The Blood Wolf

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Meanwhile, at school...

I sat close enough so I could listen in to the conversation that Sam’s friends had been having. I could not have cared less about the boring trivial stuff that they were talking about, but when they mention a Flower 6 member, my interest grew. He was sure that he had seen Carter and some of the Flower 6 that night when he had gone out with that theatre girl from his Economics class.

“- haven’t heard from her since Declan invited me to the party. When I got there, they were leaving in a hurry; it was strange.” I picked at my mashed nuggets; I was not hungry. I was far more interested in what the burly dude had to say.

“What do you mean strange, Austen?” Jasmine, a girl from my Math class asked, as they sat around the cafeteria table, glancing in the direction where the Flower 6 used to sit, except, they were absent today. They have been absent for a few days now.” He got a call, and then the McKenzie’s and O’Brien’s just cleared out.” The burly guy, I was assuming was Austen replied.

“They must’ve got bored,” Intervened Jared, the nerd I always let do my homework. He sat down to join the conversation, putting a stack of Physics books on the table. Nerd. “Maybe they got an invite to something better.”

“The Red Moon party was the biggest party of the season, what could be more dope?” Austen defended his point.

“Austen, maybe they’ve got more pressing issues,” Jared told his brother, Austen.

“More pressing issues like what, J? The Brien’s and Kenzie’s aren’t blood-related. What could they all have to deal with right at that moment that they up and left like that?”

“Who knows?” Jared shrugs.

“It’s sort of dumb how regular people can up and leave and it’s not suspicious but as soon as a popular does it, it’s weird,” Jasmine piped up.

“You’re just saying that because you are in love with the dudes and everyone knows that.” Austen fired back.

“Even if I am, what I said is facts. What do you think Mel?”

Mel wasn’t paying attention to the group discussion. Instead, she was busy sending what looked to be messages. Anybody with eyes could see was sulking, why? I couldn’t tell you. Mel sighed.

“Mel?” Jasmine drew out her name, “Earth-to-Mel?”

Melissa faced the group, pulling her attention away from the phone screen for a second. “Huh?”

Jasmine looked at everyone around the table, acknowledging that something was off with Melissa today. “What do you think about the Flower 6 just disappearing from the biggest party of the season?”

Melissa huffed again but this time an annoyed one, “I think you three should mind your businesses.” She then turned her attention to the phone again.

“What’s up with her?” Austen whispered to the two wide-eyed friends, expressions mirroring his own.

“She’s a little salty since Samantha hasn’t been to school in a week and she’s ghosted her.”

Jared adjusted his glasses and glanced at Mel, “A little salty?”

“She’s right, you know?” Carter strutted to the table of the only four friends she had in the entire school. Her dark make-up making her look especially moody. As soon as I saw her, I felt uneasy. I saw her. I knew I did that night. She tamed it. My injured arm started to itch but I ignored it.

“No, gimmie-your-lunch-money-today?” Austen mocked her.

“Of course not, ” She grinned, taking a seat. “It’s a be-nice-to-jackasses-day.” At that, she reached over and took a chip from Austen’s lunch.

“Hey!” He scolded her, “Stop stealing my chips.”

The group giggled at the way he completely ignored Carter calling him a jackass.”

I scratched my itch hard. It satisfied it for a split second but then again the more I did the worse it got. It’s like something was underneath my skin; I could get it out. I pulled up the sleeve of my blazer; my eyes widened at the bright red blood that was pooling up in the bandage wrapped around my lower arm. I tugged it down quickly and got up and ran out of the cafeteria to the restroom.

Thoughts of what could be causing this bolted through my head. It started after that night. I went on a date with that girl from my Economics class. She had a nice rack and I tried making my move on her but we were attacked by something. It didn’t even sound like a creature; its eyes were green with rage as it bit into my arm and tossed me like a ragdoll.

The doctor said I was attacked by an animal, but I couldn’t have been. I told the doctor what I had seen but he didn’t believe me. I was heavily intoxicated from the plenty of beers and the weed that I had smoked before the date didn’t help my case. That creature was something else and before I blacked out from blood loss, others emerged into the clearing. That’s when I saw her. Carter. She was talking to it as if she knew it. It does not make any sense.

I scratched away at my arm, it was like bees or ants were running around in my blood, and they knew they didn’t belong there. They wanted out. I tore off the bandage and stared down at my lower arm. My arm... It was fine. No blood, no bruises, not even a scratch. It was gone. I took off my blazer and my shirt out of my pants. I squinted at the bandage that clung to my torso. I peeled it away. The gnash that wasn’t there anymore. I rubbed my torso where the bite was to make sure I didn’t see things.

Nothing changed. I swallowed hard. What was happening to me? I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes had dark circles underneath them. I ran my hand through my recently green-dyed hair. I sighed. I could be going crazy. I splashed some water on my face and looked at myself. Grey. I jumped and looked away. I took some deep breaths and looked at myself again. It was not there anymore. I did not know what I saw anymore. Were my eyes just grey?

To be continued...

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