The Blood Wolf

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|Not So Innocent|

The only way I could save her from him was to let her consume me. I couldn’t fight my beast anymore. So I did, I gave up and she took over with fury. That’s when I knew she wouldn’t stop until blood was on her snout and she was standing over his dead and lifeless body. And I wasn’t sure if she would hurt the very girl we were trying to protect but I had already sold my soul to protect her so I had no hand in the outcome. There was no turning back.

Jacob’s P.O.V

We drove at top speed. Sam was going through her change and I knew they would need all hands on deck. Not that she’d survive. As we neared the house, there was dread in my stomach, a feeling of fear in whatever we might find. I’d be kind of gutted if Sam was lifeless in her own blood when I got there. I didn’t care about her, I just felt bad for whoever did.

Adrien increased pressure on the gas pedal, I could hear Stephan gulp hard from beside me. He was afraid of almost everything. “Step on it, Adrien!” He yelled out. I was a bit surprised and taken-a-back, so much that I wanted to stop the car and ask if he was sure. He must’ve really been concerned about her.

Adrien nodded and obeyed, we were all quite anxious, no one had ever shifted on a blood moon. Sam was the first and everyone wanted to be there to witness such a spectacle. Aiden was silent as he stared out the window, in deep thought. He sat shotgun and that was when the thought of how comfortable I wouldn't have been if I had gotten shotgun first. It was no time to think about that anyway.

Unbelievably, Declan was calm. He seemed as if he was in focus and that was when I realized he was in contact with someone through the mind link. All this while, the car ride was cramped and I wish I hadn’t lent my motorcycle to Scott so he could pick up Iglesia. Scott was a rushed mess. In all the years I’ve known Scott, I’ve never seen him ride a motorcycle willing after he popped a kneecap at ET Cero, also known as the Blood Moon Pack.

It was right before his first shift. However, the wonders of the transformation healed him completely. Sam wouldn’t be so lucky to transform in the borders of the pack. The fact that her wolf emerged on the blood moon was cause for it to be restless and famished. Her wolf needed to be somewhere familiar, a place that felt like home.

She didn’t have that and it made everything much worse. Every alpha wolf of the true blood moon bloodline had to turn on the very land of their ancestors did. Without such a luxury, her wolf would go rampaging. This was important; every former alpha of the pack that was born with true blood had to go through with this on their very first shift.

It wasn’t just tradition, it was a precaution. The Iglesias is a coven of witches and warlocks who had cursed the Blood Moon Pack, millenniums ago. The first alpha of ET Cero, William Sinclair, had stolen powerful charms from the Iglesias when his pack was going through a time of famine. The Iglesias cursed the alpha bloodline. He ignored the curse and his eldest son, Miles, paid the first price.

He had his first shift outside the borders of the pack walls and after rampaging the human world, spilling the blood and killing of his first innocent human, he turned rogue. The curse was cast by the high warlock of the coven and since then, no witch or warlock has ever been able to remove the curse. Aiden, Jonathan, Scott, and Adrien were all victim to this and now Sam. They all survived because they were in the comfort of their birthright. Sam had none of that and it was more than likely that she would join the Pícaros de la Noche, the Rogues of Night. My stomach was in the gutter. The thought of another rogue made me bitter. They were responsible for my father's death. And if Sam had turned into one of them I would never hesitate to put her out of her misery.

When we swerved into the backyard in a hurry, a creature, half black, and half white stood rigid and gazed at the headlights. Its eyes were a blinding green as it stared wide-eyed at the brilliant car lights. Adrien stopped the car sharply and the force of such a sudden stop propelled us back. When I looked up, I saw only a shadow, zipping off into the red moon's night.

We rushed out the car and went to check on the guys before heading out for the search. As soon as I entered the shifting chamber, a waft of fresh night-blooming Jasmines hit me right in the face. The sweet aromatic Jasmine had a light scent of the truly fragrant ylang-ylang flower. It was so strong I could taste it. It invaded my senses and took over my mind. This scent was so delicious. I stood there, lost, this scent, it ignited something deep down, like a flame in my belly.

"Jacob, don't just stand there." Scott punched my shoulder, "Go help Declan and Adrien gather what they need for the elixir." I nodded and as I passed by Reece, I saw he was sitting up in the corner, bruises covering his face, while Bryan attended to his wounds. He was pretty wrecked and even though he was hurt, he deserved every bit of it. He was the reason why she got away. I suddenly had the urge to bite his head off, my wolf rumbling angrily in my chest. He might be the reason why Sam would get hurt. I realized how protective I was being and snapped out it. I knew not what came over me.

I went to help Iglesia, Adrien and the bozo, Declan, who was playing dress up with the ingredients. He hung a stalk of basil on top of his jutted lips. It resembled a leafy mustache. In his hair, he sprinkled some dill on either side of his head. Then when Adrien caught him and smacked the back of his head, the dill fell from his head like snow on Christmas morning. Declan turned around sharply, but only to face a disturbed Adrien with an annoyed expression that matched his own.

"Why'd you do that?" He whined, "It hurts." I silently laughed at that and continued to watch Adrien abuse my brother.

"This is an emergency and you're here goofing around!" Adrien balled his fists, his lightly colored knuckles turning white. His left eye twitching ever so slightly as he angrily roared at Declan, "My little sister is out there right now, all by herself, with no one to guide her. She is on the verge of turning rogue and you're wasting the ingredients for the very elixir we need to save her life."

He sucked in a breath of much-needed air, " Now, ask me again. Ask me why I slapped you."

Declan kept quiet and when he didn't answer, Adrien huffed, turned on his heels and went over to Carteria, the Iglesia, who was busy boiling up the potion and adding multiple components. She swept her bangs aside and pinned it to a corner of her expresso colored hair. Her dark brown eyes became visible almost matching the color of her short hair. "Hand me the owl's tears." She told Adrien. He went over to the table of ingredients and looked for the said element. Two minutes passed, then three and finally four; he sighed and flung his arms about. I was sent to help make the elixir but I was enjoying Adrien's struggle. I know, I'm awful but you rarely got to see such a sight.

"What do owl's tears even look like?" He grumbled under his breath, frustrated that he didn't know what he was looking for.

I had had enough entertainment for now so I hopped off the stool, went over to the table and picked up the vile of owl's tears that was clearly labeled in big bold letters and handed it to him, "Here you go, Chap."

He glared at me in disbelief, his eyes falling from their sockets, a thankful but disappointed smile etched onto his lips before he nodded and bravely delivered the owl's tears to Carteria, looking like a hero.

To be continued...

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