The Blood Wolf

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As soon as I ran out of the dungeon, I came face to face with Bryan who was confused as to how I got out. A car drove up in a hurry and I stared at the headlights before I snapped out of it and ran. I ran away, off the property and into the woods.

The night air, the moon, the energy, the freedom, and the urge to kill, it consumed me. The dark night was as clear as day to me and I’ve never felt so alive. Then that’s when I heard it. The multiple howls, a pack, and I wanted to get away as far as possible, my beast was anxious and she knew they were after us. We wouldn’t go back, not yet, not until we fed.

I can still remember when I hurt myself that very Summer back in California. I was twelve and I disobeyed Richard’s strict orders which led me to my potential peril. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to go to the skate park with Lee, his coworker’s son and my crush at the time. The night was young and the flickering lights hugged the flat outskirts of the kidney bowl. The lack of light interfered with my skating and I fell harshly.

The image of the life-sustaining liquid that oozed from the shaft in my arm resembled the bright red color of crimson. Lee fainted at the color of fresh blood and the rest scattered about like ants. I had broken my leg too and there was no one there to help me. As I sat there, it dawned on me that I was losing a lot of blood. The smell became a sickeningly dry, sweet metallic scent. The drier it got, the more it took on a vile pungency that smothered my senses and suffocated me.

The scent of blood, I could sense it anywhere. I had an insatiable hunger, not for food but blood, and I could smell it. Not too far from here was what I longed for, blood. I was about to turn around when I heard something in the nearby trees. The air blew passed me, the smell so scrumptious, my mouth watered. A heart was beating, so steady, but not for long, if I had anything to say about it. Its intrigue was too strong for my wolf to resist. She took over completely and I let her.

She sneaked up to the trees, she hid among the low bushes and to my satisfaction, there, I saw a deer. I watched it for a long while, looking, thinking and calculating. I zoned in on the vein in its neck. I watched it throb underneath its flesh. I bounded into the air and took the deer by surprise and it wasn’t long before I bit a large gnash from its neck right where the vein pulsated. The blood was sweet and metallic and I drank and from its guts, I ate my fill. When I was done I was a bloody mess.

I trotted to a stream not far from where I had feasted. As I drank, the icy cold water washed the taste of the deer from my mouth and if by accident, I looked down at my paw, I saw how black and shiny it was. I forgot this was what I looked like now. I felt happy that I had survived but I was also scared, scared of the unknown.

At that moment, I wanted to rub my transformation in Jacob’s face. My beast adored its form from the reflection on the water. On one side, I was all black, however along the opposite side was a coat of pure white and my eyes were emerald green. They have never been green before but that isn’t what shocked me. I was half white and half black, was a wolf supposed to look like I did? My beast comforted me as if to tell me that this was normal and that I was unique.

Seeing myself as a wolf knocked the air out of my lungs. It finally set it that this, was who I was and the person that I had to accept. My stomach growled and I shuddered. The smell of flesh awakened my senses. I was hungry but it was the flesh of a human and it only enticed and pulled me in more. I forced my beast to ignore it. I was not a killer, I would never hurt anyone.

However, before I could stop myself, I ran toward it. The exact thing I was trying to stay away from, coming in contact with humans during such heavy desires was dangerous... Anything could happen. My paws hit the forest floor with great strength and certainty. This was like an unpredictable robbery for me, an adrenaline rushing situation I had no control of.

My legs knew exactly how to move in sync with the ones in front. I knew not how my beast was sure except she relied on the gut feeling we had. I came upon a clearing in the forest and a car was there. It overviewed the cityscape. Two kids my age were alone. I assumed this was a date but as I turned to leave, something dragged my attention.

The burly guy with strangely, green hair kissed the caramel-skinned girl with wavy brown hair. She kissed him back but that’s not what caught my attention. It was when she screamed and fought to get away from the guy who was forcing himself between the girl’s legs. He pushed her to the back of the car and pinned her arms above her head and he leaned her up against the window.

I watched, an internal battle of my own. I tried to keep the legs of my anger closed but it proved futile when I completely lost it. I crept up to the jeep. It was a worn-out royal blue in need of a paint job. She screamed again and again and fought until she could no more.

I was having trouble containing my angry wolf. I didn't want to kill him. I just wanted to punish him but with the anger that stirred within me, I could lose control and kill him for real. I heard her urgent cries and she pleaded. He took the opportunity to tear off her panties and then when he had done that, he eagerly unzipped his pants and with it, he took off his boxers. I could hear her scared heartbeat and his menacingly emotionless and calm one as he hoisted her up onto his lap. She wept as she felt him hard against her thigh and there was nothing more she could do but wait for the inevitable.

To be continued...

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