Mr and Mrs Abdul

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Mr and Mrs Abdul are really not married to each other but somehow are together as man and wife. If it is okay we dislike them very much but they are all we have to teach us the good example of ethics When love happens and the two people are weak what does it mean? What does it matter what it means when we are so mean we want it all. Life is about surviving and there is nothing anybody can do about this. That we all play and pray at the same time we live in a world we live through good times and the bad when we are bad what does it do to us? We do pretence we do the law in we do crime we do anything to be who we are assumed to be. When we kick when we kick we kick good. When love is criminal where is the husband it is never that is it when there is a knock on the door and is it the right man is it the right one? What does it mean to the woman indoors is the exciting prospect that he will arrive her man will arrive and she will greet him as always with the actions of the wife when she is another man's wife.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Madam Fiddle and her son Mr Abdul. Her son not in reality her son but for this and that sake let us call him that. A relative is a relation. From her form class which she said she could not be without for she had been in a class where bullies are. And her husband had become a bully so she had to have a aid to aid her through the ordeals he put her through. She had to have a protector my dear. She has moved down the lane into the big house and they are having a ball. The thing was all the girls at the Fats were so fed up because they had to smarten up and make believe that their life depended on them being agreeable. When the Fats were in such a turmoil rumours began to circulate that they did not have any sense nor the clothes in their wardrobes as they had sold their clothes in order to pay off the mortgage repayments.

The heir Mr Fiddle had asked to see the statements and accounts and there was no accountability for the life that they had lived before.

“Most definitely they had not degraded themselves by defrauding the Fiddles.”

“An agreement is a agreement without due cause and consequences when we feel nothing but that we had agreed the contracts were signed and where is the means of repayment? There is nothing to interest us in your personal circumstances because we have personal things to do as well.”

Their property due to unforeseen circumstances was entitled to Mr Fiddle as he now only the one with the IOUs which someone called their father had signed away. He has signed me as the next of kin and there is no way I am saying different. But the whole house was in that Mr Fiddle name and soon he realised what good things were coming his way. His daddy was a far superior gentleman and had made off with the lot. His family dishonest as he was said his wife was a shame to be related to.

“My wife is so honest.”

“Most definitely I am too.” said his wife Zeks very much her body fuming nearly 5 feet over bearing every inch of it.

“We are law abiding citizens you signed away your wealth in pursuit of some shaddy deals and we brokered this arrangement.”

Mr Fiddle looked like a twit. He was a twit his wife told him so.

Mr Fiddle seeming to be relentless in the pursuit of wealth and unhappy thoughts for the future of his fortune he knew to the last dime where it was and how to make more of it. He knew to be agreeable too so he thought and thought how to make amends to them girls who his father had robbed and seeing himself as the fortunate man whom everyone must marry he did not see his nose and his thinning hair all he saw was his good nature.

The girls were too young but Mr Fiddle too was in his beastly year of forty and the girls were in their twenties so Mr Fiddle had the right age gap. His mother wanted an heir as soon as possible seeing that Mr Fiddle was fast approaching decline and that meant nothing to do but to give to her nephew which she detested more than anybody could being her half sister’s and the nephew was mad to boot.

Mr Fiddle now harassed to produce the proper heir did as he was told when his mother called to do her bidding he did.

Very obedient too but it did not always work as they both would have wished it to.

Mrs Fiddle’s husband had been astutely murdered done with gone and this is a mistake which she did not make. The thing is when Abdul’s dad had got the wind of it the whole thing had blown over but there was a cloud in our relationship. A relative of Fidil I asked too many questions and did not even wait for the reply had made my mind up.

Mrs Fiddle had become recently a widow giving her sympathy and extra income. That meant she now must have the right attitude to her deceased husband, he was a good man. His drunk being to boot but that was nothing. She never acknowledged his prior engagements or commitments. He was her husband and she had married him and that is what a husband was in her eyes her name entwined with his forever until death. But what did it matter when she was not dead because she had urges. She could not deny these urges to settle old scores to set everything to rights to make her world even more rich.

She was that angry house.”

“Dining in?”

“We don’t know.” she told me she was speaking in we and there was nobody else in the house why she always speaking as if they were two of her?

“You don’t know anything at all.” she said flouncing out of the room in her bereavement she did not show any sign of it. There was this pale expression but nothing else she could not even eat the scrambled eggs she had ate nothing that day on the day of his funeral.

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