The Blood Wolf

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|This Is It|


The last class of the day was Biology. During lunch, Jasmine had lent me her spare uniform, ultimately because I got her Aiden’s number. Before I let her have her phone back I made her promise not to be creepy.

I kept looking out the window, during class because I wanted to get under the teacher’s skin. Pretending, I was fascinated by what was outside was kind of challenging, because every time she mentioned a chromosomal gene, I wanted to intervene and show I was brilliant and knew my stuff.

Even though the teacher was really charismatic, she did call me out for laughing and chatting with Austen even though it was before the class started. Austen made a shy guy with bad acne move so he could sit beside me. Unfortunately, his company didn’t last long when Mrs. Rose moved him, far, far away. The opposite side of the class far. It was all the way back too. I yawned loudly, partially faking boredom.

“Are we boring you, Ms. McKenzie?” Mrs. Rose asked, pausing her lecture during class.

I pretended not to hear, I strained my eyes on a squirrel who was climbing the acorn tree. Minutes passed, the class was silent and I thought it was best for me to crack a smile. Not because I was rattling the teacher’s feathers but because two squirrels were in a state of quarrel.

Maybe it was about whose tree it was but nevertheless, it was amusing. I could almost imagine little speech bubbles over their heads and what they were saying. Suddenly, a book was slammed down onto my desk. I remained calm, but I could hear my classmates flinch, figuratively.

I slowly turned my head, making sure to be tardy. My beast grumbled at me to stop. I was impulsive, and she knew something I didn't because she wasn’t at all happy. However, I ignored her.

I looked up at the teacher. She was looking down at me with beady eyes, behind her spectacles. Probably judging me and agreeing to the final verdict that I was a rich and spoilt brat. Which was pretty rich, if you ask me. For starters, she knew nothing about me not to mention the type of life I lived before now.

“Yes, mam?” I answered boldly, purposely calling her mam even though she was a young woman.

“Could you enlighten the class by explaining the concept of the chromosomal gene and chromosomal genetic disorders?” Mrs. Rose folded her arms and held out the whiteboard marker for me to take with a sly grin setting into her confident smile.

I paused and looked at her and then the class. They were looking at me trying to dissect my next move. I remained immobile.

She giggled, “That’s what I thought.” She looked down at me again, with the same judgemental stare, “Now pay attention and don’t embarrass yourself more than you already have.” The class snickered at her remark but they immediately stopped when I spoke.

“Okay, if you really want me to do your job for you.” I got up from my seat, took the marker from her, and leisurely walked to the front of the class. “Genes are segments of (DNA) that contain the code for a specific protein that functions in one or more types of cells in the body. A chromosome contains hundreds to thousands of genes.”

I paused and began again, this time using the marker Mrs. Rose gave to me, “Yes my classmates, every human cell contains twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, for a total of forty-six chromosomes. As for chromosomal genetic disorders, it is possible to inherit some types of chromosomal abnormalities.”

I looked at the teacher whose mouth was hanging open so much that if I looked, I could see down her throat. “Most chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome and Turner syndrome are not passed from one generation to the next.”

I walked as I spoke and soon ended up at my seat again. “In fact, some chromosomal conditions are caused by changes in the number of chromosomes.” I smiled at her and handed it to the straight-haired teacher her marker. I sat comfortably in my seat and grinned at what I had written on the board. The bell has rung and I got up from my seat as did the others. I strolled past the dumbstruck teacher and out the door.

On the board, I wrote, “You’re welcome.” The amusing thing is the explanation I gave in class was something I memorized off Google but the teacher didn’t know that.

Austen rushed out after me, “Your name is fricking McKenzie?!” I nodded, knowing that he had pieced it together. “Why didn’t you tell us?” He asked. Even if I was McKenzie, then does it mean I have to be a part of the Flower 6 family? “I didn’t know they had a sister.”

“None of you asked.” That shut him long enough but then he was spitting how impressed he was and that no one would dare show Mrs. Rose up like that.

“Well, that’s what she gets for unnecessarily calling us out.”

