The Blood Wolf

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|Little Black Book|

Samantha's P.O.V

I awoke in the middle of the night. A lot of things bothering me so I did what I knew best and wrote all the things I knew I couldn't say aloud. I was never particularly good at keeping secrets but with so much that was going on in my life, I knew I had to learn.

Furiously I scribbled over the black pages of my book. My mind racing with every image and thought and word that I had said in the very moment, remembering everything in fine detail. Sweat dripping down my face in streams. I was nervous. He was my bother and I kept it from him. If he were ever to find out of course he wouldn't blame her but me, he would.

The ink graced the page in unfettered and wild lines and curves, forming the last letter. "If it had gone any deeper, what would that mean for her?" I wheezed out before lethargy took over and my head hit my pillow sending me into a dangerous nightmare.

Cassandra’s P.O.V

It’s been three weeks since I’ve last seen Samantha at school. I keep forgetting she’s not the same girl I once knew. She’s a member of the Flower 6 now, except, they’ll probably change the name to Flower 7, something dumb like that. She had everyone at school talking about her on the first day. I heard she played the damsel and caused a ruckus in art class. She surrounded herself with the hottest and most popular boys in school, just to make herself more popular.

That’s a good game plan, using her brothers and their friends to win a popularity contest. She even went up to them at lunch, who does that?! I thought it would blow over but then she goes missing for weeks and didn’t even show up at the biggest party of the year. Everybody’s been gossiping like she’s the hottest topic since Jacob ghosted Ashley after a fling.

Now, Ashley, the queen bee became so invested in Sam, she didn’t even notice me. I’ve been doing everything and anything in my power to get on her good side but nothing seems to work. However, I have a plan to send her packing once and for all and finally get the respect I deserved. My life just kept getting better and better. Melissa’s mom married my dad so now we're a family and she thought it’d be okay to get all sisterly with me.

I took up my phone and dialed a number that I knew would come through for me. This was going to change the game and the balance of how everything was supposed to go.

Melissa’s P.O.V

“Excuse me, Cass, have you seen the cherry lip-gloss that you borrowed?” I asked her, she was on the phone but all I needed was a quick yes or no. She didn’t respond, she was pretending to ignore me, “Have you?”

“Bitch, can’t you see I’m on the fucking phone, are you blind or what??”

Her words sent a surge of pain through my chest; she was my stepsister and I hadn’t asked for any of this. I was willing to look past her hatred towards me. I would never complain about the way she was, my mom was happy and my stepdad was nice. He cared a lot about my mom and I don’t wanna ruin that. My mom was in an abusive relationship with my dad all so I would be safe and got everything I needed. If I can contribute to her happiness, I will. Even if that means my stepsister will hate me.

A couple of weeks ago, when we were on vacation and Samantha invited Cass on vacation with her, she only bargained for me to come because her dad wanted us to bond some more and mom thought it would be a good idea too. Besides, my mom and stepdad, Lucas, were going on a delayed honeymoon. I could never deny them that so I acted as if I was okay with going.

Lucas and mom met at school. Cass, Sam and I were in the same class back in middle school. Back then, Cass and Sam were the best of friends and me... I was a nobody. After Sam moved, Cass just changed. She hurt everyone, every chance she got. I was always getting bullied for everything I owned. One Parent Teachers Meeting, my mom ran into Cass’s dad and they started dating. They got married and my bully became my stepsister.

I’d often compare my life to that of Cinderella’s. She had two evil stepsisters, I had one. Her stepmother was evil too. Now that I think about it, I had life good. My stepfather my nice to me and he was a way good listener than my dad ever was. I finally felt like I had a dad. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters made her life a living hell, one has never thought shed escape but she did. That’s the one true difference. I’d never escape my hell called Cassandra Davidson.

I sat in my room, my knees up to my chest, and as cliché and dumb as it may seem, I cried. I cried because this was my life and this was no Cinderella story, there was no Prince Charming and as much as I sounded like a sadistic bitch, there was no happy ending. You don’t always get everything you want. I surely didn’t.

Scott’s P.O.V

I was freaking out ever since Sam shifted on that blood moon. I’ve been searching ET Cero’s library to find out why such a phenomenon occurred. No one else thought it was strange but I did. I heard stories of a single wolf transforming on a blood moon and it was always horror stories. I was researching because I didn’t know whether it was true or not and the last thing I wanted was for my sister to be an evil werewolf, vampire, witch bitch. I mean we were siblings, what would that say about me?

I was glad she was okay though; it was hectic on that night everything happened. It’s strange though the guy I knew for almost all of my life were fighting over MY sister. They better stay away and not stress her out till she was better or I would have to kick some supernatural ass, regardless of who they were my sister came first.

