The Blood Wolf

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"The sign of intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason."

-Marya Mannes-


Please? I am begging you.” Meli annoyingly pleaded for about the fifteenth time tonight. It was three days before we headed back to England.

“Meli for the last and final time, I am not going to the party. I would much prefer to stay at home and read my book.” I skipped through the pages while looking at the pictures.

“Ugh!” She threw herself on my bed where I was seated reading a comic book that I bought at the store. “Your life could be so thrilling but you make it so boring.” She muttered lowly under her breath.

She thought I wouldn’t be able to hear her, but nowadays, I heard everything. I loved the perks of not being mundane but there were downsides to being a teenage werewolf who had to constantly keep her existence a secret. I sighed and ignored her comment as I went back to read my book.

Upon walking. No, more like marching into my room, Melissa announced I was going to a party with her. She muttered countless times that she wouldn’t go anywhere until I agreed to go with her.

“You should go without me. You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun if you stay here and try to coax me out of my comfy bed. ”

She smacked my head, “I said I’m not going anywhere unless you’re coming along.”

“But I told you. I don’t want to go anywhere.” I continued to read my scandalous comic book. It was getting a lot more interesting by the minute. I was getting cozy as I snuggled into my pillow. A night of peace.

I spoke too soon. My book disappeared. It was gone like a skilled magician had made it disintegrate. I was about to complain when I looked up and saw four pairs of eyes looking down at me. It resembled a mother scolding her child.

“You are not staying here and wasting your few days left in Hawaii. ” Aly said as she went through my closet, picking out a pair of skinny jeans and a blue cropped top with a white cardigan.

“Sam, if you don’t enjoy it you’ll regret it. Besides, when are you going to get the chance to come back to Hawaii to spend three awesome fun-filled weeks with us.” I chuckled as Oceania continued to make a convincing argument.

Jen pulled me to the mirror and made me sit there while she did my makeup. What did I do? Well, I didn’t protest or complain because these girls were not allowing me to have a say in how I spent my night, even though I wanted to finish my book. Plus, you can’t protest when these girls could be extremely brutal to get what they wanted. Although they were mundane, they were quite tough and hardcore.

Melissa did my hair. She straightened my hair, so much, that it could cut. It looked nice. My black hair rested on my shoulders beautifully. I thought everything was going well, that was until the girls had a fuss over what I was to wear. It was only nine and I was told the party would start at ten. We didn’t have time to argue over clothes.

“Since none of you can agree, let’s do a mini-fashion show. Each of you put something together and I’ll choose the one I like best.”

As soon as I suggested that they calmed down and started rummaging through my perfectly organized closet. They were behaving as if they were on a shopping spree and heard there was fifty percent off sale at a famous store.

Meanwhile, I managed to get through chapter five and six before they finished. Madonna was cheating on her boyfriend with her stepbrother-to-be. Madonna’s father also had a son who just came out of the closet, that no one knew about. That was until some anonymous person revealed the DNA result and sent a picture to the whole family of David kissing Micheal, his co-worker as blackmail.

Oh crap! David’s gay?

It was just getting juicy, but as the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end’, and it did when Jenny sailed the stupid pillow at me that smacked me on the face.

“Who’s gay?” asked Aly, she was chuckling.

I gave a sheepish smile, “I didn’t realize I had said that out loud.”

Oceania rolled her eyes. “It’s judging time.”

She chose ripped denim shorts and a green tank top with a pair of simple green converse. She did a little show and tell. She offered me the chance to borrow her brown leather jacket if I wanted. It was pretty, neat, and simple.

Melissa picked out a blue and white dress with blue wedges. I wasn’t a dress person. As-a-matter-of-fact, I hated dresses, but the ensemble she put together made me want to wear it. She paired it with some cute pearl earrings. Her idea of a party was... Uhh... Elegant, I guess?

Jenny wanted me to wear a white belly blouse, and the black floral high waist skirt, with white wedges. I had bought it back when I was in California, I even forgot I had them. It looked good and even though I, who rarely wore skirts, would rock it.

It was now Aly’s turn. You could tell she put a lot of effort into it. The simple white skinny jeans and blue cropped top were now thrown aside. Instead, she picked out blue denim ripped jeans, with my new red platform sneakers that she forced me to buy the other day, and a white loose blouse, with the word ‘BOSS’ written in bold red letters.

She threw a red and white baseball cap at me that said ‘hell yeah’ on the front. I appreciated the cap because it was a good way to hide my face whenever I spoke to someone, and since it was a party I was bound to interact with someone new. I was one of those awkward individuals that liked to go on unseen sometimes.

I smiled at them all. They did pretty well and I liked all of them. I gave Melissa an apologetic smile before I walk over to the mirror and caught my hair into a ponytail.

“I’m sorry Mel, but I’ve been dying to put it into a ponytail all night.” She laughed.

“I know,” Melissa replied. She knew me so well.

