Death and Disclosure - a London Mystery

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One night in the middle of June, Marcus found the window closed and a card stuck in the frame. It simply said: “I love him. Don’t hurt him, please.”

The darkness was no problem for Marcus’s eyes, and he looked through the window. He saw Naomi asleep, she had never looked more beautiful to him. Then he took a sharp breath: Her head was resting on Paul’s chest.

Marcus turned and started running.

Paul awoke with a start. At first he thought he was back at his flat, and that he had been dreaming, then he found Naomi breathing close to him and smiled.

He had just about been ready to give up, the way she had started looking at him recently had almost convinced him she was going to tell him something about just staying friends, and he was sure he could not do that.

Then tonight she had suddenly excused herself and rushed upstairs. When she came back down again, she had kissed him in a way that answered all his questions about how she felt about him. Afterwards she had simply taken off his T-shirt. They had barely made it upstairs.

Now he got up carefully, trying not to wake her and went to the window. Why did she keep it closed in summer? He wondered. He opened it and at that moment heard a long cry, like an animal in pain, from a distance. He looked out but could see nothing. He stayed at the window breathing the soft night air.

The end

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