The Blood Wolf

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|Flower 6|

A woman of great understanding and independence, followed by knowledge is that of a queen, but beneath that beauty is a powerful beast ready for action.

-Antonio Campbell-


“The windows won’t clean itself.” He remained silent and I left the classroom.

Hopefully, Jacob would decide to clean the windows. The old me was fully back, I wouldn’t take shit from anyone. I would do what I wanted. Besides, a certain someone did tell me I wouldn’t survive my first shift. So really, I didn’t need to worry about anything.

I went to the cafeteria, collected my lunch, and sat at an empty table. The cafeteria was noisy and the standard status and class showed well. The queen bee table, the jocks’ table, the nerd’s table, the goths... All the different social class had a table to which they belonged and by the look of things they didn’t mix.

I was apart of the losers table. The table near the garbage can, that reeked of the smelly food that was being discarded of. I knew no one and hadn’t made any friends. Then all of a sudden the cafeteria became inaudible. Even the overly noisy jocks were quiet.

I turned to look and it was Jacob waltzing in. He was wearing a huge smile and I watched him. When he joined the line the kids moved out of the way giving him the front of the line. He bought his lunch and marched off to a nearby table. All the guys were already at the table. I watched him as he sat. He began to talk with my brothers, Adri and Aiden, Scott and his brothers, Declan and Stephan.

My brothers were seniors, except Scott. He and I were juniors and so were Declan and Stephan. I found it odd that my twin brothers were having lunch with the juniors. I thought our lunch breaks were at different times.

“Hey, Sam.” Mel stood before me and looked down at me.

“What’s up?” I tried making polite conversation to stare away from the obvious fact that I was staring at Jacob.

“Come sit with me.” She smiled, and I questioned her with one of those why-do-I-need-to-sit-with-you-looks. She immediately understood what I was saying and she glanced to the left where I saw the stinky garbage with a couple of large ass flies flying around and as soon as I did. I felt sick.

I nodded a little more than I intended, maybe too eagerly but it didn’t take long for me to agree, “Great idea.”

I got up and we went to another table, one that was closer to Jacob’s but only two tables away. Around this table were some of Melissa’s friends, I assume.

“Guys, this was the friend I was telling you about.” She sat beside a curly-haired guy who was wearing braces and glasses.

A series of hey’s and hi’s rung about. They all wore smiles as they looked up at me. “Hello,” I replied awkwardly. I took a seat.

“What’s with the wardrobe? I’m Jasmine by the way.” A beautiful pale girl introduced herself.

“Just a little paint accident. Thanks for being concerned.” I smiled looking down at Scott’s shirt.

“I’m Jared,” said the guy wearing glasses.

“Nice to meet you.” I politely replied.

“She’s hot.” An Italian girl gushed and it struck me by surprise. Her short hair was a dark espresso, her cheeks rosy, and she had very thick lips. Everyone chuckled but Melissa. Melissa rolled her eyes.

“Umm... Thanks.” I told her, nodding my head like it was no big deal and not weird at all. “You’re not so bad yourself.” I complimented her. Unaware that I was digging myself a ditch.

“She knows a sexy devil when she sees one...” The Italian girl grinned and winked at me. I laughed nervously and scratched the back of my neck.

“Carter, stop scaring her,” Jasmine grumbled while glaring at her friend. Carter was a weird name for a girl but then again, it did suit her. She was straightforward and didn’t care about what anyone thought. She was really flirtatious but she was a breath of fresh air.

“I’m just having a little fun,” Carter smirked and playfully bit her lip, meanwhile, she looked me up and down. From my hair to my eyes all the way down to Scott’s white shirt. I suddenly felt exposed when her eyes were strained on my chest a minute longer than normal. It was like she was looking at my black lacy bra underneath Scott’s shirt and I folded my arms over my chest for the comfort of knowing I wasn’t exposed or naked. I looked away quickly and kept looking at anything or anyone but Carter.

“Jazz is right, mate, cut the new girl some slack.” A blond-haired boy came to my rescue, ruffled curly hair and very light brown eyes. “I reckon at this rate, you might scare her off.”

“Okay, fine.” Carter held her long hands up in surrender. I smiled at the tall lanky guy who saved me from Carter.

“I’m Austen.” He stretched a handout and I shook it. His hands were soft and his fingers long. Austen looked a little like Jared. Except, he was really muscular. His jaw was square and his cheekbones freckled. He sat beside Carter.

“Who are you?” He asked me.

“She’s Melissa’s friend,” Jared answered for me. My eyes widened as I heard Jared speak, he, who seemed so silent. His jaws were clenched as he looked away from me.

“Now, now, little brother, she can answer for herself.” Austen smiled and teasingly shrugged his brother’s answer off.

“I’m Samantha, I go by Sam,” I replied answering him for myself.

For some reason, my mind went back to Jacob. I stared at his back from across the cafeteria. He was eating and talking with his friends.

“Damn it. Guys, she’s a mini Jazz.” Is what I heard when I snapped out of it. I looked at Carter, confused because she was the one who said it. "She's already boning the school's bad boy."

“What?” I looked at everyone around the table. Most had amused grins, others a mere smile. Like they knew something I didn’t.

“Looks like Sam is a Flower 6 fangirl.” Jazz grinned.

“What’s a Flower 6?” I asked.

