The Blood Wolf

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|By Force|

Jacob’s P.O.V

He glared at me in disbelief, his eyes falling from their sockets, a thankful but disappointed smile etched onto his lips before he nodded and bravely delivered the owl’s tears to Carteria, looking like a hero.

“It’s done,” confirmed Carteria. “Hand me the empty spray bottle.” I did as was told and she bottled the contents of the vile substance she had been brewing the entire time.

“So what exactly is this for?” I questioned.

She corked the bottle and replied, “You’ll see when I use it.”

“Hey, we’re ready,” Scott informed us and we followed him outside. “So here’s the plan, Stephan and Adrien will run ahead and scout out her possible location. Aiden, you carry Iglesia. Declan, Jacob and I will follow. Guys stick with the pack. ”

Reece interrupted seeming very upset and unamused by being left out, “What about us?” He gestures, to himself, Bryan and Chris.

“You’re staying here,” Scott says walking off to join Stephan.

Chris stepped out, “The hell? We aren’t staying here, we’re coming along.” He bared his teeth at Scott, getting angrier by the second. Scott snarled at him, and Chris challenged him. He wasn’t backing down, I wondered whether he knew that no one dared challenged a young alpha who was kind enough to get along with us because we had a stroke of bad luck.

My father was Devon’s beta before he married my mother and legally became alpha. He was killed before he could take his rightful place in our mom’s pack which is why neither I nor my brothers were accepted. We were never really a part of any pack until Devon took us in. Rogues were the cause of my father’s death.

He trained us; he fed us and taught us all the things that my father didn’t get the chance to. Scott and Sam were the most prominent wolves of the household. They were both alphas. Jonathan was the eldest but his presence and aura couldn’t compare to his youngest siblings. Jonathan was a beta and so were Adrien and Aiden and even though Devon was an alpha his first wife was an omega.

It’s not normal to have so many wolves in a house especially when we were newly re-initiated into the pack after the genocide. Betas weren’t built to be a pack leader so Jonathan couldn’t possibly take over the pack, nor could the twins. And Sam and Scott were young too lead, at least that’s what the pack would think so Devon decided that whosoever wanted to take over the pack had to fight for it both literally and figuratively.

Then they would face him, the ultimate alpha, that’s why Sam needed training, especially now that she transformed. It wouldn’t be long before Devon stepped down. Once a new alpha was chosen then I’d become their beta. Yes, I technically was an alpha but my rank would be beta rank, regardless, a new pack.

“Don’t fuck with me right now, my sister’s out there. I don’t have time to put up with your shit.” Scott said slowly, not even sparing Chris a second glance as he walked off. Stephan and Adrien ran into the bushes and went to find Sam. The rest of us leaped into the air and changed and followed them into the trees.

The night sky was rather beautiful but tonight I was sensing this pull this invisible force that kept pulling me. It was becoming increasingly hard to ignore. We zipped through the forest together, our paws hitting the forest floor. I looked up and saw the tall green towers reaching up to touch the blood moon and the moment I looked at the beautiful moon, I ran harder, faster and the feeling that I tried to suppress earlier overwhelmed me and I was lost in whatever this pull was.

“Jake, where the bloody hell are you? I told you to stick with us.” Scott contacted me through the mind link and I replied.

“Follow my scent. I know where Sam is.” And with that, I severed the link and let this strong, sweet and metallic like force pull me where I need to go. It felt right, something about this pull felt so familiar yet so different, almost like I’ve encountered it before. When I got closer, I couldn’t help but howl, not at the moon but to this heated vigor and energy, to the pull.

Samantha’s P.O.V

I could hear her scared heartbeat and his menacingly emotionless and calm one as he hoisted her up onto his lap. She wept as she felt him hard against her thigh and there was nothing more she could do but wait for the inevitable.

“Are you ready, Becca?” He spoke her name like a horny bastard getting laid for the first time; so much that he was willing to have her by force. “Are you ready for me to claim what’s mine?” He breathed against her neck as he felt around to insert himself into her. A series of emotions flooded through me like an unexpected dip in the pool. I knew how she felt. I can’t say I’ve been in such a situation but I can say I know the feeling.

