The Blood Wolf

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Previously on The Blood Wolf...

He broke from my embrace. I felt cold as his warmth left me. He turned around for a brief moment and I saw his eyes got darker. Almost black, he was angry. Before I could try calming him down, he jumped through my window and off into the night, shirtless and fuming with the book in his hand. There was nothing I could do but run after him, hoping that he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Scott’s P.O.V

I felt the blood coursing through my veins and the anger eating me up on the inside. As I ran, the condensation escaped my mouth, canines protruding from my gums. I had gotten used to the pain; it did hurt but it was tolerable. I had unearthed the truth, the truth that I had dismissed. I howled in sorrow as the reality struck me like hard.

Deep into the trees, I transformed and in a swift motion grasped my sister’s book between my teeth. I never thought to ask how it happened. It never occurred to me that... I was betrayed.

Samantha’s P.O.V

3:19 pm

When I awoke, the house was silent. Kyle, Carter, Reece, Jacob... They were nowhere to be found and I couldn’t sense them. My head hurt just a little but I was feeling much better. The place where I got shot was healing quickly. I was still bandaged so I guess I still had to take it easy for a while. I got out of bed, slowly walked over to the door and briefly for a moment I felt sick to my stomach like something bad was coming. I ignored it, it was probably a side effect of that healing ceremony that I had gone through. Right now, I was hungry.

I made my way down the flight of stairs that ended in the living room and led to the kitchen. The sweet aroma of curry in the evening air made my wolf squeal with happiness from the deliciously anticipated taste. The kitchen was empty though. I walked over, lifted the lid off the pot and peered down at the curry. It was safe to say that it was made not too long ago. It was still warm. The scent permeated the house and if the guys were here I know they would be digging in right about now.

I turned my nose into the air and sniffed, there was no one here. I grabbed a plate and shared some food. I sat and ate but after I was done, I realized that what I was still... empty? I got up for another serving, I opened the pot and grabbed the spoon and then I heard something and that’s when I dropped the plate and it shattered. I was startled and I looked around, my eyes darting about trying to assess the danger. No one was there.

“Guys?” I called out, thinking my brothers were trying to play a sick trick on me. “Stop playing around, you can’t scare me.” My beast was on edge, preparing herself to fight if need be. I was more worried about my injury worsening. Even though Carter had Kyle had done that ritual thing, I still felt sore.

“How are you expected to lead the pack if you can’t even hold your own against me?!” I heard yelling in the distance, I was uneasy but intrigued. It sounded like a scuffle was going on.

I followed the sound to the outside and down the slope to what seemed to be a training ground. The evening air was cool and my heated skin relished the fine freedom of being outside. I stopped atop the rocky terrain below watching the many wolves that surrounded the two were currently about to fight. I could see Chris, Declan, Adrien, and Aiden standing there watching them rankle. Landon, my father’s beta and Jay were going at it. A lot of other pack members were there too. Many of them stood shirtless in only shorts, sweaty and a fixed seriousness on their faces like they wanted to draw the other’s blood.

Jay was heaving heavily, his chest rising and falling quickly, threatening eyes agaze on Landon, Jay was furious. I had always seen him very relaxed. We weren’t close like I was with Scott or the twins so maybe this was the real Jay. “You are from a family of alphas. How do you expect to claim it if you can’t get a hit off me? Your father is the alpha, a man who is feared by the mere mention of his name.”

Jay had had enough, his battle cry escaped his lips and he charged at Landon, sweat dripping down his naked back. Landon grabbed Jay’s legs from underneath him and ran into a tree that was on the training grounds, knocking the air out of Jay who was on the forest floor, trying to regain his strength.

“Give up Jonathan, you’re not alpha material. If you were to lead, the pack’s glory days would be over.” He chuckled after he said this. Landon turned his back walking to the other end of the circle the fight was in. “Betas are not meant to lead. Our fate is in the hands of the young alphas.”

As he said this, I hated the words that came out of Landon’s mouth; everyone kept quiet listening to him, no one intervened to stop him. Jay balled his fist and hit the ground below, frustrated that he couldn’t get a proper punch in. He got up to his feet and shifted into his wolf. He was a decent sized wolf whose coat was black and shiny.

Landon didn’t seem fazed. Jay bit at Landon, almost grazing him, at this point his eyes were glowing yellow. He was behaving like he was possessed. He launched himself onto Landon sinking his teeth into Landon’s left hind leg, but he got away, leaving Landon with a limp. They circled one another and this time it was Landon’s turn. He gnashed at Jay, violently and when he caught hold of him he shook his head, biting Jay’s belly as he laid flat squealing and trying to get away.

