The Blood Wolf

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|The Lust|

Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation.

-Mason Cooley-


Noisy and busy people everywhere, I hadn’t slept a wink, until finally at five in the morning; I drifted off. I almost missed our flight back home because of it. I found it hard to sleep at night. Jacob’s words kept me up; my slumber plagued with nightmares.

Sometimes, I’d wake up in a pool of my blood, sweat, and tears. Nightmares were torture to my mind and body. Claw marks over my body and ripped white sheets in the mornings. I couldn’t sleep. My mind and soul were not at peace. It was my hell.

I couldn’t tell anyone. It would make it obvious that I was weak, and that would mean he was right. My brothers were his friends, and I couldn’t possibly turn them against each other. Who would they believe? Flesh and blood that they’ve just met or a friend that they’ve known for far longer than they’ve known me? It was my words against Jacob’s. Besides, what would change if they knew?

Devon had been busy for the past four days. He took his private jet along with Eureka. They went ahead of us to get some things set up. Devon had to leave early so he could get some work done at the firm. Eureka was up and down about the place on endless phone calls. Getting into the prestigious Royale Academy was a big deal; you’d have to be just as wealthy as the president to get in. Bryan and Chris went to another school, an art school to be precise.

I boarded the plane, hoping to get a seat by the window, and luckily there was one. As I walked down the passage, I spotted Declan, Bryan, and Jenny talking. They were seated beside each other. Stephan, Chris, and Aly were two rows behind them. Kyle and Scott sat behind me though. On the opposite side, was Jay, who sat between Aiden and Prescott. The match made in heaven that caught my eye was Adrien who sat between two girls, Cassie and Oceania. Oceania looked like she was a finger away from gorging out Cassie’s eyes. I giggled a bit.

The girls had ganged up on Cassie after I left the party. Don’t worry, no physical damage was done. Cassie got home all in one piece but her nice slutty outfit was covered in slime. I think they might have bored some holes in her pride and self-esteem after that because she kept a mirror with her at all times to check if she looked okay. Most times, she’d ask random people if they thought she was pretty. I think the bucket of goo hit her a little too hard on the head.

Then there was Jacob. He looked like he was suffering. He sat between two girls, one with purple highlights in her auburn hair and another with a very firm smile. Maybe she had done plastic surgery on her lips because that tight-lipped smile looked like it could be torn off. Nevertheless, they were talking Jacob’s ears off. I was glad; it wasn’t as bad as what I used to go through every night. I took the window seat and just stared outside. There wasn’t much going on but I felt the need to look about, I needed a distraction. A frustrated groan could be heard and giggling.

Someone sat a seat away from me, but I didn’t acknowledge their presence, I just kept staring. I sighed, I felt as if my lungs were closing up on me. My eyes filled with tears. Was I going to cry? No, not here. Never. I forced my eyes shut and inhaled deeply. I leaned my head against the window. I was tired, angry, and depressed. So many emotions that I’ve kept bottled up.

I was a murderer too. I killed my mom... if only, I hadn’t...

“I don’t think you’ll survive your first shift.”

I have been depressed ever since I learned what a certain someone thought of me. I thought that I might have peace when I was awake. I was being proven otherwise. I opened my eyes and turned to see who was assigned the seat beside me. I wasn’t surprised, I remained still. I felt like a headache was coming on. I wasn’t going to seem weak, not in front of him. Not in front of Jacob.

He looked at me; his wavy black hair was tousled like always. His electric blue eyes dug into my soul. His lips were pulled into a smile and he laughed. “Why fight the tears? Is it because of what I said? I was merciful, you know.”

He leaned back into his seat watching me, waiting for me to put on a show so he could laugh. My beast was aching too. An alpha male was telling her that she would never see the sunlight after we shifted. It wasn’t literal, it was implied. It hurt, and I bit my lip. It was only then, that I realized that a tear had fallen. This was the last thing I wanted. He was smirking, happy that he succeeded. My heartfelt like it sped up to a hundred beats per second, my mind racing. I wanted to be anywhere but here. Then it hit me. I should be glad because he was merciful. He said he didn’t ‘think’. What he meant to say was, “You won’t survive your first shift.”

“Is this seat taken?”

I couldn’t reply, I was still in shock. No one said a word and the stranger sat in between Jacob and me. When I saw who it was, I couldn’t believe it. It was Reece. He smiled at me and wiped my tear.

He leaned over close and whispered in my ear, “Calm down. You’re shaking. We don’t want you draining the blood from these unsuspecting mundane?” He was kidding of course. After the full moon was when I would be capable of that.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and these emotions of being hated, unwanted and the thought that I might die for real made me grip onto Reece’s coat. I buried my face into his chest and I cried.

