The Blood Wolf

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|Triple Threat|

I looked up at Reece who had tensed eyebrows, squinted eyes, and fierce gaze. Their masculinity was cosmic and intoxicating but intriguing and sweet. The longer it went on, the more aroused I became.

My bra-covered breast confirmed how I felt as my nipples became hard. I was filled with so much desire that even I could smell my arousal and as soon as I did, their eyes flickered toward me with hunger, need, want. I couldn’t help but think that maybe they smelt it too...

Jacob’s P.O.V

When she looked up at Reece who was staring back at me, I inwardly scorned the way she crooned her neck and the lustful gaze, her eyes held on him. She looked a little pale and weak and at that moment I just wanted to protect her, and keep her close to me.

The heavy weight that sat on my neck came back and I felt drawn to her small frame, in Reece’s arm. But that was the problem, she was in his arms. Then, like the scent of baked goods in the kitchen when I was younger, a scent such as that came rushing into the air but it was so different. Want, desire, need is what it smelt like.

It was filled with so much sexual desire, it made me ache for whoever that scent belonged to. Then as if on cue, she lifted her eyes to me and Reece and we both did to her. That aroma, it was her. My wolf clawed at the back of my mind to claim her and I pushed him away.

This was the very girl that didn’t belong to my pack. She was an outsider and here my wolf was trying to tell me that I was her mate and she was mine? I didn’t want anything to do with her but every single thing about her hauled me in, nearer and nearer.

This was a very intimate moment and I was irritated it was being shared with Reece. The fact he had the guts to test me, even though I had told him to let go of her, led me closer to my wolf. I was on the edge of falling, wolfing out and killing him. She was mine, my mate. I was going to reject her anyway but if I didn’t want her no one else could have her. I would make sure of that, even if I had to kill.

“Assholes, it’s time for her cure.” We looked to see who it was as she stood at the doorway, only Reece and I could see her. Carteria had a stern look on her face. I must’ve left the door ajar when I came in. If I knew, I would have locked the door so I could tear Reece to shreds with no distraction. “Can’t you see she’s ill?”

I looked at her face, the bags under her beautiful brown eyes, her shallow breathing, the paleness of her skin and the way her limbs dropped as she tried her best to keep herself standing, clinging to Reece’s sleeves. I felt horrible as I saw the fear in her eyes. She had no clue what was happening. Of course, she wasn’t well, she just woke up and we, we were just too much for her. We were hurting her.

“That’s what I thought. Get the fuck outta here! She needs rest, not you two groveling like idiots.” Carteria shouted at us. “She doesn’t even know what’s going on for Luna’s sake.” I hated being told what to do so even though my wolf eyes her with a promising threat, I let it go, she was right after all.

I nodded and took one last look at the girl this I hated yet wanted more than anything I’ve ever wanted. I was going to reject her, the Moon Goddess had to make a mistake, I’ll never love Sam. I left and Reece followed and Carteria stood by her siding, holding her up so she wouldn’t fall.

Samantha’s P.O.V

Jacob left and Reece followed. They were reluctant to leave my side. A girl with espresso short hair was by side before I could stumble and fall. She sat me down on the bed and my muscles that were tensed relaxed. “I’m sorry about them, love. They’re just going through something right now.”

I looked her dead in the face and I was surprised to a point where I was confused, “Carter?”

She nodded, “How are you here?” I asked.

She smiled warmly at me, “I’m Carteria Iglesia. Yes, we met at school. I’m a witch.”

“So you knew who I was?” I questioned trying to wrap my head around this.

“Yeah, I could sense it in you.” She chuckles, “Your wolf is very dominant for a female, she’s kind of hard to miss.”

I had to ask myself if the others were like her or if they knew about us. We were supposed to keep the supernatural a secret and I might be too paranoid but I had to consider that she might have told them. “No, they don’t what we are.” She answered without me even asking.

I was getting a bit frightened, how did she know that was what I was thinking unless she could read my mind and that was the last thing I wanted.

“And no I can’t read your mind.” She said taking some contents from a bag and laying it out on the table in the room.

“Then how did you know what I wanted to ask before I did?”

“The look on your face and you’re so easy to read.” She replied.

She took out a small tealight sized white candle. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“I am preparing for the healing ritual, this is healing incense,” Carter explained, showing me everything she was using. “It’s a loose blend of allspice with bay, yarrow, apple blossoms, lemon balm, and cinnamon.”

“We are calling on the Moon Goddess, Selene, for her divine healing. The color associated with healing and Selene is a silver candle so we can petition for her assistance without her killing us.” She took out a silver candle and put it beside the white one.

“Kill us?” I panicked, “Why would she kill us?”

“If we don’t do this right, it’s disrespect to the Moon Goddess and she will send plagues upon your body until you’re dead.” She grinned at me like this was something she did on a normal basis.

“What do you mean by 'we'?”

“This is a job for two. I’m just waiting for my brother to get his ass here so we can start.” She began by casting a circle and then she set up an alter before placing the silver candle behind the white one. Minutes passed and I started to feel the pull, that force, it was yummy.

My heart sped up, my palms got sweaty and my throat went dry and I was beginning to fear that maybe Reece or Jacob was coming back. I couldn't keep still, I strummed my foot against the hardwood floor. It got stronger and stronger but it was manageable.

The door opened and a guy walked in. He closed the door and then turned to face Carter and me. The pull became more solid. "Sam, meet my brother, Kyle." That was when I saw his face when he looked at me I felt my heart sink into my stomach and my mind raced.

"Hi, Sam." He spoke shakily a sad look on his face. The last time I saw him was when his lips were fused with Cassie and on the night of the party.

"You're her b-brother but how...?"

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