The Blood Wolf

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|The Onslaught|

"Hi, Sam." He spoke shakily a sad look on his face. The last time I saw him was when his lips were fused with Cassie's and on the night of the party.

"You're her b-brother but how...?"

Kyle sighed and Carter smirked as if she knew all about us. I cleared my throat, "Can we start?" I asked, wanting to get over with this.

Carter mixed the spices, while Kyle lit the silver candle and began chanting while kneeling to the Moon Goddess, Selene. “To the most beautiful and charming moon goddess, equipped with all the knowledge and power of the moon, Luna Selene, we pray your mercies upon your alpha wolf that is destined for greatness.”

After Carter mixed the spices, she made me lie flat on my back inside the circle. As he spoke, his words began to echo inside my head and an unfamiliar presence ignited within me, from my head down to my toes. “Samantha is a fabrication of your godly design. You created her and shaped her destiny, and on the night of the blood moon, she has joined your ranks.”

Carter knelt at the alter as Kyle did, “Her power, her blood is yours.” She chanted.

When he began speaking, I realized the language in which he spoke I was not familiar. “Apó to aíma tou fengarioú, to fos tis flegmonís. ” He repeated.

“Apó ti lamprótita tou fengarioú, katharíste tin psychí tis. Apó to thánato tis katáras tou fengarioú afxíste tin dýnamí tis étsi óste na ekplirósei to peproméno tis sto ónomá sas.” Kyle and Carter recited together and as soon as Kyle lit the white candle with the silver one, I was able to understand every word. I was relieved though.

Translation (Greek): From the blood of the moon, light her ablaze. From the brilliance of the moon, purify her soul. From the death of the moon’s curse increase her strength so that she may fulfill her destiny in your name.

Carter’s and Kyle’s eyes became white as they chanted and I became sleepy. When they were done, I was in and out of it. The last thing I remember was a whiff of vanilla rosewood and Kyle’s arms wrapped around me.

Devon’s P.O.V

Outside was far-reaching, radiant, and lush. The canopy of trees was demanded by hickory, cypress, and spruce, who left just enough light for a flood of herbs and colorful shrubs to claim and cultivate the flat, fertile grounds with thick layers of leaves below. The surrounding forest led to a clearing of which patches of packhouses lined the hilly landscape. As I made my way to the main pack building, the leaves crunched under my boots and many things were on my mind.

Thin branches dangled from most trees, and a mishmash of flowers, which were common to this area only, enhanced the otherwise jade backdrop. When I entered, members of the pack that was in the dining hall stood to greet me as a sign of respect, a slight bow of the head, their gaze never meeting mine. I made my way to the next level, where I did pack business.

I had my own office here, as alpha, I was in charge of keeping ET Cero’s borders safe and keeping the human world separate from ours. I was also in charge of finances and choosing members of the pack for various jobs. Many of us were wild because they have never left the protection of the forest, not because it was against the rules but because they either despised humans or were afraid of the outside world.

I sat in the chair, inside my office and spun around to the large glass window overlooking most of the pack lands. From the battleground where the older cubs trained to better handle their inner-wolf, Jacob flew from the towers of green that lined the paved path.

I could tell he had just come back from a run but his run was violent and hungry and deprived. I almost paid him no attention but when I saw him running in the direction of the pack doctor’s house, I feared Sam was in danger, I sent Landon, a very recent beta of my pack to discreetly watch and intervene if necessary. I trusted Landon, he was quite stern and serious all the time.

Landon was a very thick guy, with broad shoulders and thick eyebrows. His wild light auburn hair that was always in a man bun fit his adventurous personality, even though he was grumpy most of the time and paid little notice to jokes, it seemed he never got the drift. As I looked out the window and down and the people I had to lead, my eyes drifted to a lone house that was some distance away. The house that used to belong to Xander, Jacob's father. Xander, three years older than his baby brother Landon and I grew up together. When I became of age to take over the pack, Xander became my beta.

Landon was always the adventurous one, always getting us into trouble. Landon grew up and so, he left his childish behavior behind. Xander was the quiet one, he had had his nose buried in comic books and he was never easily scared. He was uninterested in running around and drinking and partying like the rest of us. He was smart for sure and he put it to good use whenever we got into trouble with my father.

He lied well but he never really excelled at it until he could stand my father’s cosmic presence without tucking his tail at a mere glance. When he learned to do that we got away with a lot of things. As much as I hate to admit it, I was the promiscuous one.

I slept around but never when females were in heat. Unless you were their mate, it was forbidden. I could party all night and have not a care in the world. I came up with the craziest ideas and because Landon loved proving he wasn’t a pussy he went along it, Xander tagged along so we didn’t kill or get ourselves into any more trouble than we were already in.

As young pups we had fun, when I became alpha and lost my first mate, I thought I would have gone rogue but Luna Selene gifted me another, Kayceen but I lost her too. The only thing that kept me alive was my sons and the hope that one day, I would see my daughter again. After Kayceen left, Xander found his mate but she was an alpha female of another pack.

Alpha she-wolves were rare and they were well desired. He left to be with her and rule the pack by her side. The night he was appointed a member of the host of supernaturals, that governed all the paranormal world and kept our secret from humanity, he was killed by the rogues who invaded his coronation, his wife, Charlotte, pregnant with Josephine, Jacob’s unborn sister, fled with Xander’s biological and adopted sons and upon arrival, she died and so did baby Josephine.

My wolf yearned in my chest for the loss of a family, dealt by the rogues that attacked and slaughtered a whole pack. Landon was never the same again, I might have lost my friend and beta but he lost his brother the night the rogues took him from us. I breathed a sigh as I turned away from the window, forcing my mind not to wander. My desk was full of paperwork that I had neglected to handle last time I was here. I had been more in the human world lately, so I handed over the firm to Eureka while I was gone.

Declan's P.O.V

I had finally ditched Neon, a slutty omega who couldn't take no for an answer. She popped up everywhere I went trying to rub her scent all over me so she could 'claim' me. I wasn't interested, she seemed to forget every time that I wasn't particularly interested in women. No one ever questioned my sexuality and I was glad they didn't. I didn't exactly understand myself. I was trying to figure that out.
She found me sitting by the outskirts, near the border while chugging down a couple of bottles of liquor I stole and smoking a cancer stick. She had asked where I got it from and I told her I had borrowed some from my uncle. She asked for a swig and I shared. However, after two mouthfuls, she pretended to be drunk and tried to crawl onto my lap so she could rub her scent all over me. No wolf could get so drunk that easily when our immunity was this strong. During this time, she had confessed that bad boys turned her on and she hadn't known I was this naughty.
I headed to the river valley where the pack's farmers planted various crops. The soil here was good and so was the cover I received from the harvest. There was also a river, hence, the name river valley. It was a perfect place to mask my scent and lay low til Neon got tired of looking for me. I doubt she would find me here. As the wind blew uphill a putrid scent wafted passed me. It was rotten and dead, such a foul scent, I was repulsed.
I followed the scent down to the valley but lost it when I came by the river. The hairs on the back of my wolf's neck stood up, we were uneasy. I started to fear I was smelling things, the four empty bottles of liquor I took from Uncle Landon's liquor cabinet was starting to take effect.
It wasn't the first time, I've smelt something that wasn't there after drinking Uncle Landon's potently enhanced liquor. I shrugged it off and hid in the valley before returning to the packhouse, making sure Neon couldn't track me. As I said, I was particularly interested in women and I wasn't planning on introducing her to anyone any time soon.
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