Death and Disclosure - a London Mystery

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Clark had just arrived at his flat to continue packing when his phone rang. He raised his eyebrows when he saw the number and answered. The same voice: “Mr Clark, have you got one of those computers that can go on the internet?”

“Eh, yes, sure, why?” Who didn’t?

“Where are you? We’ll need to come round your place to try and locate Paul and Naomi.”

Clark decided there was not much left that could go wrong about this assignment anymore and gave his address. Ten minutes later he opened the door to Marcus and Philippe. Marcus briefly gave their names and then stood glowering at him while Philippe opened a huge map of London on the floor and went to work with pins. Clark had seen this before, the tall black guy was triangulating somebody’s whereabouts in a rather old-fashioned military way.

After a discreet interval had passed in which he had been given no information, he said. “Mind telling me what’s going on?”

It was the Brit who answered. “The people who killed Lynd about those papers from the Prime Minister’s archive have taken Naomi and Paul. I don’t know why or where, but I’m sure it’s not an invitation for tea and cucumber sandwiches. We need to find them before they’re worse than dead. Philippe here tried to get Buyden who’s the hit man, but it seems to be more complicated than we thought.”

“What about Scotland Yard?” Who were those guys? Friends or connections of Paul’s father? Clark was puzzled. No, he looked at them again, wrong age group. They weren’t Five either, he had met all the people involved in the case there.

“If your faith in Scotland Yard is that big, why did you call me?”

Marcus’s look could have frozen stone, but Clark was not easily intimidated. He faced Marcus defiantly. “Because Paul must have been suspecting something like that to happen and wasn’t too happy relying on them only either. Ok, what do you need from the computer?”

Marcus turned to his friend: “Philippe?”

Philippe looked up from the map and pointed to the pins. “That’s where I could find scent of Buyden, but he keeps going to ground in this area. I can discount those pins where he just entered a car, but if I’m not completely mistaken, they must be within a mile radius of here.” He pointed to a part of Hounslow. “What I need to know is what’s there and what that could have to do with the firm they work for.” He gave a name. “As far as I know, you can do that if you know how to work this thing.” He pointed to Clark’s laptop.

“No problem”, Clark said and went to work at the keyboard. “Where did you leave your dog?” He asked by way of conversation. They must have been going round London with a bloodhound. A good one, if it picked up anything in a city that big. He shook his head and shrugged. He had come across stranger British habits.

His guests ignored the question, but he noticed them having a quick conversation in low tones. They were talking so quickly he couldn’t make out single words. He only noticed that when Philippe shook his head at what must have been a question, Marcus kicked the wall in frustration, leaving an ugly hole. Great, how would he explain that to the landlord?

“Can you make this work quicker?” Marcus pressured him, looking over his shoulder. Clark shivered though he didn’t know why.

“I’m going as fast as I can, believe me. There, that could be it.” he pointed to the latest window he had opened.

Marcus read quickly and nodded. “Ok, let’s go.”

“Wait, I’ve got some information on this firm too.”

“I just want Naomi and Paul”, Marcus said curtly.

They had almost left the room when Clark called out, “Hey, what about your dog? You can’t leave him just sitting outside, the neighbours will have my guts for that.”

“What dog?” Marcus was completely bewildered, but turned and they were gone in a flash.

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