“I like that you’re feisty.”

I smiled and continue to venture to the lockers. Austen walked with me. As I neared my locker, I saw Declan and his brother standing there.

“Hey,” I greeted as I typed in my locker combination and thrust my heavy books inside.

“Hi, Sam... Who’s your new friend?” Stephan questioned.

I was a bit at a loss but then I remembered Austen had walked with me. “Oh, this is Austen Jones.”

Austen and the twins did their guy hug and handshake, taking time to greet each other. “Stephan and I are going to a party. Wanna hang? It’s later this evening.” Declan invited him.

“Yeah sure. I’ll be there.” I could see Austen’s excitement. Declan and Austen got on well chatting away about how Austen knew me and what I did in class earlier. While they were talking, I discovered something strange in my locker.

“Sam we gotta go. Our ride is here.” Stephan interrupted me for I was staring intently at the out-of-place box, that I didn’t put there.

“Okay, gimmie a minute.” It was a white box with a gold bronzed top that I had seen in my locker. I reached for it, examined it, and was about to open it when an impatient Declan asked, “What’s taking so long?”

I rolled my eyes, grabbed the box slammed my locker shut. “I’m ready.” I turned to Austen and waved goodbye before walking off with the two impatient morons.

When we got home, Devon and Eureka were there ready to greet us. But something told me it wouldn’t lady long. “Hey Eureka, Devon.” They smiled and I knew the question they wanted to ask.

“My first day was very eventful. Thank you for asking.” I answered before they could ask. The two giggled in a fit of laughter.

“It’s true, you guys should have seen the paint fiasco in the art room.” Scott laughed while coming out of the kitchen, eating a box of donuts.

“Please continue,” Devon encouraged. “Do tell.”

I threatened Scott with just a look and he shut up. He stuffed the remaining donut in his mouth and Eureka complained. “Don’t ruin your appetite for dinner.” She scolded him.

Scott thought it would be fun to make a joke. “Are you sure you don’t mean ‘donut’ ruin your appetite? Get it? See what I did there?” No one laughed except Scott who was really enjoying his own joke. He wiped a take tear. “Sometimes, I crack me up.”

“Hey, where’s everyone else?” I questioned him.

“Adrien and Jacob have soccer. Aiden is getting ready for the party and Bryan and Chris haven’t got home yet.” He listed them one by one making sure not to leave out anyone.

“Oh, speaking of party, I gotta get ready.” He put down the box of donuts and ran off.

“No running in the house!” Eureka scolded him again.

“Sorry!” he yelled and disappeared.

I sighed, “What am I suppose to do then?!” I shouted after him but he was too far gone to hear me. I turned to Eureka and she shrugged then took up the box of donuts and went to the kitchen.

“Devon, are you going to keep me company?” Devon's choice of clothes was completely different from what I was used to. His white shirt and black jacket had been replaced by a black T-shirt with the word ‘Trucker’ written across the back and his perfectly ironed pants replaced by dark blue jeans. I assumed he wasn’t going to work wearing that.

He nodded, “I’m all yours. Things at the office are slow so I thought I’d take the evening off.” He smiled at me.

We sat there in the living room and turned on the television. There was a set of movies on the shelf and I called out the names. I sighed and scratched the back of my neck after putting back the movies. They were old cliche romances. “You people watch way too much girly movies for guys.”

Devon threw his head back in a fit of laughter and it rumbled from his chest into the atmosphere with sweet relief and something else that I couldn’t pinpoint. He took up the remote and chose a movie from Netflix. It was an original series called, ‘The Punisher’.

Halfway through the second episode, Devon’s phone buzzed and he answered it. We were just laughing at the joke that Frank made when he suddenly became serious and got up. He looked at me apologetically and I nodded. It must’ve been urgent if he needed to leave.

I paused the movie when he left. Just as I did, I heard the revving of an engine. I followed it outside only to see Reece shirtless, with a red greasy towel over his shoulder while hovering over the hood of a car. I stood there watching. He threw down a wrench and tried starting up the car.

