well for a good while now. I haven’t had that awful nightmare. I was glad the nightmares were gone. I was free to dream without fear. I was free to rest.

Being the weird girl I was, I never thought my life could get this dramatic and adventurous. I guess it was the thrill of all this excitement. It was changing me slowly. Either that or I was discovering everything I already was.

“Here’s your blueberry muffin,” said the girl with brown, vibrant and wavy hair, which was in a high bun with loose strands framing her face.

“Thanks,” I told her and paid as I left.

The O’Brien’s had grouped up and went to an arcade, while my brothers were touring. The girls, including myself, went shopping. I didn’t want to but they dragged me to the mall.


They forced me to buy something so I ended up buying a skirt, new shoes and a pair of jeans. Nothing else. We decided that we would meet up after we separated to go to individual stores.

Devon and Eureka decided to go to a restaurant to dine. I have no idea what for... They were in Hawaii and they wanted to go to a fancy restaurant? I don’t understand how rich people can afford to stay rich. I had better get used to it. I was the daughter of one of those rich guys.

As for Prescott? Prescott stayed back and was probably sipping wine in the Jacuzzi. He wanted some ‘alone’ time. Everyone dispatched only minutes ago.

Right now, they were probably shopping like there was no tomorrow but I decided to ditch shopping because I was already done and instead, go to a nearby bakery.

I was craving a blueberry muffin. Those muffins were little pieces of heaven. How can anyone not fall in love with them? I took a large bite of my very large muffin and closed my eyes, savoring the rich flavor as my taste buds zinged with pleasure. I was salivating even before I took a bite. I tripped and my muffin flew through the air, as I braced myself for impact.

I fell to my knees and the paved asphalt bruised my knees. I winced. I was a bit upset because, with all these darn abilities, I wasn’t able to break my fall, instead, my knees paid the price.

I got up and stared at my muffin as I brushed off my knees. The muffin laid lifeless on the bricked ground with small remnants of dirt stuck to some parts of it. It was a habit for me to keep it in the bag as I ate it and that saved my muffin. It protected some parts of it so it was still good, good enough to be eaten. Right?

All it wanted was to be eaten by me but it was robbed the chance of that. I sighed. I was about to pick up the muffin when someone stepped on it. I was about to properly assess it before throwing it away.

The shoe that committed the murder was a blue converse. I snapped, but my beast just yawned. She wasn’t as enthusiastic about the blueberry bundle of joy as I was. Mr. Muffin didn’t even have a proper legacy. I was gonna eat that. I know it sounds no better, but in my defense, it was going to make me happy.

Now, no one was happy.

I looked up to see the blonde hair bimbo walking away with a couple of her friends. They were gone a good distance but I couldn’t help it.

“YOU STEPPED ON MY MUFFIN BLONDIE!” I shouted reasonably loud.

She and her hooligans stopped and she whipped her head around to acknowledge me. She was skinny, tall, and pretty. Her eyes looked sickly sweet and her lips, smudged with a gallon of pink lipstick. Her face was much worse; it had so much powder that her face looked like a large homemade pizza gone wrong.


I didn’t say she looked gone with so much makeup, I said she was pretty. I could tell she was pretty with this much makeup but she caked her face it. In any case, she was really bad at baking, or else she wouldn’t have looked like she did.

This girl proved to be a stereotype. She was dressed in all pink except for her blue converse, which was ironic. Propped on her blonde bundle of straight hair, was a large pink sunhat. She had a tan and a fluffy looking rat in her arms.

I’m sorry. Did I say rat? I meant Chihuahua. The poor dog looked like it was thrown in a washing machine then blow-dried and that’s why it looked puffy. To top it all off, the dog was accessorized with pink bows and clips on its fur. I know it was a Chihuahua but come on. That dog more resembles my great aunt’s pet rat, Marques.

“What did you say?” she asked seriously as she and her minions stepped to me.

“I said, you stepped. On. My. Muffin.” I repeated stressing my words with pauses.

She looked at my hopeless muffin and she giggled. “It’s no wonder you look like that.” She rolled her eyes and I wished they could roll out of their sockets.

“Yeah...” I said putting on a show as I scrunched my face to look as if I just remembered something. My beast was sitting and enjoy this.

“At least I don’t resemble your pet rat.” I giggled.

Her minions gasped, “I’ll have you know Vanessa is unique” said the girl with chestnut brown hair and a taupe complexion.