It’s sorta like when I drowning and I kept thinking where I went wrong and why I made the decisions I did and ultimately, one yearns for the chance to change that except, if no one came to my rescue and I drowned, that was just it for me. However, for Becca, it was all down to destiny. The guy could kill her after he was done satisfying his retched wants or he could leave her there to reflect and crumble to a shell of her former self, or even if it did happen, she would not subject herself to misery and pain and shame but would rise from it or I could save her from it before it happened. And I did just that.

“Please don’t.” She cried as she begged.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle,” and that’s when I got closer up to the car. He must’ve seen my shadow because he looked up from Becca and now, was more focused on his surroundings. I charged at his car and the force behind the speed, tipped it onto the side, and with a loud crash, the window shattered. I could hear the two scream, the scream of Becca and the pervert were quite similar. I could have sworn there were two females in the car.

“Holy shit,” he cursed while climbing out through the window, leaving Becca inside. Face to face, I stood, angry with a malicious angry heartbeat and even a deeper hunger and then I realized his member was hanging out from his pants and my beast thought it would be a great idea to make sure, he would never do what he did to this innocent girl or anyone else again. The look on his face confirmed what was going through his head. Fright. He looked a bit dazed as he saw how big I was. I was a lot bigger than a normal wolf and I think that is what caught him off guard.

Quickly, he scrambled around his car looking for something and I slowly loomed around him. Personally, the smarter choice would have been to run. Although I wouldn’t have let him get away, it would be fun; my beast and I enjoyed a good chase. He found what he was looking for and he pulled it out. A shotgun. He scrabbled around to get the bullets in. They fell from his shaking hands, he dropped to the ground to pick them up and I lunged myself at him. He managed to point the shotgun at me and nervously shot the gun.

Ringing... That’s all I heard, but I kept going. A lungful of air was bashed from my lungs. I pounced on him and bit hard into his arm, the gun fell from his hand and that’s when I heard it; a howl in the distance, and it diverted my attention as I stopped to listen to howl that was loud, ear piercing but eccentrically it made my hair’s stand up and that’s when I felt this intimidating constraint.

It was warm but that baffled me. I turned to the pervert I was about to make a eunuch. My adrenaline was pumping and I sunk my canines deep into the muscle of his arm, tasting his blood and drinking it in and devouring it. When I pulled away my muzzle was fresh with his blood. I was relishing this and perhaps too much.


I turned my head slowly to see a human figure in the trees of the forest clearing. It was standing in the shadows and along with it many wolves, slowly they crept out from the bushes, imminently. My heart sped up when I saw the many and then the human stepped out into the beautiful light of the blood moon.

The potency from before became even stronger. It resembled a weight sitting right on top of me and then a scent. A wonderful scent drifted about and hung in the air. It was like a sweet earthy scent of flowers and rain and there was something about it that started to cloud my mind. My wolf had taken over with greed and the hunger she was experiencing was nothing I have known in human form; a craving for blood, for death.

The mysterious person approached me, they drank something in one gulp and slowly, but surely I watched as this stranger morphed into my mother. “Calm down baby girl, it’s me, I’m here,” she said.

At first, I was angry and I growled but I stood my ground. I was ready for a fight. She came closer and closer; she walked so slow but when she smiled, I don’t know what came over me but I felt calm and sorry and hurt but I knew this wasn’t my mother but I just couldn’t bring myself to attack. I became so scared and fearful and I realized I couldn’t move. I was basically paralyzed by fear.

“I love you and miss you so much.” She got closer, I couldn’t run. I could do nothing. She felt so real, so existent that I gave up but when I did, I felt this aching pain arise in my gut, so I looked down. Then, I realized I was shot; I hit the ground. My vision was hazy but the last thing I saw was my mom, then Carter. The girl I met at school. Slowly, darkness invaded my mind and I was gone.

To be continued...

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