He was very sweaty, the sparkling of his sweat confirmed it. His hair was messy, wet, and greasy. He went to adjust something and tried to start up the engine. It still didn’t work. After a couple of seconds, the engine would once again die. He got frustrated and kicked the car’s tire not before visibly hissing.

“Car trouble?” I asked, making it known that I had been watching him.

“Yeah, Kyle asked me to get her up and running but I can’t seem to find the problem.”

At the mention of Kyle, I winced uncomfortably. I stared at the trees outside, it had just started getting dark. The image of him kissing Cassandra hadn’t left my mind. I was quiet as I watched the scenery. I sought to break the silence but Reece beat me to it.

“Had a bad day?” He asked looking over his shoulder with a smug grin that sat upon his lips.

“You heard huh?” He nodded. I muttered lowly, “Thanks a lot blabbermouth and he said I talked too much.” I mentally thought about breaking Scott’s back for telling people about my embarrassing moment in school.

“Scott didn’t say anything, I saw it for myself.” Reece looked amused.

“You were in that art class?” I asked my mouth almost interactively flew open.

My face started heating up and my heart picked up the pace. He nodded and quickly changed the subject. “So why aren’t you going to the party?”

This irked my interest. “Why aren’t you going?” I asked him.

He stopped what he was doing, turned to me, leaned against the car, and furrowed his brows. I had a proud look on my face, waiting for him to answer my question. Neither of us had decided to answer so we engaged in a staring contest. The intensity of the stare fabricated a little voice in my head that said, ‘Winner takes all.’

He broke the stare and I muttered inwardly, ‘chicken.’ He sighed and then looked at me again this time answering, “I asked you first.”

Technically, yes, he did ask first. Not knowing how to counteract his observation I told him why I was not attending the party. My skin felt like it was heating up. However, I ignored it Reece wasn’t that hot anyway. “I don’t like parties. The last one I went to didn’t end well.” I said after catching my breath.

He nodded, understanding my choice for not attending. “And you.”

He turned back to the car, tweaking with something. He grabbed pliers and twisted it around something. He put it down and sat in the driver's seat. I stood there quite impatiently waiting for him to answer my question. “Well?” I prodded.

“I wasn’t invited.” He said thereafter. He hadn’t looked at me but my body was still heating up.

“Why not?” I asked, and as soon as I did the car came to life, roaring like it had been restored to its former health.

He turned the car off and got out. “So naive. Isn’t it obvious?” He stood beside the car wiping his greasy hands into the red towel he had slung over his shoulder.

I shook my head, “What’s so obvious? My heart was out of control, beating like the speed of a cheetah’s when running. He shook his head in disbelieve.

“I’m not like them. I’m the scourge of the night and a reflectionless subject who feeds on the blood of innocent people. People who don’t deserve to be drained for what keeps them alive. I am cursed from being able to walk a day without this dumb ring. I am a bloodsucker, a vampire. A killer.”

“So what? You didn’t choose that.” I chuckled softly as if this was amusing, even though the conversation was serious. My skin was on fire, my heart was about to burst from my chest as I watched Reece get frustrated. My beast grumbled in my chest.

“But I did!” He shouted on the top of his voice, I flinched as a drop of sweat rolled down the back of my neck. “I asked for it.” He paused and his voice came out like a whisper, “No, I begged for it. I made a deal with the devil.”

I wiped my face. The sweat from my forehead resembled the water of my palm. My vision became blurry and my feet became weak and I fell to my knees.

“Are you okay?” Reece’s face envisioned that of a worried father, scared to death that he had no clue what was happening. He looked confused as to what was happening but when my back snapped and the sound resonated in the atmosphere, from the sound of my broken bones to my blood-curdling scream; we knew exactly what was happening.

Reece cursed, “Shit!” When he went to look at the pitch-black sky that was illuminated by a full moon he hurried back to my side. He put a hand on my forehead, “I can’t believe this is shit is happening now. Fuck this.”

It was not just any moon. It was one that was as red as blood, the blood moon. And we both knew this was it. My first shift...

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