The Blood Wolf

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|The Beady Green Eyed Bug|

If we were faultless, we should not be so much annoyed by the defects of those with whom we associate.

-Francois Fenelon-


The hallway seemed deserted. I thought I could find someone to help me locate the kitchen in this place. Yeah, you guessed it. Bad idea. I put my ear against the door opposite mine trying to assess if anyone occupied the room. I should have just knocked. I heard music blasting through, so I opened the door but unfortunately because I’m a klutz I opened the door and I stumbled in.

I bowed my head, feeling embarrassed; I was caught eavesdropping, but I apologized.

“It’s not what it looks like. Okay, it is what it looks like but I-I’m so sorry for doing that it won’t happen again. I was only trying to-”

“You talk too much.” Was all I heard before I looked up.

Excuse me! I was trying to apologize here.

He was taller than I was and dark-skinned like me. He had jet-black, shaggy hair but what I envied were his very deep green eyes and his much-defined dimples. His eyes were beautiful.

Yes, he was handsome but that gave him no right to say such a thing, especially because he didn’t know me. Assuming I was talkative was wrong.

And before I knew it, I answered the little tramp. “Oh! I-I-I’m sorry.” I fake stuttered. “I didn’t know I was talking to an idiot.” I sarcastically replied before smirking as I walked away. Once again, I was trying to find my way like a lost puppy. But I still felt victorious. I walked down the hallway and took a right.

“You’re going the wrong way!” he shouted from his door.

I stopped and did a thinking stance, “Did I ask for an annoying GPS? Wait, let me think. Umm, no!”

I ignored him.

“Okay. Have fun blabbermouth!”

“Douche bag,” I grumbled under my breath as I stomped away from that horrible green-eyed monster.

I ended up in a big room. I was so upset about that idiot back there. Ma needed to warn that prick because I wasn’t putting up with that behavior.

There were beautiful paintings and drawings plastered on the wall, and beneath each was a title. I passed them, admiring each work of art. There were drawings of nature, people, festivities, and simple ordinary things.

I came across the human realism section and that is when I saw one mixed media painting that caught my attention more than the others.

It was a picture of a woman. I couldn’t see all her face because there was the black thread covering half of her appearance. The silk black threads represented her beautiful black hair. Her brown eyes were slightly darker than mine. Underneath the painting was the title, ‘A Woman’.

I reached up to brush the thread away so I could see her clearly but someone pulled my hand away.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?”

I looked at the hand that was intensely squeezing my wrist, and then I looked at the owner of that hand.

Ugh. This guy again? It was- the ‘wise guy’.

I pulled my hand away and kept silent. I realized I was overstepping. His green eyes turned a darker hue. It was no longer an emerald green. His eyes were now fierce forest green. I wasn’t normally startled by small things such as this, but his presence became cosmic, even I was a little fearful.

I dared not to utter a word because that painting meant something to him, and I knew I had no business meddling in it.

But what’s the worst that could happen if I replied?

“Ignoring you and finding my way,” I said before I quickly exited the gallery.

I saw him clench his fists, but I was thankfully out of punching range.

Whew... That would have been ugly!

I stalked out of the room before he could you know... Smash my brains in. I walked around different hallways coming across many different rooms that surprisingly didn’t lead to the kitchen.

Did you know this place had a game room? Awesome!!!

But at least I knew I was still going the wrong way.

It was about another ten minutes of walking around until I admitted to myself, I was lost. I managed to find the hallways with the black doors.


But I was in a dilemma. I didn’t remember which room was mine. So, I opened each of them, one by one. I opened doors after doors and now I was down to two of them. I had to make a decision.

Was it the one on the left or the one on the right?

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best as I opened them. I chose the door on the right. Yes, you guessed it.

It was indeed not my room. It was, in fact, that jerk’s room...

I slammed the door shut and my eyes widened. I had seen the most horrible thing ever. It was gross. I felt like prying out my innocent little eyes.

He was flexing and he was shirtless.

I shot into my room like an aimless rocket and hit the floor with a thump. Then I quickly got up and shut my door.

I was now in the safety of my room.

Why didn’t anyone tell me I was bad at guessing stuff?

I was once more alone and dying.

I wasn’t dying because I had seen jerk face shirtless, but I didn’t get to the kitchen and I WAS STILL HUNGRY!!!

There was a knock on the door. I opened the door only to see it was Prescott.

“Good day Prescott.”

“Good day Madam” he responded. “Shall we go??

I followed him into the living room. I was led to the limousine and standing outside was him.

Wise guy.

Thankfully, he was wearing a shirt this time.

“Hello dear. Do you like your room?” Ma questioned who was casually standing beside the monster.

“Yes, I do. It is quite lovely. Thank you, Ma.”

“It’s not me who you should be thanking.” She said smiling, “He helped.”

“Eureka made me give up my room and help redecorate it so you could move in. I had so much fun.” He said in an overly sweet, sarcastic voice.

But because I already disliked him, I sweetened my voice, more so than he did, “That was so nice of you. I appreciate it.” I lied through my teeth. I gave him a cut-eye and went inside the limo.

It was a black limo, with a spacious inside, and black leather seats with a flat-screen TV. It also had a pail with champagne on ice.

It was magical.

Until he sat beside me.

