The Blood Wolf

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You can’t fake creativity, competence, or sexual arousal.

-Douglas Coupland-


Jacob, I know you want me.” She whispered and as she did I saw how she bit her lip.

“I can see it.” She said. I wasn’t expecting Sam to get so bold. Not only did it surprise me but it shocked my heart. It stopped as she breathed out the words and it skyrocketed. Did she know how I felt about her? Could she see it?

“The funny thing about all of this is, you can’t have me.” I looked at her in shock for I was unable to hide how much of a surprise this was. I thought I had her under my thumb but she proved me wrong.

She caressed my cheek and let her thumb trail over my bottom lip as she did. I was confused and my eyes couldn’t help but fall from her eyes to her lips that she licked as if she was preparing herself.

Then she kissed me, at first it was just contacted and I remained still, but then her lips moved against mine. It was like she testing the waters before she got in too deep. It took me no longer than a second to react.

I kissed her back. Somehow this kiss was different. It wasn’t my first kiss but it wasn’t like all the other kisses that I had with girls in the past. This kiss felt unsure, but it was sweet and it quenched a thirst I was feeling.

The kiss escalated. My tongue brushed against her lips asking for permission. Astonishingly, she denied me a passage. However, this kiss made me want more, I wanted in.

I tried again but this time, I licked at her lip then bit lightly at it. She let out a soft moan that I don’t think she realized she had let loose and that left enough of an opening that I slid my tongue inside her mouth.

The soft moan that left her lips sparked something in my guts, chilling my bones and waking up feelings and provoking my friend that was tucked away in my pants. Not that it would be in there much longer if she kept this up.

I didn’t know how she would respond to this so I did it gently yet demanding, letting her know that I wanted more of her. Normally, I wouldn’t have been so turned on by something so simple. After all, this was only a kiss. She made me feel like a hormonal virgin. Her body came even closer to mine, our bodies pressed against each other.

I could no longer resist this temptation and soon enough my fingers gripped her black locks, pulling her closer. I couldn’t get enough. My adrenaline, pumping, I could feel it zinging through my veins. Sam’s heart was pounding. I knew because with her chest pressed against mine, I felt it and my heart replied to her’s like light reflecting off one mirror onto another.

I pushed her backward, creating space between us. She leaned against the wall. I saw something flash across her face but then it was gone. Her chest moved up and down as she caught her breath. Seeing her flushed expression from the fact that she realized what she did and I knew. I knew for sure she was right. I wanted Samantha right here and right now.

I stepped forward closing the gap between us. I was getting excited and just the weight of our bodies pushed against each other I knew she felt it. I felt her—all of her. As I licked at her neck I could smell her sweet scent. Her scent got inside my head, it played with me.

Suddenly, I wanted to bite her, lick her, I wanted a taste of her. Maybe even mark her. The kind that would make her moan and groan uncontrollably through it all and the kind that would make her shiver thinking about it after we were done. Her lips, however, were fire. Her upper lip was thin and her lower one was full, both soft. My hands were everywhere, I had no idea why but I just wanted more. Something about her drew me in. I held onto her hips pulling her closer, my hands trailed up to her chest and lightly I gripped her bra covered breast.

I was about to hoist her up so she could wrap her legs around my hips, but before I could, she pulled away. I was still excited maybe even more than I’d like to admit. We heaved heavily, her hand on my chest, as a sign to stop and I respected that. She pushed me away.

I looked at her in shock, we just did something I never thought we would do. All this time I thought I was playing with her. I wasn’t being mean, I was just telling her what I thought of her. She was an alpha female that never shifted. Would it be ideal to accept her into the pack? Moreover, was being this intimate with her okay? I didn’t give bullshit about it. I liked this, whatever it was. She smirked at me, bent over slowly to get the cleaning cloth, and then, she threw it at me.

“The windows won’t clean itself.” I remained silent like a stupid mute. I wasn’t expecting such a calm comeback after that and as my brain was on the fritz by pending, she left the classroom.

I shook my head trying to dismiss what just happened and after such a kiss how could I refuse to wipe the windows? When I was done I left for the cafeteria.

I joined the line and took up a tray. Normally, the schools would have lunch ladies, instead, we had a lunch man. I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich, soda, fries, and an apple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I murmured to myself.

I paid and the very buff looking lunch dude gave me a seriously cool guy nod. I went to sit. My brothers, Aiden, Adrien, and Scott were already seated. As soon as I sat down, I started eating. That kiss sure worked up an appetite.

“Thank you for such a warm greeting bruh,” chuckled Stephan.

The guys laughed and I grinned back at them through a mouthful of spicy chicken sandwich. Then, I went back to eating my lunch. “What’s worked up such an appetite?” Scott asked.

I shrugged, knowing full the reason for my hunger. I paused during my sandwich, “Can’t a man be hungry?” I dodged.

“Welp, for starters you’re eating cafeteria food. Normally, you’d eat the lunch you packed yourself like you always do.” Stephan countered.

“What’s wrong with a change?” I asked.

The guys looked at each other, “Nothing.” They said in unison.

I went back to eating my sandwich but then another question was flung in my to direction, “What took you so long anyway?” Declan questioned me.

Then I gazed off, replaying what happened in the classroom with Sam. I remembered how soft her lips were, how she moaned when I sent feelings of arousal up her spine.

“Well...?” Adrien inquired as he waited for a reply.

I smiled, “Guys, I think something is wrong with him.” Aiden remarked and they nodded in agreement.

Finally, I replied and smiled again, “I had some cleaning to do.” I half lied.

For some reason, I looked behind me. I felt as if eyes were boring into the back of my head. It wasn’t like I wasn’t used to it. I was apart of the Flower 6 but this stare was different. When I looked, two tables from ours, was Sam with Melissa and a couple of Melissa’s friends. She was smiling and laughing with them and she glanced up at me only for a second. I couldn’t help but remember how she cowered underneath my roaming hands and I was smiling again.

“Are you alright?” Declan asked as he inspected me for I was sitting in between him and Aiden.

“Sure, I am alright. Cleaning was just a little different.” I turned around and answered him.

“How so?” the one on my left asked.

“I enjoyed it,” I told Aiden as he looked at me like I was getting mad. I ignored their questioning stares and went back to my sandwich. I took a sip of my soda and ate a fry.

Scott and the others just looked at me like I was mentally sick and I might have just well been because I couldn’t stop replaying what happened nor could I wipe the smile off my face that carved itself onto my lips.

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