I had a shit-ton load of homework, I needed to finish. Especially for English class and it sucked. After I was done here, I would head over to Alyson's so she could help me study for my English pop quiz. Yes, I knew the whole point of a pop quiz was to test how much you knew without preparation. Let’s say I got a tip from one of my classmates who supposedly had a full-proof plan of knowing when Mr. Dudey would give us a pop quiz. I know Sam was pretty good at English and I’d normally just ask Sam to allow me to copy her work but she wasn’t around right now.

I went to ask the elder of the library if he had anything on the blood moon. He was hesitant but when he realized I was the alpha’s son he got up and went around the back. I stood there waiting on him to return. He was a bony bald man that looked to be in his seventies but was probably much, much older. He wore a robe and hardly ever spoke. His eyesight was not the best either if it took him so long to realize it was me.

He came back with an ancient tattered book. It was a dark amber-brown, a leather journal to be exact, with torn pages and slightly burnt. It must’ve been salvaged from a fire. I rubbed my hand over the designed cover that was etched in. The blood moon phase was the beautiful design on the cover and not only that but a claw mark ripped right across the cover of the book. I looked at the elder’s face, blank. I tossed the book in my bag and left.

I went back to the house to get my English textbook. I went looking for it in my room but remembered I left it in my sister’s room. There were two unspoken rules that I knew my sister would fuss about. One, respect dibs and two, never go into her room and here I was, about to break one of the two. It was for a good reason and I was already running late. I needed that textbook so I could make sure to highlight the important bits so I could revise last minute if need be. Knowing me, I always needed to revise the last minute.

I pushed her door open and her scent, it dawned on me and for the first, since everything has happened I truly felt. I missed my sister; Sam's macabre sense of humor or how she never complained. Sometimes, she seemed hollow, like a lone wolf without a heart and it scared me. It was funny how you can love something you never knew you had. I haven’t known her for long but know I would give my life for her.

I walked in and sat on her bed. Remembering how she ground hard after she was shot and how fast I grabbed her up scared shitless, I would lose her. The bullet would have killed her if it went up any further; slowly her pain engulfed me and my wolf. We both felt her pain by just memory. Goddess Selene had spared her life and I was overjoyed she did.

I got a grip and went looking for my textbook. I checked her study desk, it wasn’t there. I kept looking, in the desk drawers, under the bed, the bookshelf, the cabinets of books proved how much she loved reading. I searched and still found nothing. Then I remembered that she probably left it in her bag. I don’t think she unpacked when she got back from school that day, the day she shifted.

I left her at home and went to the party. How irresponsible of me? I sighed and grabbed her bag from beside her desktop. I brought it over to the bed and unzipped it, taking out a couple of books and checking to see if it was mine. I was getting frustrated and amazed at how many damn books this girl carried around on the first day. I flipped the bag and shook it, everything fell out. As I looked, I found my textbook but I found something else too. A little black book caught my eye.

Like I said, a little, black book. I took it up and smirked at the fact that my sister had a black book. I threw it down and the book opened, to my surprise, the pages of the book were all black. Just black. I skipped the pages of the book and weirdly all of them were black. I had never seen anything like it. I glanced at my watch and grabbed the little black book along with my textbook and headed out.

I stole Jacob's motorcycle and rode over to Alyson’s. All the while I was thinking about Sam’s book that I found. I shouldn’t have taken it but it was empty so it wouldn’t matter if I had it anyway. I hopped off and ran up the front door. I shook my thoughts away and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and let me in. "You’re late. Her eyes seemed like half slits as she bit down hard, a heavy frown gracing her lips."

"By only two minutes though, that’s a new record, better than the last one." She said nothing, her arms folded across her chest. I pulled her by the waist, her body against mine, she quickly grabbed my shoulders from the sudden pull, I’m sorry. She was a bit shocked, but still not convinced.

“Let me make it up to you?” I whispered in her ear and took her earlobe inside my mouth, lightly sucking on it. I felt when she relaxed in my arms, and squeezed my shoulder when I did. I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes were closed and I smirked at her. She slowly opened them and caught me staring.

She pushed me away, “That won’t work on me this time, Scott Kipp McKenzie.” It already did. Her tone and appearance betrayed the words she said. It was never good when she called me by my full name. I hated my middle name and she knew that. What were my parents thinking when they named me Kipp?

The other persons that know of that name are my brothers, Alyson, my dad and the principal who has my file. Still, Alyson often blackmailed me with it. I knew I was in the clear though, she was pink with embarrassment and her voice cracked a bit when she looked at me, so she looked away. She was turned on but I wasn’t gonna mention it. I didn’t wanna get in trouble again.

