The Blood Wolf

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|Formal Or Informal|

The best defence against misguided arrogance is a keen sense of humour.

-Kathyrn Nelson-


I watched Netflix and got a little carried away with a Korean movie. It was so interesting. It was mainly about golf. A girl named Sung Misoo, who was very poor, had a passion for golf. She practiced every day and became a pro golfer despite all the hardships and struggles she faced.

She fell in love with her coach and his girlfriend didn’t like Misoo. His girlfriend devised a plan to rid of Misoo by creating an opportunity for her to go to the States. John Lee, her coach found out about her plans and he went to get Misoo and stop her from leaving. They met in an accident on the way back and John disappeared. But, in the end, he still chose his girlfriend. I don’t like the way it ended but at least the writer expressed the reality of it.

Holy cow! All this reminiscing made me even later than I already was. I found my way to the kitchen and then entered the dining room. When I did, I was greeted by about ten or twelve people. They were all dressed in suits and Ma in a very nice evening dress. I’m underdressed for the occasion!!! The room went silent.

“Please have a seat,” said Devon. He was sitting at the head of the table and at the other end was Ma. He didn’t seem to mind. I looked around and instantly felt embarrassed. I was only wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. I got so many stares.

I wished the earth would just open up and swallow me whole.

Surprisingly, it became noisy again. People were chattering and laughing away. But only this time; I was the new topic of discussion. From across where I was sitting, was Scott and beside him was Stephan. Everyone kept mumbling about my choice of attire. Some boys who were on the other side of the table were whispering cruel things about me.

“Couldn’t she make more of an effort?” the one at the end wearing a grey suit asked the rest.

“Maybe she’s not used to this kind of thing.” the one beside him implied.

“Poor thing,” another said at the opposite end as the group chuckled together. Sitting beside me was a slim and lean older guy. I could see the previously shaved his stubble. He was dark-skinned like the majority of these people except a few, but he didn’t whisper to anyone. He just sat there, rigid. He was eyeing me as if I was out of place. I hardly looked at him though.

I eyed Scott from across the room. He was wearing a devil’s smile. He was in a black suit. Why did he tell me it was informal? How could he have done this to me? I never did anything to him. I was going to try my best to make it through dinner for Ma and Devon.

I didn’t want to upset Devon by leaving like this. Even if I changed, I doubt I’d have enough courage to get back down here.

“So Chyenne, what inspired you to grace us in that outfit tonight?” everyone was silent. I knew he wanted to rile me up.

I scanned the room for Ma with a desperate look in my eyes but she was gone. Ma wasn’t here to help me so it was time I pulled up my big girl socks. I took a deep breath and answered his question confidently.

I was gonna play it cool.

“I’m making a fashion statement.”

“I’m curious about the statement that you want to send. Are you trying to say, I don’t know to dress?” he asked, patronizing me. The guys laughed at his comeback. If only they could choke on it.

“Not at all. What I’m trying to say is, wear what makes you comfortable and be yourself. Clothes don’t define a character.” I smiled, feeling as if I’ve said something important.

“You were invited to dinner. Make an effort. But then again, you pulled it off. It suits someone of your calibre

.” He folded his arms and now everyone was in full-on laughing mode. His British accent was thick with the pleasure of mocking my appearance.

A sudden wave of anger flashed through me and I stood up and banged the table. The laughing ceased.

“Listen to me, you beady green-eyed bug; you don’t have the right to judge me. I’ve been here for only one damn day and you’ve shown me what kind of douche bag you are.” I leaned forward-facing the bastard. The tears were slowly welling up in my eyes.

“Anyone related to you must be disgusted to admit it. You told me that this engagement wasn’t formal. I was happy I was invited but not anymore. I am repulsed for being your twin and being called your sister. What did I ever do to you? Huh?” I barked at him and as I did tears spilled from my eyes like a flooding river. The look on his face was evidence that he was shocked. His eyes widened at my sudden outburst fueled by anger. I felt better.

“I g-give my sincerest apologies for ruining such a wonderful night. My presence is n-not needed so please enjoy your dinner. Goodnight.” I stuttered unable to control my shoulder-racking sobs.

Hey” he anxiously said.

“Hey” I retorted, not knowing what exactly to say.

“I brought you some dinner. I thought you might be hungry.” He sat on the edge of my bed and placed the platter beside him. He was dressed in simple shorts and a blue T-shirt. His outfit was very different from before. He was smiling at me though. He wasn’t at dinner for long so he must’ve heard what happened.

There was fried, baked, and curried chicken on the platter and rice, with some delicious looking chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk. I looked up at him...

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