Truth For a Lie

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In which a girl loses herself

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Start writing here…The world zones out as if I’m in a long tunnel encircled by darkness. The boat becomes too far away to reach. In a mindless movement I will my breath to slow down and the stillness in the air becomes a weight on my shoulders.

I try to move but I can’t. I’m stuck. My throat feels tight. I naw at the invisible noose tied around my throat that promises death. And that’s when I realize I’m choking on water. My sight is blurred but I don’t miss the movement of a dark figure incircle my vision.

“It’s okay Lucy. Everything will be okay.” His voice sounds so familiar yet I can’t remember who he is. He puts his hands on my chest and tries to force the water out of my lungs. I can feel my body start to give up. Like a broken record the voice repeats the same thing with the same tone of despair in his voice. Finally, I quickly sit up and everything from last nights dinner to salty water comes spewing out of my mouth. I don’t have time to care how disgusting it is or how horrible I look because all I can think about is: Where the hell am I? The boy comes into view as my blurry vision fades. Blue eyes stare back at me, waiting for me to say something.

“Elliot? Where are we? What happened?” A million questions fill my head. He looks away from me and sets his gaze on the sea behind me.

“The boat crashed. E-everyone is dead besides us and Emma.” He murmurs. I let his words sink in and nausea takes place.

“This can’t be happening. No. My sister was on that boat. We have to find her!” I frantically get up, ignoring the pain in my sides and rush to the sea. But before I can get very far Elliot wraps his hands around my hands and forces me back to the shore.

“She’s gone Lucy...she’s gone.” He casts his eyes down. I glare at him.

“How do you know? You don’t know that!” I shake my head.

“She got hurt on the boat. Lucy, she was you seriously not remember?” He asks. I rub my temples and pace around the shore. Shot? What?

“No I must’ve had a concussion. I can’t remember anything from last night.” I whisper.

“Look guys, I found some berries!” Emma walks out from a bush and stuffs her mouth with them.

“Emma! Those are cotoneaster berries!” I rush to her and slap them out of her hand.

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