“Yes, I agree. It is uniquely ugly.” I had nothing against the dog but whatever this girl did to the dog was not nice and was not to go unnoticed.

“Who do you think you are?” asked the blond quizzically.

“The stranger who is more honest than your friends and who noticed that you look like overstuffed turkey for Christmas.” Her mouth flew open. “Darling no one is going to be attracted to that mess,” I said pointing at her.

“Get a proper makeover,” I replied as I patted her shoulder with a finger giving her a sympathetic look.

When I was done, I looked dismayingly at my finger and blew at it. Then to top it all off I smiled sheepishly and waved. She didn’t speak and I was glad she didn’t because my beast was wanting some action too. She planned on burying this pink raccoon.

She stomped her feet angrily and marched away while her minions followed suit. “Ashley! Wait for us!”

I laughed so hard at that. I got revenge for my muffin and that was all that mattered. That girl was rich and spoiled and she needed to be taught a lesson. I felt good. She needed fashion advice. I felt someone tug at the frills of my shorts.

“Hi lady! Have you seen a miserable girl in a yellow blouse and a blue skirt?”

I looked down to see a little boy. His eyes were big and round. They looked caramel brown, his cheeks looked soft and they were flushed with pink. His lips were thin and rosy. He was the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen. His hair was a dark shade of dusky blonde in messy curls.

“I’m sorry but no I haven’t,” I said chuckling as his brief description. His hopeful expression faded. I stooped to his height.

“Want me to help you look for her?” I offered to extend a hand for the little guy.

He nodded eagerly, which earned him a small laugh. I held his hand and looked around. I went to the bakery, maybe someone was dying of worry because they couldn’t find him.

I looked about it. It was rush hour. Adults, children, and teenagers scurrying around and shouting out their orders before everything was sold out. No one mentioned a missing child so just as I was about to leave, an angry-looking girl, my height ran in.

“Brandon! Where were you?!” was the first thing she said as she ran inside, fright evident in her voice.

The little boy pulled his hand from mine and leaped into the arms of the girl.

“Scarlett!” he squealed happily. She hugged his little frame. I approached the two.

“Never you run off like that again. Okay?” she scolded him. The little boy who was Brandon nodded.

“Hi,” I said quietly, not wanting to break up their reunion. The girl stood up facing me, I bet she was about to introduce herself as Scarlett.

“She helped me look for you.” He told her, smiling largely.


“Scarlett, I know.” I smiled. “I’m Samantha. Glad I could help.”

She enveloped me in a tight embrace. It was one I was not expecting. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears.

“Thanks a lot, Sammy.” Brandon cheerily intervened and making up a nickname in the process. I smiled at how cute he was being.

“Stay out of trouble kid, we don’t want Scarlett having a heart attack.” I giggled and Scarlett looked at me weirdly but she smiled. She was friendly.

“Sure will.” He chimed cutely.

I waved and went to buy another muffin.

“A blueberry muffin, please,” I ordered for the second time today.

So tiresome.

Then I felt a tugging at the hem of my shorts again. I looked down to see Brandon.

“Hey, little guy.” I stooped to his level.

He held out a muffin. “I wanted to give this to you. It’s my favorite muffin.”

“No, I could never. You should enjoy it.” I refused it appreciatively. He was thoughtful. “It’s your favorite.” I pushed it toward him.

“No, I insist. Please have it.” He pleaded the way his big round eyes seem to get bigger, guilt-tripped me into taking the muffin. I couldn’t resist the power of his caramel eyes. He looked so fragile.

“Thank you very much, Brandon.” My beast smiled at the kid and so did I.

“Hold on a second,” I told him. I paid for my blueberry muffin and gave it to him. “Since you are being so generous, I wanna be extra nice today.” He giggled and looked at the muffin as if it could break.

“This muffin is a blueberry muffin and it’s my favorite.”

He looked wide-eyed at me. “Thank you, Sammy.” He hugged me and scampered off.

I waved to Scarlett and Brandon’s retreating figure as they left. I smiled and took a large bite. It tasted good. If this is what kindness tastes like then everyone should be kind. Kindness can touch the heart of another. I ate the muffin as I headed back to the mall to meet up with the girls.

They are going to be so pissed when they find out I didn’t go shopping. I laughed at the thought but it was worth it. I discovered my true favorite. Caramel chocolate, just like the little guy’s eyes.

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