“You’ve all done well and I like them all. I don’t think you guys knew I don’t like skirts or dresses, that’s why they were only a few of those. However, because the outfits you put together look so awesome, I am going to explore the wonders of skirts and dresses.”

Jenny squealed, happy with the little announcement. Oceania rolled her eyes at her reaction but smiled. Aly, on the other hand, was the smirking, while Melissa looked a bit shocked.

“I’ll give quick comments on each outfit. Meli, that dress is a little too elegant.” She nodded.

“Oceania, I appreciate that you went for a simple look.” She was sporting a full-on grin.

“Jenny, you’re choice was a little different from what I’m used to and you honestly made me think that I could rock that skirt.” She clasped her hands and bowed.

“Aly, I don’t know what to say about that outfit except that I would buy it.” Her smirk didn’t falter. It meant she knew.

“Thanks, Sam.”

The girls smiled and gave Alyson a round of applause. They could tell I was choosing Aly’s outfit. I didn’t have to say it. I put on Aly’s outfit and strut across the room as my catwalk. Damn, I was looking fine.

The girls complimented me and went to change. I was glad I had friends like them. Even though they were a year older, except Aly, they didn’t seem to mind hanging out with Meli and I. It was safe to say they had our backs. Unlike some people...

When we arrived at the party, there was no one on the lawn puking their guts out like a typical party. Well, that’s what I thought until I entered the house and some people were busy eating each other’s faces, irresponsible teens getting wasted and of course, people grinding up against each other as the music pulsated through the house.

I take it back. It was a typical party. The air was stuffy and reeked of alcohol. No red cups were lying around the place, instead, they were blue. It was probably filled with a toxic substance called alcohol. The party was in three places, the kitchen, the living room, the backyard, and maybe a few reckless teenagers somewhere alone in a room upstairs.

The place was huge but nothing like the mansion back home. The girls dispersed and they were having fun, enjoying themselves, all but one girl.


I spotted Jacob, Kyle, Stephan, Declan, and the twins. They looked really good. Then Cassie walked in. My spirits fell.

I wasn’t one of those girls who were afraid that they’d spike my drink and stuff like that. I was carefree but I changed a long while ago. I wanted the old me back. That’s who I decided to be, who I was.

I walked up to the guys and grabbed Declan’s arm. I pulled him to the center of the living room, which was the dance floor. I started dancing and even though I could see Declan was a bit astonished; he pushed it aside and bounced to the beat of the music. We were having fun. I was having fun.

“Sam I’m going to get a drink, you want anything?” he asked, shouting at the top of his lungs.

I nodded, “Sure, get me a beer.”

Dec pushed through the crowd of bouncing and sweaty bodies and was soon out of sight. I continued to dance and soon Stephanie approached. I loved calling him that.

“Hey, Steph, what’s up?”

“Umm, I was just looking for Declan.” He looked and sounded a little nervous and unsure but I shrugged it off.

“Oh. He went to get me a beer.” He smiled nervously and I waved as he left to find his brother.

Before he disappeared, I saw him say something to Aiden and he gave Aiden fifty bucks. Aiden was laughing while Adrien was frowning as he gave Aiden a twenty.

The music was still beating as strong as ever, but I was getting a bit tired so I went out by the backyard that now seemed deserted. There wasn’t anyone there. Everyone was busy dancing inside and a lot of other things that I didn’t even want to think about. The backyard had a pool; just as I was about to go sit on a nearby chair, I heard voices.

I listened in with the other type of hearing. Yes, super hearing.

“Cassandra, the kiss was a mistake.” I already knew who these two were. The image of the two, kissing ricocheted in my brain and I inwardly heaved.

“If I remember correctly, you kissed me back, so you must still feel something for me.”

Cassie continued, “I know I was the one who ended things but I was wrong. I want you back.”

I felt repulsed. I didn’t know they were together once, that explained a lot, but this was none of my business. Even though Cassie did what she did, I didn’t hate her. I just didn’t like the fact that she betrayed me so easily and openly.

“You’re wrong. Besides, I have my sights set on another.” I was curious now.

I smelt lavender and mint; his scent. I would never forget it. It was Jacob in all his GGG (Greek god glory). His arm backed me into a corner and when I turned to face him after watching his arm, our faces were inches away as our breaths mingled. His lavender and the minty scent made me dizzy. It was entrancing.

“Whatever,” I muttered under my breath.

He knew the effect he had on me because he casually smirked. He was in his element. His element of deception. One minute, he was nice, the other, he was ruthless.

“You look...” he trailed off as he scanned me from head to toe, and bit his lower lip. “Good.” He said huskily as he stared directly into my eyes.

His icy blue eyes had flecks of green and before I could say a thing, it smashed into me. It was rough and fast at a quick motion. It was so quick, I couldn’t comprehend.

My night was not peaceful and quiet, as I hoped it would’ve been. No good could come from this.

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