“Who are you?” Jacob asked, sounding quite angry that Reece took his entertainment away.

“A person with a heart.” He replied and he snaked his arm around my shoulder, “And I don’t like the way you’re treating my friend.”

Reece was cold, like ice but it was okay. I needed to numb myself; I needed to numb the pain. The conversation Jacob and Reece were having, became increasingly hard to hear. My lids felt even heavier and the last thing I heard was, “Sleep my angel, just sleep.” I drifted off and all I saw was black.

“Time to wake up the angel.”

“Wake up.”

“Angel wake up.”

My eyes fluttered open and face to face there I was. There I was with Reece. I could see his hazel eyes up close. He was smirking. His eyes scanned every inch of my face. If it were any other time; I’d probably be blushing. This didn’t faze me anymore. I was immune. His cool breath fanned my face.

“The plane is about to land.” He told me but I was speechless.


He smelt like apples.

Ripe and juicy apples.

His lips were hard to miss; they were tugged into a knowing smile. His smile was genuine, it suited him. His lashes cast a romantic demeanor upon his face. He looked like he cared, almost like a guy in love, but who was I kidding, he was just like the others. He too was out to destroy me, but why did I feel so safe. A glance at his lips was all it took for him to have something to say. I wanted to avoid it but with the boys in my life, it was really hard to.

“See something you want?” he asked, his breathing steady as his eyes glanced down at my lips then directly into the eyes of mine again.

I nodded and bit my lower lip, my lips parted. I said yes. He came closer, his eyes quickly looking at my lips then into my eyes. He took so long to get to my lips. I couldn’t move; I just waited. When he finally was close enough he licked my lips. He bit my lips just a little. I felt a little pinch. Then he licked my lips again.

My breathing was ragged like I wanted more. “Reece, I c-

It was all I managed to say before he kissed me. My heart skipped a beat as his lips moved against mine. I could taste my blood on his tongue. I slowly released his lip grazing it; I pulled his lips between my teeth before freeing it. I looked up at him, his face crowded with many veins. He was breathing hard, and he smiled at me. His fangs were elongated. My heart was beating in my head.

He grabbed my head and sunk his fangs into my neck. It felt as if he was pulling the life force from me. He caressed my body so gently and licked the wounds of my neck before he drank from me again. I felt the strength being drained out of my body... The way he touched me felt so good. I wanted it to never end.

I heard a hiss. It wasn’t from either of us. I smelt it in the air. The fresh blood of a mundane. I suddenly found the strength to move. I got up and walk along the aisle. I saw the guy sucking his thumb. Blood was on a piece of paper.

I asked nicely, “What happened?” I stood there yearning for a chance to know what he tasted like. “Did you hurt yourself?”

He nodded, “Yeah. A paper cut.” He smiled warmly at me as if he invited me to take a sip of his blood. “Clumsy me huh?” He laughed.

“Very clumsy indeed. Let me see.”

He gave to me his hand and soon I could hear the beat of his heart and the rushing of the blood through his veins and arteries.

“It’s not bad,” I told him. I was trying my best to restrain myself but failing terribly.

I could see the blood under his skin and before I knew it, I bit him. I sucked the red, bitter-sweet wine from his neck. Type O, I could tell. I didn’t know how but I just knew. I pulled away for a brief second and I licked my lips. He was struggling to get away. I took a deep breath and bit him harder this time, feeling a new hunger. It was stronger. A hunger for his flesh.

Then I woke up, pulling fast away.

“Blood lust” I whispered.

I looked around in shock. Breathing fast, I realized I was still on the plane. Nothing changed; some people were up looking at me as if I had a mental disorder. It was night and some people were taking a nap. I had disturbed them.

“You okay?”

It was Reece. There were no veins on his face. His eyes weren’t bloodshot red, nor did he have fangs. He looked worried. I nodded and looked at him. I realized that I had rested my head on his shoulder. I smiled a little. It was hard to do especially after what I had dreamed of.

“It’s was just a bad dream.” I sighed.

“What did you mean?”

“By what?” I asked, a little baffled by his question. I looked at my hands in my lap.

“You said blood lust when you jumped up.” He looked me over, making sure I was okay.

“You... Me...” I trailed off.

“What about me?” He held on to my wrist.

“You lust.” I stared at him now, “We lust for blood.”

“We are vampires.” He whispered, finding it funny that I was scared by a simple fact.

I shook my head telling him no. I looked over at Jacob and he was asleep. I felt like I needed to be discreet.

“You lust for my blood.”

His eyes widened and I nodded. The dim lights in the plane went out. It was dark and the plane shook. I was experiencing turbulence. Both mentally and physically.

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