“Fine, I won’t do it again.” I crossed my fingers behind my back. “Well, I know you liked it, so not unless you want me to,” I smirked.

She saw me eyeing her and looked away; she hated looking at me whenever I was like this. “Good, we need to study anyway.”

Alyson’s P.O.V

I was afraid to gaze into his eyes. I couldn’t look at him when he was like this. It wasn’t that was afraid or I didn’t have any self-control but if I looked into his beautiful green eyes, I would lose myself. He knew exactly what buttons to press. I eyed him from the corner of my eyes, admiring how hot he was. I didn’t like when he was like this, he was just too deliciously tempting. “Good, we need to study anyway.”

We went up to my room and closed the door behind me, my mom and dad were at work so I had the house to myself. Scott threw his bag on my bed, took out his textbook and sat around my desk while I sat on my bed. “Just do the exercise on page 364, if you hit a roadblock then I’ll help”.

He nodded and I watched his back as he worked. Then I got bored and allowed my phone to hold my attention captive. After about an hour or so, he must’ve got frustrated because he sighed and banged the table hard. It shocked me. I got up and rubbed his shoulders to comfort him. “Why do I keep forgetting it? I should know this by now,” He argued.

“It’s okay, come on, take a break. You’re just tired.” I spun him around in the chair and sat on his lap, facing him.

“I am tired because I can’t figure out what to change in that stupid sentence, it looks fine to me.” I giggled.

“Never mind the stupid sentence then. Figure out what I want instead.” He seemed to get the drift. He hasn’t been around a lot lately. He spent most of his time at ET Cero. If he hadn’t told me everything, I would have thought he was cheating but I knew better. My boyfriend was a tribrid, part werewolf, vampire and witch. When were we together, alone, he's allowed me to experience things I would never have with a human. “Scott, I miss this.”

“I’m sorry, with everything’s that been going on with Sam and the pack, I’ve been spending most of my hours there. I love you, you know that right?”

I smiled, a wicked idea forming in my head, “Prove it.” He smashed lips against mine, knocking the air from my lungs. I wrapped my arms around him. He grabbed my thighs and got up from the chair with ease. I liked that he was rough. Whereas, he was always worried about being gentle. He walked to the bed and put me down; I quickly took off my top and bit my lip as he removed his shirt.

He was athletic and I knew that but every time he was shirtless before me, I was breathless, hot, bothered, turned on. His disheveled hair called to me. I wanted to run my hands through it. He climbed up on the bed, hovering over me, right between my thighs as he placed wet kisses about my chest. Scott gently gripped my breast from under my bra the palm of his large hands. My breasts were tender but it felt so good, I wasn’t going to complain.

I couldn’t help but gasp as the sudden act sent surges of pleasure through my parts. He twiddled my nipple between his thumb and index. The longer it went on, the harder my nipples got and the more turned on I was. He captured my lips with his once more and I pulled him close.

All of a sudden his bag fell and it distracted us. He got up and took up the contents, he quickly put them aside and made his way back to the bed but a black book caught my attention. “What’s that?” I asked.

“Nothing,” He answered as he tried to kiss me again. I stopped him.

“What do you mean nothing?” I got up and went to look at the black book. “Whose is it?”

He sighed, “Its Sam’s”. I found it while I was looking for my textbook. He explained while looking for his shirt that he had thrown about my room. It’s empty; all the pages are black and empty.”

The pen was shiny stainless steel; on the side of the pen that was attached to the book was a tiny button. I pressed it hoping the point would retract but it didn’t instead it was a little light. I pointed it at the page and voila, there it was. The words were invisible.

I got caught off-guard when I saw that she wrote about the night of the party. Everything she wrote about the party, how she had to fight to keep her beast under control, how she felt out of place and what she went through back in California. “Scott, it’s in invisible ink. The pen is a black light”.

“Holy shit, why didn’t I think of that?” Scott took the book and shined the black light on the black pages, inspecting it for him to see I was right.

“Scott, I don’t think we should be reading that her book, she went through all that trouble to keep something hidden. It’s her diary and I know a thing or two about keeping stuff personal.” I saw him read something and his aura changed like a switch turned on.

He kept silent; he said nothing and neither did I. I hugged him from behind just relishing in his warmth. He was always unbelievably warm. “You should put it back,” I told him, already feeling guilty. “Scott, stop reading it.”

He broke from my embrace. I felt cold as his warmth left me. He turned around for a brief moment and I saw his eyes got darker. Almost black, he was angry. Before I could try calming him down, he jumped through my window and off into the night, shirtless and fuming with the book in his hand. There was nothing I could do but run after him, hoping that he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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