Across from us sat Ma, who was sporting a very big and mischievous smile. The obnoxious dude and I shared a look.

No, he didn’t say anything nice to me.

Instead, he took out his iPod, plugged his earphones in, and placed them into his ears while glaring at me with extremely green beady eyes.

We drove back to civilization. Just kidding. The streets were busy, and the city was alive and vibrant. We stopped in front of a large building. We went inside and we didn’t even stop at the reception.

It seemed to me, that Eureka was well known here. She was a well-accomplished lawyer in London. She walked in and took charge as if she owned the place. Nope, I wasn’t amazed.

I was dumbstruck. I was so fascinated words couldn’t explain.

We took the elevator and ended up on the sixteenth floor, and when the elevator doors opened, I saw heaven. Many people were walking around busy doing whatever they were so engrossed in. The place was huge.

Recently polished marble floors? Check.

Chandeliers? Check.

Transparent glass offices? Check.

I must admit, I felt like a celeb, but none of (those) feelings showed. I was determined to act cool.

The wise guy looked completely used to this and I was not. I felt out of place in a very new world.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen London.

I fiddled with my necklace to calm my speeding heart. I was about to try my luck with the wise guy... You know, patch things up, be nice. Before I could the elevator doors opened, and we stepped into the glorious contemporary palace. People, who I assumed were workers and not paparazzi, swarmed Eureka like a hive, who had found a new species of pollen that they couldn’t wait to thrive on.

She was queen bee here. You go, grandma!

“Mrs. Redman, what do I do about Mr. Shaman and his awful accusations? The media is asking for an exclusive interview bu-”

“The files are all in whack and my assistant quit on me on the last-minute ca-”

“Mr. McKenzie is upset. He wants t-”

All there was, was a noise and a frustrated crowd. Suddenly I was less excited about this place.

They were shouting like a bunch of children who had had their lollipop taken away. Not only was the noise too much, but I was standing smack in the middle of it, with Eureka and that green beady-eyed bug.

I turned to look for help but all I found was trouble.

“Overwhelmed?” I was shocked that he had acknowledged my presence but at this point, I was going to take what I could get. Before something stupid and mean could leave my lips to mess up this, I nodded.

He chuckled in response and I smiled at the sight of the amused beady green-eyed bug. Then everything went silent. I turned to look, and I saw Eureka with her left hand coiled up into a fist.

She was dominant. It was the first I’ve ever seen Eureka take so much control without even trying. I knew she was a businesswoman but I never thought she was so well known and respected.

“Minerva, get me my coffee,” she demanded. “All the other persons who have issues relating to people in the company report to me, by the beginning of next week. If it is not a life and death situation, then you have until the end of the week.”

She took a deep breath before continuing, “Mr. Robert, make sure you have the most important files on my desk involving our A+ clients by the end of tomorrow.”

“Yes Mrs. Redman” the guy who I assumed was Robert obediently and hastily replied before running off to complete his task.

“Ms. and Mr. Ricketts set up a conference meeting with the press by Thursday.”

They gave her a reassuring nod before they disappeared.

“Sammy, get a status update on Mr. McKenzie and what is going on. Also please let him know I’m here.”

She sighed. “During today, the rest of you can come to me to sort out any other thing I’ve missed.”

I listened as she professionally assembled the different problems and assigned the jobs to persons who were capable of completing them.

“Two of you come with me. The rest you are dismissed except Johnson.”

I was dragged along, and I knew who it was before I saw him. I just followed the little green beady-eyed bug until he let me go.

“Hey, what did you do that for?” I questioned annoyingly.

“Saving you from the sharks.” He smirked, answering my question.

We were just around a little corner away from everyone. I stood there watching them and wondering why this dude kidnapped me.

“Johnson, please watch the kids” I heard Eureka say.

Oh crap!

“We should probably get back; they’ll be looking for-”

“Shhh. You’ll give away our location if you don’t shut it,” his hand was over my mouth as he whispered.

I thought about licking his palm so he would move his hand but then again, I don’t know where his hands have been.

I quieted down and he slowly moved his hand. I thought it was a good time to scold him now, “Don’t ever do that again you buffoon!” I whisper shouted loud enough so he could hear but the arrogant thing smirked before he became stone-cold.

Yes. Yes, I called him a thing. He doesn’t deserve a better title.

“I only did what I did because I was feeling sorry for you. Don’t expect it to happen again. And frankly, I dislike you more than you dislike me.”

I was waiting for a clever comeback to crawl up my throat and zap him, but it never did. I remained mute.

He smiled again and walked away leaving me there to find my way around this big place.

May I have scolded him a little too much?

He smiled again like he was happy. I couldn’t say anything, so he walked away leaving me to find my way around this fortress, and all I could think about was how pissed off I was about his behavior. I walked off in the opposite direction, forgetting I was ‘saved’ by that idiot.

But it was too late to take a step back.

“Gotcha!” the lady with short brown hair smiled at me while gripping my shoulders.


Way, way too tight.

“Follow me this way, Ms. Chambers.” Without hesitation, I followed. What else was I going to do? Run?

She took me to an office where a man was sitting around his desk. Before I entered, I read what was on the door.

‘Leading Partner, Devon McKenzie’

What was I doing here? Oh, crap. I’m in trouble!

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