Jazz gasped, eyes widening in shock, her sclera seemed like it had expanded and were too big for her pupils, “They're only the most popular guys in school!” They giggled at her enthusiasm, all except Melissa. She was trying to suck in her laughter. "They're sexy, smart and to die for."

“So?” I asked.

“They are a group of boys, six of them to be exact. You see that table over there with the boys?” Jasmine pointed slightly, trying not to be too obvious.

I looked and realized she was pointing at the guys. I nodded. “Yeah, what about them?” I turned my attention to her again.

“They are the richest, most untouchable and most talented guys here at Royale. They have been friends ever since they came to this school. They’re so perfect.”

I laughed, “You think they’re all that?”

She gasped, “Girl, have you seen them?! I mean look at that mouth-watering human-” Jasmine caught herself and hurriedly finished her sentence. “I mean, good looking seniors.” She trailed off, no longer trying to emphasize her point.

Melissa burst out laughing, “G-guys, she's whipped... If they said, ‘Bark!’ She’d ask, ‘How loud?’” She joked as her laughter filled the air of the cafeteria.

“Girl, I can assure you, I’m not into any of them. I actually know them really well. I’m friends with most of them.” I said casually.

They were silent but then Jasmine, Austen, Jared, and Carter started laughing. All except Melissa and I. They really didn’t believe it was possible.

“You wish.” Carter scoffed. “There are a lot of girls who wish they could sleep in their beds or smell their underwear and you’re telling me you know them on a personal level? You just got here.”

“I smiled, “The seniors are twins, Adrien and Aiden McKenzie, they’re younger brother is Scott and he’s a junior. Then there’s Declan and Stephan O’Brien who are juniors like us.” I said pointing at them one by one. “Lastly, Jacob O’Brien is their brother. And yes, he’s a junior.”

Melissa secretly winked at me; the others gawked, astonished that I even knew them, especially on my first ds. “That’s not enough proof. You could have heard that from the rumors around.” Jared mused.

“He’s right.” Austen agreed.

“Okay fine. Which one do you have the hots for Jazz?” I looked over at them.

“Well, Scott is okay but I have a thing for twins.” She bit her lip while staring at Aiden and Adrien sexually. Aiden had stretched lazily, and from behind Jazz had a pretty good view of his muscles flexing through his white buttoned-up shirt.

His blazer was hanging from the back of his chair. Then, he ran his hands through his hair and I could see the way Jasmine crossed her legs tightly. She pulled the hem of her skirt, while seductively biting at her lip. What’s with these people and the lip-biting? Jasmine’s heart was doing somersaults in her chest and by just watching my brothers doing normal stuff, she got turned on.

“If you like them so much why don’t you just talk to them?” I was a little bit sorry for my brothers. If all their fans were like Jasmine, then they sure had a lot to live up to.

“What? Are you crazy?” She questioned, clearly scared and frightened. “I mean look at them. They’d never go for a girl like me.”

“When I said talk to them, I didn’t mean get to know them in bed, I meant getting to know them as friends,” I suggested a bit sarcastically.

“No, I could never do that.” Jazz grumbled. The others were giggling at her childish sexual behavior but they didn’t say anything. Mostly, because I think they were enjoying my and Jazz’s discussion.

Suddenly, an eerie smile crept up onto my face and latched itself there. “Jazz, can I borrow your phone?”

“Sure,” she handed me the phone, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, you’ll see.” I held a hand out waiting to receive her phone. She looked at it hesitantly but soon enough the large, round sided, sleek, gold and white, the pristine screened phone was in my hand. It had to be the latest model. I thought back to the phone in the pocket of my sweatpants that was fully charged. I got up from my seat which earned me questioning glances and confused stares from those around the table. Determinedly, I marched over to where my brothers were seated.

It seemed like it took me an eternity to get there because as I got closer and closer, it was clear that I was actually walking up to the flower boys of the school. When I looked around, the stares I got from some of the girls who wished they would wind up in their beds, seemed as though, they were mentally sacking me in the eye so I would end up with not only one but two black eyes. The look these girls gave me resembled wild raccoons ready to pounce if I made one wrong move.

“Hey guys,” I said as I approached them.

“Hey sis,” the twins said at the same. I shivered and they grinned knowing I didn’t like them talking in sync. Jacob looked up at me but smirked with a hidden meaning behind it. I ignored him.

“What’re ’ya guys up to?” I smiled warmly at them.

“Well me and Dec, are fascinated by Jacob’s change of heart.” Stephan intervened.

“He’s been acting weird ever since he left Math class,” Declan added.

I smiled a tiny bit, happy that the kiss was working on Jacob. Right now, he might have thought I was interested. He made me feel hopeless and shattered so I was obligated to push him to the edge, so much that he would become an addict. He would be addicted to me and you know how drug addicts are when you take away what makes them tick. They go crazy and that’s exactly what I wanted from Jacob. Yes, it would take a lot of work but the results would be worth it.

“Aiden give me your number.” I gave the phone to him and he punched his digits in, then he handed it back to me. I smiled at it and briefly looked down at the phone, then over at Austen and the others.

“So, what happened to you?” Adri folded his arms over his chest, eyeing me.

“Huh?” I asked stupidly.

“You’re not in the correct uniform and these boys keep eyeing you like fresh meat,” Adri spoke sternly, never once acknowledging that not only were the boys staring at me but so were the girls.

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