The Blood Wolf

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|Blood Sucker|

As soon as there is life there is danger.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-


We were on our way to the villa. Scott was driving me, the others stayed. The girls were going to leave but I told them not to. I didn’t want to ruin their night because Cassie lashed out at me. The car ride was quiet.

I was lying down in the back of the car, with my leg up. I turned slightly but found myself in an uncomfortable position. I moved around to comfortably situate myself. I was not relaxed at all.

“Keep your foot elevated.” Scott reminded me as he turned onto the main road.

We had been driving for fifteen minutes and this was the first thing he said to me since. I remained quiet, not because I didn’t wish to speak, but I didn’t know what to say to him.

Scott was my twin, and we joked around like normal siblings but on this vacation, we haven’t spent much time together. Either we were with everyone, he was with Aly or I was with the girls. We always had other plans.

I was having a very awful night. I knew shifting was a risk and I knew it could kill me, but hearing it out loud, stirred something in me. The way he said it wasn’t remorseful. It was void, without emotion and that scared me.

“I don’t think you’ll survive your first shift.”

Bile rose and lodged itself neatly in the crevices of my throat. I swallowed to get it down but it tasted a little like blood. My blood.

“I don’t think you’ll survive your first shift.”

A chant. Over and over.

It was in my head, and I couldn’t get it out.

“I don’t think you’ll survive your first shift.”

Jacob got into my head and was messing with my mind.

“What’s on your mind?” He spoke. He asked a question. But what was I to tell him?

Was I to tell him what Jacob had said?

Would it make much of a difference?

Should I lie?

Or was the truth a better choice?

“Nothing.” I lied calmly, dismissing the idea of the truth.

There was a thoughtful silence in the atmosphere of the car before he spoke again.

“Come on sis. You know you can tell me right?”

I sighed, quickly thinking of an explanation. “What am I gonna tell Devon?” This wasn’t what was on my mind but it was an issue that needed to be discussed. Why not use it to advantage?

“Is that it?” He asked suspiciously, hinting that my explanation was a lie.

I laughed a little, making it seem like it was nothing at all. “Yeah, I don’t think we can tell Devon that the girl I invited on our vacation, is an evil maniac that tried to kill me and ruin my life.”

He laughed, finally believing me. “You’ve got a point.”

I nodded at him from in the rearview mirror, as he glanced at me before turning his attention back to the busy streets.

“I’ll take care of that, but we’ll have to lie. Are you sure that is all?”

I grinned fakely, nodding my head, “Why would I lie to you Scott? That’s all it is.”

I lied through my teeth. I couldn’t help it. They just kept coming like a malfunctioning casino game, spewing money, except I was spewing lies.

When Scott walked in bridal style, me in his arms, Devon rushed downstairs. He was sniffing the air with his nose upturned. He smelt blood, the blood of his pup. Devon has dressed abnormally. It was weird; he’d always look elegant. It looked as if he rushed out of bed and in a daze, threw on some stuff...

Stuff that I wouldn’t refer to as clothes. His bed head, a dark disheveled mess, called hair stuck out from his head in frightened spikes. Two different foot of slippers, his shirt put on inside out and backward, and to feet in one shorts hole, where a leg should go. There was a huge tear that made space so both feet could fit.

The shirt didn’t look like it belonged to him because it was tight and it hung above his navel. He was on wide alert and his forest green eyes scanned the room at an alarming rate, taking in his surroundings. They were starting to glow and a growl erupted from his chest, vibrating the mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide atoms that filled the air.

“Speak.” He demanded lowly, sounding dangerous.

I laughed to lighten things up, “Calm down Devon.”

My attempt to console him was frail, “This is no time to be upset, and she needs help.” said Scott.

Everything was still. Devon was the alpha and for a young pup to talk to him like that and look directly into his eyes while his wolf was near and far superior was chancy. Scott didn’t back down though, he stood his ground. I was already tucking tail just by being in the crossfire of so much dominance. It was stifling.

A guy appeared, his hand rested on Devon’s shoulder. It was only on rare occasions that Devon allowed physical contact when he was angry. The mysterious stranger, I guessed, sensed this quandary. He looked at Devon for a brief moment before he walked up to Scott and took me from him. They were handing me around like paperweight.

He looked at the two and nodded as if he secretly told them to play nice and behave themselves. He was pale, almost white, and covered from shoulders to his toes. On his hands, he wore gloves. He had a serious aura about him but before I could open my mouth to protest about the stranger; we vanished to the kitchen. It was so fast that I felt a bit dizzy.

So he was a bloodsucker.

He sat me down on a stool that was around the island and sped off for a second in search of first aid. When he came back, he stood awkwardly assessing me after placing the first aid on the table. He looked at my leg and inspected it from the standing position he was in.

“Put your foot up on my lap,” he spoke as he pulled up a stool and sat in front of me.

