The Blood Wolf

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|Crimson Panties|

I can relate when people are going through a tough time.



The car pulled up through the gates of the school. I felt uneasy as the toast I had for breakfast threatened to come up back the way it went down. The limousine was the way I travelled to school. Chris and Bryan went to another school across town. A school for those gifted in the arts.

Aiden and Adrien took the second limo that was white. They loved riding in fine style so they attracted attention. I rode with Jacob and the twins, Declan and Stephan. We arrived first. On our arrival, I saw the compound was crowded with students and teachers alike.

As soon we stepped out, Declan took off with his guitar and some books, complaining of how he was going to be late to practice because we hogged the showers. Every room had their showers but the one in Declan’s room only greeted him with cold water.

I heard him scream from all the way downstairs while I was having breakfast. Prescott ran from the kitchen to Declan’s room because he thought it was something of a supernatural problem. Scott had been worried and got there first and when he saw what it was he laughed and took a picture ‘claiming’ it would be great leverage.

I agreed. Declan looked like a scared, wet pup whose hair looked soapy, a little spiky, and wet. The goosebumps could be seen on his arms, besides, the fact that he was hiding behind the shower curtain was priceless.

Stephan had his earphones in and as soon as he stepped out he walked off. I had no one to show me around so you can see how and why I started panicking.

“Where are you going?!” I called after him.

“To the gym?” He answered lazily as he kept walking.

“What? So how will I know where to go?” I asked sadly. “You promised you’d help me register!”

“I wish I could help but I have a quick practice that I’m already running late for.” He looked quite apologetic but then his face lit up and he started smiling, “Ask Jacob to show you where to go. Got to go bye!”

“No, no, no! I can’t...” I panicked, “He seems busy,” but before I could protest anymore, Stephan was out of sight.

I turned around only to come face to face with Jacob who was smirking his famous evil smirk. I was about to be rude and ask him why he was looking at me but I needed him to show me where to go. I had to be nice.

“So...” I chuckled a bit, “Could you help me?” I asked timidly.

He looked at me for only a minute, his lips parted but just before he could probably say ‘yes’, someone interrupted.

“Yo mate, you coming or what?” I looked to see a group of tall, well-chiselled jocks wearing their varsity jackets waving to Jacob.

He looked at me a second more and then he walked off toward them, “Yeah, I’m coming.”

Suddenly, he paused, “Just follow the yellow brick road, Dorothy.” He chuckled out the last word and he and his friends left. I watched their steady figures retreat.

I huffed at his rude comment and stomped off into the building. It was another year of this school and Jacob’s snarkiness, then I would leave but it already felt like an eternity. Even though this was just the beginning, I could tell it would be my hell.

After a good thirty minutes, I found my way. I was extremely late. I spoke to the nice lady at the desk and she gave me my schedule.

She was a nice lady, maybe in her late fifties. She had wrinkled skin, light brown hair, and light yellow teeth. “Your first period is English. You in Mr. Rose’s class, just go right out the door, take a left, a right, down the hallway, keep on the straight, up the stairs, and the last left then right again.” I looked at her through her spectacles, she smiled at me and I returned.

“Do you understand...” she looked at my schedule quite briefly, “Ms. McKenzie?” I knew if she repeated it, I still would get it so I just nodded.

I left the office and took a left, a right, then I went down the hallway. I kept on the straight and went up the stairs and took the last left. After remembering the majority of what she said I forget where else to go so I took another left.

I entered the first classroom. I looked at the door behind me. The class was silent and when I held my head up I realized I was in an art class. A guy model was posing naked on a stool with a bunch of grapes hiding his privates. I screamed and rushed backward aimlessly, bouncing a table of paints and supplies. I slipped and knocked my head. The class of students laughed at my misfortune.

Someone held out a hand and I took it. Surprisingly, it was my brother, Scott. My school uniform was a mess, colours of yellow, blue, green, black, orange, and purple spiralled about the floor and licked the fine cloth of my new uniform.

“What are you all laughing at?! Huh? Is someone’s misery so entertaining?” He barked at them. The laughing ceased as his stare bore through the crowd of giggling students.

A teacher came in and gasped at the horrible mess, I had created. “What the bloody hell is going on here?!”

“Hi,” I said, “I was supposed to have English now. I made a wrong turn and thought I could ask for help on getting to Mr. Rose’s class. I tripped and made a mess.” I bowed slightly to show how apologetic I was, “I’m sorry for causing trouble.”

She nodded but still frustrated, “Scott, get her cleaned up and help her find her way. I’ll take care of this.”

I nodded and bowed slightly to show my appreciation, “Thank you Ms...” I trailed off not knowing her name but Scott quickly came to my aid, “Mrs. Orrett,” he whispered.

“Thank you Mrs. Orrett, you are very kind.” I smiled at her and she returned it. Scott grabbed his bag and followed after me.

As soon as we got outside Scott burst out in laughter, “Oh my God! You were such a disaster in there!” He leaned against the wall to keep himself from toppling over. “That was priceless and on the first day, no less.”

I looked at him in misery, I had paint in places where it shouldn’t have been. “Weren’t you the one that told them it’s rude to laugh at someone in agony?” I folded my arms and glared at him. His shirt was out of his pants, and he not wearing his blazer, very untidy. He was practically breaking all the rules of the school dress code.

“Yeah. They have no right to laugh at you. I’m your brother, that privilege belongs to me.” He grinned.

“Yeah, they didn’t need to laugh. It was an accident.” I sighed.

“Did the guys refuse to show you around the school?” Scott asked the question as if he already knew the answer to .

Thisthem morning, he offered to show me around the school. I graciously accepted the offer, but I was still eating breakfast and he was in a hurry. Scott told me to take my breakfast with me but I wanted to finish it at home. I told him to leave without me.

This is what I get for not listening. Scott was my twin brother but he lacked the little patience I had. I didn’t want to hold him up so I sent him off. I remained silent for I knew he knew the answer to it. I didn’t want to hear his whiny voice gloating about how he told me so.

“I knew it.” He chimed and giggled childishly. The bell rung, “Come on, show me your time table, you missed the first period.” I took from my blazer pocket schedule and handed it to him. Thankfully, there was no paint on it.

Scott looked at it and took out his phone. Before I knew it, he snapped a picture of me. “Good pose.” He said. “Let’s get you cleaned up first.” He held on to my hand and dragged me along. He came by a locker, opened it, and took out sweat pants and shirt. Scott tossed it to me and began dragging me again, we came by the girl’s washroom.

“Get cleaned up. Everything you might need is inside. I will stand guard outside.”


He pushed me inside and closed the door before I could protest. The washroom was a freaking spa! I took a shower and washed my hair. The paint made it hard to get that done. Weirdly, Scott had given me something a little extra, red lace underwear.

“Umm... Scott, who’s panties is this?” I asked wearily as I held up the panties he gave me. “Why do you even have this?”

“Quit being weird. It isn’t anyone’s. Initially, I bought it for Alyson but at the moment you need it more than she does. So put ’em on and stop making a big fuss over it.” His voice rang from outside and I nodded.

I then realized he couldn’t see me, “I am not being weird. It was a relevant question and I’ll pay you back.”

“No need. We’re family, we help each other.”

I had finished dressing and smiled at Scott’s kind words. After my shower, Scott showed me the ropes. I knew where most of my classes were and he even helped me cut out the parts of my hair that lumped dry paint clinging to it. Using safety scissors took a long while but we finished just in time for the third class of the day.

We were standing outside my Math class and I was hesitant to enter. My first day was already awful. What if it got worse?

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