Truth For a Lie

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Chapter 2

“Jesus christ, Lucy chill out.” She rolls her eyes.

“Their poisonous.” I scowl. Her eyes widen and she fans her hand in front of her face.

“Omg!Omg! Am I gonna die?!” She shrieks. Elliot stands next to me. To be honest I don’t see very much worry on his face. Emma and Elliot are the stereotypical on and off type of couple. Usually Emma starts some stupid drama and then Elliot will claim that he’s tired of her shenanigans and breaks up with her then when Emma sees him with another girl she gets jealous and next thing you know they’ll be kissing each other at a party and then the whole cycle starts again. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I don’t know why Elliot puts up with her she’s just so...negative. But I guess guys are attracted to that kind of thing. But seriously out of all the people to be stuck on an island with it had to be Emma? Elliot I can handle but Emma makes me want to rip my hair out. Which is crazy because I never felt that way about anyone.

“No, but you’ll start to hallucinate and basically turn into a sociopath.” I point out bluntly. Elliot quickly glances at me and then at Emma. I don’t think he knows how to feel or what to say to that.

“So...I’m going to turn into a freak?Omg I’m gonna turn out just like Dennis Walker!” She shrieks again. I wince at her annoying shrill voice. Dennis Walker? That name sounds familiar.

“Who’s Dennis Walker?” I ask no one in particular. Emma stops from freaking out and laughs.

“Wow she really did hit a rock along the way. Doesn’t it suck to be in the dark princess?” Emma smirks. She’s referring to that day behind the bleachers during football practice where she practically tried to force information out of me about the rumors about her and Tommy Branden. She wanted to find the source of all the rumors that floated around school. But I didn’t tell her. I didn’t want any part in her amaouter schemes. Just to humor her I bite back.

“Doesn’t it suck to be on the verge of insanity...princess.” I seethe. I grin when she cowers away not knowing what to say next. She’s probably surprised I fought back. Under normal circumstances I probably would’ve smiled kindly and walked away. But I’m not in my small town. I’m not in my comfort zone. I’m somewhere unknown with annoying people. So of course I’m gonna lash out. It’d be insane if I didn’t.

“I’m gonna go find some shelter.” Elliot says desperate to get away from the two of us.

“Babe, wait for me!” Emma doesn’t fail to walk like she’s on a runway even on a deserted island. Elliot shakes his head as if he disapproves of her calling him ‘babe’. But honestly even I cringed at her choice of words. It didn’t sound right coming from her. I sigh and lay down on the warm sand. The sun is only a few hours from going down and the waves gently hit the shore. Amazing how beautiful an ocean can be and how dangerous it can be. I never wanted to go on this trip anyway. My sister, Ana,was the one who convinced me. Saying how this will be our last chance to hang out with each other before I go off to college and to be honest I’m not sure if I should leave her with dad. He’s...unstable ever since mom died two years ago. The wounds are still fresh to all of us.


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