“As you can see it’s already bandaged,” I told him a little annoyed. I didn’t know this dude and he was already babying me.

“Just because I hate the sunlight, it doesn’t mean I have poor eyesight, so whether you like it or not, I still have to change it. It’s been bleeding ever since you got here.”

I looked down my foot to see he was right. I wasn’t feeling any pain. The searing pain is that I felt a while back, no longer existed. I watched lazily as he took off his leather gloves. He loosened the bandage around my leg, slowly. He was being extra careful but I could not feel any pain. It was either that or I willed myself not to.

His fingers lightly brushed against my dark skin and it sent chills up my flesh, goosebumps washed over my skin, from my legs up to my hips and from there to my shoulder blades. I forgot that vampires were cold-blooded. He was silent as he undid the bandage. I didn’t know if it was like him to be quiet. It seemed it was the norm for the guys who were my age, not to say anything for very long lengths of time, and the silence was the last thing I needed.

At first, I examined the pale, blond-headed stranger in front of me. I didn’t exactly get a good look at his face when I met him, but now I took the time to look over his features.

Wavy blond hair propped on his head, with faded almost green eyes that held flecks of brown, long lashes created overcast on his face, his cheeks slightly freckled with full but small lips, which were plump. His strong jawline was evident and prideful. Mounted slyly on his neck was a dark beauty spot, it stood out on his pale skin. He looked so white and creamy almost like milk.

His cloak, shirt, and designer jeans were black. His leather combat boots shone brilliantly in black too. He glanced at me from the corner of his eyes, he noticed me staring.

He probably thought I was checking him out so I looked away and focused on something else. I thought about what Scott and Devon would be talking about. I wondered if the lie that Scott told would ease pass Devon and go unnoticed or maybe we’d been found out. I tried it to listen in on their conversation but my hearing ability was not at full force so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

“So Scott’s lying for you.” He spoke so suddenly that I almost fell off the stool. I whipped my head around, looking wide-eyed at the speaker.

I composed myself. “You can hear them and how’d you know?”

“Yes I can and I didn’t, you just told me.”

I frowned, I was too easy. I should have played it off cool, unsure of what to say I kept inaudible. It was only the shuffling of the bandage wrapper being torn that filled the air. I looked about the kitchen, looking at everything and anywhere but at the pale stranger. I tried to avoid the topic, he’d probably tell Devon about our hoax. It was best, I kept my mouth shut.

“What happened?” he prodded, as he opened a bottle of bourbon.

When and where the bloody hell did he get that?!

I was panicking until I saw him take a sip. I relaxed; I thought he was going to... I was dragged from thoughts by my sudden hiss, and by an agonizing, burning sensation from my raw flesh. He poured it’s on my leg when I wasn’t looking. How rude? He applied some ointment and it cooled it but just a little.

“Nothing,” I began to try to keep myself from sounding dejected and rude. After all, he was trying to help.

“Just tripped and fell on a beer bottle,” I said simply, maybe it was too simple.

“Don’t lie. I smell a distinct mundane on you.” I sighed. This dude was just so smart and very annoying.

“My enemy is out to kill me and I gave her the means to do it.” If I told him maybe he’d shut up but there was no such luck.

He stopped wrapping my leg to say something, no eye contact was involved. “And you haven’t killed her yet?”

“I can’t kill her. She’s my ex-best friend.”

He nodded finally understanding like he knew the whole story. He continued to wrap my leg without another word.

The silence was short-lived, “You lied again. You want to kill her. Besides, there’s no such thing as can’t. You just won’t. Not yet at least.”

He finished wrapping my leg. He stood up and looked at me. He didn’t seem to care if anyone died. His words about me killing Cassie were said with ease. He answered my rhetorical words with a calm and collected demeanor. He held no remorse in his voice as he spoke about death. He, himself, was already dead, so what was it to him? Then I realized he was staring.

“What?” I asked; I was both uneasy and confused because of his bold gaze.

“No thanks?” he asked as he pushed his hands into his pockets.

I thought back to when I thanked Jacob and what he said to me.

“I don’t think you’ll survive your first shift.”

The guy laughed; amused with the silent battle I was fighting within my mind. Only he didn’t know the seriousness of the situation that came with it.

“I don’t say appreciative words. That is one of them.” He nodded again, slowly this time, like he was rethinking something.

He got up, grabbed a sticky note, scribbled something across it, and held it out to me when he was done. “Call me if you need any help in ending her life.”

He smirked, an adorable one, his single dimple poking out from his left cheek. I took the paper without looking at it and as soon as it slipped between my fingers, he disappeared, leaving a gust of frenzied air in his departure. I looked at the piece of paper in my hand, and scribbled on it, in navy blue ink was a beautiful cursive.

A number was written on it, along with, “Reece.” I absentmindedly breathed his name aloud and I cracked a smile. It suited him. His name was Reece.

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