The Blood Wolf

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Previously on The Blood Wolf

A howl came from Scott, it awakened something even more painful, a realization that they were right and then all the pack mates present howled with him like they were mourning for my mom. Everything around me blurred, my fear was coming through, being abandoned by everyone I love. My heart twisted and turned like wringing a wet rag dry and before I knew it I lurched forward. I was running, I couldn’t stay here. I knew I had to run for my life.

Sam's P.O.V

I ran as fast as my weakened body could carry me. The penalty for murdering a member of the pack was death but my mom wasn't a pack member. Devon and she didn't get married. My heart hammered in my chest like a crazy ex-boyfriend beating down a door.
I was scared and I hadn't meant to hurt or betray anyone. I thought the tire was okay. When I thought I was far enough, I slowed to a trot and then began to walk. It was safe to say I was leaving the pack borders. I was nervous where was I supposed to go.
While walking, I discovered a foul scent, as if something had died, the further I walked, the acrider it became. The air was fetid and my wolf was starting to grow edgy to the malodorous stench. Then I heard voices, just words of incoherent sentences that were meaningless, and soon after a hoard of footsteps approached me.
I hid on my stomach behind a thicket of bushes as the booted feet crunched against the forest floor and past me. I covered my nose and watched. The boots were old and muddy, the pants were dirty and worn, and the grey shirt sat snuggly underneath the black tattered coat. His face eluded me as I couldn't see his face, "Get a move on, hurry up!" He rasped harshly.
That's when I realized the rest that followed. Most weren't wearing shoes, they were untamed and their stench grew more putrid as they passed. They moved slowly, almost staggering as they went on, having weird tics here and there, their movement rabid. I felt tensed with anxiety as my palms facing the dirt ground beneath me, sweat profusely.
When they were gone, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I got up from behind the thicket and walked out into the path brushing myself off. It had become really really dark and the nocturnal forest was already awake. Just as I was about to get the heck outta here, I came face to face with another rogue.
I stood there frozen, her eyes were dead and droopy, her body seemed like the frail structure was falling apart, her clothes two times bigger than her already bony frame and her hair messy and wild. She was wild and unpredictable. I watched her closely as she too assessed me.
Simultaneously, she charged at me only managing to scratch me with her unkempt nails. It stung and when she lunged at me again, I dodged her and ran. She ran after me, you could hear her heavy breathing behind me as she copied my movements, weaving through the forest.
I broke out into a low-cut field, a herd of deer was grazing nearby and a few birds flying about and the with a stroke of bad luck, I tripped. The rogue approached me, slowly, stalking. Its growl shook fear in me. I didn't want to die. I pulled myself away hoping it would delay whatever was about to happen. She snarled and then she pounced. I squeezed my eyes shut for impact but it never reached me.
My eyes darted around; a large grey wolf was standing over the rogue as he ripped the arm from the rogue's body... My chest rose up and down like a paper bag that was being blown by a hyperventilating kid. I swallowed hard, my lungs were stinging, my muscles felt like they were being rubbed intensely. The rogue's screams were almost inaudible.
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