Landon had him right where he wanted him and then in a quick motion, Landon had his canines pressed into the flesh of Jay’s neck. Jay thrust his head upwards, baring his neck to the victor of the fight and Landon let go.

I wanted to dive into the fight but my beast assured me that this was the way it had to be. It was like a warm feeling in my gut, it was comforting to an extent. Aiden threw a large towel over each of them and slowly you could see the transformation into their human selves. They shook hands and proudly Landon congratulated Jay, “I know you’re powerful in your wolf form but take your anger and learn to use it without having to turn.”

Jay nodded and walked off to the side where Chris handed him a pair of shorts. The pack applauded him. “Hey,” I said walking carefully down the rocky hill.

“Hey, look who’s up and walking about,” Declan grabbed me in a big hug. I hissed, my ribs were still a little sore, he hurriedly let me go, worry veiling his facial features, “Shit, did I hurt you?”

“Uh, no, well maybe a lit-

My statement ended there as howl spread through the trees of the forest and everyone turned to their attention to pinpoint where it came from. Suddenly, a dark brown wolf tore through the edge of the surrounding forest; something in its mouth. It had gotten pretty late by now and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up from the jittery anxiousness in my gut. As it got closer to the training pit, I realized it was Scott and I recognized the object he had dangling from his mouth. He dropped it and Landon threw a blanket over Scott and he changed into his skin.

“Where did y-you get t-that?” I stuttered, feeling like it was hard to breathe.

One of the pack members threw a pair of jeans at him and he put them on. “You thought you could hide the truth.”

“Listen, S-Scott, I can explain.”

“The truth always finds a way out. It’s not me you need to explain things to. Explain it to them.” His arms were folded, his face was stern, and his eyes were cold and soulless.

“I thought it didn’t work. The car looked fine; I would never intentionally hurt her.”

Aiden looked at me confused, he was just as bewildered as everyone else. “Sam, what’s he talking about?”

Scott yelled, forcing me to tell them what I did. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I never thought my secret would get out but it did. “Scott you’re scaring her, calm down,” Jay intervened.

My beast was just as anxious as I was. “What do you mean calm down?! She’s a murderer! Fine if she won’t tell you, I will.”

I took a deep breath and just as he was about to expose me, I did so to myself, “I had skipped school for a day to hang out with some popular kids so I ended up missing a test. My mom found out and I got suspended. My mom and Richard decided that for punishment instead of going to the party they invited me to, she’d take me on a trip to nowhere for three days to straighten me out. I was so angry that night that I-I stabbed the tire with a nail. I thought I punctured it but that morning, the car was fine and we were all set to go. We left after dinner and when we got to the highway, I couldn’t help but express how upset I was over the fact that I was missing the party because of them. I was yelling, she was yelling and shouting but I didn't care because I was just so angry,” By now tears had been falling down my cheeks in agony of the memory.

I paused for a moment gathering my courage to go on. I could feel their stares in the back of my head as if they wanted to burn holes through me. Instantaneously, my mouth became dry. I had cotton mouth. Surely they wouldn't want me in the pack anymore, "There was a pop, the car swerved, she tried to steer but it swerved onto the opposite side of the road into the upcoming speeding cars. The car flipped and s-she she..."

That was all I need to say, "You, you killed our mom because of a stupid party you weren't allowed to go to?!" He yelped at me, loud enough that I flinched. His voice was hurt, he was in pain. The look in his eyes, I felt to my core. "How the fuck could you do that? How could you hurt her like that? And she chooses you instead of me? I would never, never, ever!" The tears were pricking the back of his eyes. My wolf was remorseful, I was too, but there was nothing I could do now.

"I didn't mean to, I swear. The car was fine, in the morning so I thought-

"Well, you thought wrong." I turned around to see Jay who had his arms folded over his chest, "I can't believe we never asked how she died."

"You got away with something as wicked as that..." Aiden added.

"You're despicable, your not welcome in this pack!" Scott roared at me, I could tell that his wolf was coming forward from the grief. I whipped around, looking at Declan, Adrien, Landon, anyone for their help, someone to understand me but they looked away as soon as my eyes landed upon them. "Guys, please, I'm sorry."

"Sam, no, it's too late for an apology," Scott answered me as he looked at me as if he was disgusted as if he was betrayed as if I had broken him.

"Chris?" I looked to the youngest of us, he shook his head.

"He's right," was his reply.

A howl came from Scott, it awakened something even more pain, a realization that they were right and then all the pack mates present howled with him like they mourning for my mom. Everything around me blurred, my fear was coming through, being abandoned by everyone I love. My heart twisted and turned like wringing a wet rag dry and before I knew it I lurched forward. I was running, I couldn't stay here. I knew I had to run for my life.

To Be Continued...

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